Wrecking Coast Cornerstone Gin - Tom Brown 70cl

Looking for a unique gin that would match Tom's approach to ingredients and flavours at his Cornerstone Restaurant, Tom Brown commissioned The Wrecking Coast Distillery to create a flavour profile that would hit his exacting standards.

After meeting Tom and getting to know his approach to produce and ingredients it helped Wrecking Coast focus on the type of flavour that would work for him. With his focus only on fresh fish and seafood on the menu this provided a clear direction for flavour profile, but they had to make sure it stood alone as a standout gin when served with a tonic.

Following some taste testing the target was to deliver fruity freshness balanced with citrus and a hint of spice, but it needed to have a layered taste profile to really hit the spot.” Explains Head Distiller and Partner, Avian Sandercock

Avian Sandercock continues, “As it’s a gin you have to start with a Juniper forward approach, which is then accompanied by generous coriander notes. We take a strong citrus route using fresh Seville orange, Sicilian lemon, lime and pink grapefruit peel and balance with hedgerow rosehip and rowan berry providing a true taste of Cornwall”. Craig Penn, Partner commented that it was not bringing the full flavour they were after though and they needed to take an approach out of the norm to ensure the gin was what The Wrecking Coast Distillery and Tom Brown both wanted.

So instead of water they ran Polgoon orchard’s best cloudy apple juice in the still to deliver autumnal apple to the back of the palate and a hint of sweetness in the finish. And boy did it work! Totally hit the spot by providing the layered taste profile they were looking for while delivering a unique gin that Tom was after.

The Best Serve:
Enjoy over ice with a premium tonic, our choice is Navas Tonic Water with a slice of fresh green apple or fresh ginger for a bit more zing.

country Cornwall
spirit type Gin
strength 45%
Stock code: 117278


    country Cornwall
    spirit type Gin
    strength 45%

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