Sea Buck Cucumber and Mint Cornish Tonic Water 200ml

A new addition to the Sea Buck family. This is a very refreshing Cucumber and Mint Tonic Water, perfectly balanced with cool tasting cucumber and fresh mint notes. It is light, refreshing and perfectly balanced with hints of elderflower and lime. Based on our best selling Cornish Garden cocktail from the Firehouse gin bar st Ives. Using fresh cucumber, fresh mint elderflower sand fresh lime peel.

The carbonated spring water in Sea Buck Tonic is collected straight from its source on the moors of the Cornwall peninsula. It’s full of minerals and tastes clean and alive.

Sea Buck Tonic is cloudy like a traditional lemonade because quinine is extracted naturally from cinchona bark. Since the trees aren’t transparent, neither is the tonic

We think it goes very well with Caspyn Midsummer Cornish Gin.

Case of 12

country Cornwall
cocktail type Tonics/Mixers
Stock code: 117335

    country Cornwall
    cocktail type Tonics/Mixers

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