Kvist Rosa Non-Alcoholic Spirit 70cl

Rosa  is a complex, handcrafted non-alcoholic distilled spirit inspired by the Nordic traditions of copper pot distilling with silver birch and other fresh foraged botanicals. Juniper and orange peel are the prevailing flavours, balanced with forest botanicals. Infused with herb and spiced bitters.

Kvist is from the old Norsk word meaning twig or botany.

Kvist is a non-alcoholic spirit at less than 0.5% alcohol by volume. They distil macerating botanicals of herbs and spices in neutral grain spirit and pure water. Each distillate goes through copper pot distillation. The alcohol is then removed before blending and bottling.

Kvist makes the perfect non-alcoholic gin & tonic and can also be enjoyed straight. It works beautifully in mocktails.

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