Hattiers Rum 40% 70cl

Hattiers Premium Reserve Rum is a blend of oak aged rums from across the Caribbean and Central America with pure, soft water from Dartmoor, England. It is delicately balanced by their master blender to be jovial and warm. A delightful rum to be enjoyed as a sipping rum or it would be well placed in a high quality cocktail.

Each bottle begins with an 8 year old double -retort pot and twin column coffey still blend distilled from sugar cane molasses in Barbados. It is then blended with great pot still rums from Guatemala (4 years old), Panama (6 years old) and The Dominican Republic (8 years old) before being cut down with pure clean water from Devon.

This makes for a great sipping rum at a reasonable price. The rum has made waves since arriving on the rum scene taking up several awards including Gold at Taste of the West 2018 and Silver at the IWSC 2018.

rum country Caribbean
strength 40%
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    rum country Caribbean
    strength 40%

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