Mrs Cuthberts Cherry Bakewell Tart Gin Liqueur 50cl

Mrs Cuthbert's British Gin Liqueur, Bakewell Tart is distilled in North Yorkshire with complex six botanical gin and infused with flavour tones of biscuit cherry and vanilla.

Dorothy Cuthbert's Classic Gin Liqueurs are inspired by their late Auntie Dot. An avid and talented curator of homemade cakes from her home in Yorkshire in the 1940's. An era of frugality and no frills, but became an expression of home pride and highly prized baking.

They have recreated her classic Cherry Bakewell Tart recipe and infused with their hand distilled North Yorkshire 6 botanical gin of juniper, citrus and a touch of star anise.

Our Perfect Pour:
Enjoy with your favourite tonic for a sweeter and fruitier G&T or add to some Prosecco. Or simply enjoy over some ice neat.

spirit type Gin
strength 20%
Stock code: 117026
    spirit type Gin
    strength 20%

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