Rubica Light Tonic Water 200ml

Rubica Light is the ligher and reduced sugar, calorie version of Rubica Tonic Water. Developed in the UK, both variations of Rubica tonic water are made in small batches at an independent bottling company.

Rubica Light Tonic is light on quinine bitterness and balanced by citrus, meaning it pairs exceptionally well with the huge range of unusual botanical and fruit led gins that can be found in today’s premium gin category. As Rubica tonic water have been blind taste tested over a six month period, they can confidently say that Rubica can take on the market leading premium tonic waters in terms of taste and diversity.

Native to the tropical Andean forests of Western South America, the Cinchona tree comes from a family by the name "Rubiaceae" with around 23 different species. So "Rubica" is simply a variation on the botanical family name of the quinine tree!

cocktail type Tonics/Mixers
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    cocktail type Tonics/Mixers

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