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This Malfy Miniature Gift Pack contains 4 x 5cl bottles. 1 bottle of Malfy Orginale , 1 bottle Malfy Limone , 1 bottle of Malfy Rosa (Pink Grapefruit) and 1 bottle of Malfy Con Arancia (Blood Orange) .

Malfy Originale is an Italian gin that doesn't like to over complicate things and pays homage to when, they claim, gin was first distilled by monks in Italy in 1050 AD. This is a juniper forward gin that is distilled using just six botanicals and reduced to bottling strength with fresh water that runs from the Monviso mountains. Keeping things simple results in a crisp, dry gin that is refreshing in a gin landscape gone mad with over complicated botanical recipes.

Malfy Con Limone Gin  is distilled by the Vergnano family in Torino Distillati, a distillery established in 1906 in an area just outside the city of Torino that has a long been home to wine and spirit makers. This citrus gin uses Italian juniper along with gorgeous lemons from the Amalfi Coast and Sicily; in fact, nearly everything about this gin comes from Italy including the stopper that's made from Italian Oak trees. The lemons and juniper are distilled in a stainless steel vacuum still along with angelica, cassia bark, corriander and another two botanicals that are kept secret.  

Malfy Gin Rosa is another great tasting flavoured gin from the Italian distillers. This time they have added tart pink grapefruit from Sicilly and Italian rhubarb to the mix. Malfy are well known for their citrus forward offerings and this one doesn't disappoint in the slightest. The gin itself is a beautiful pale pink colour,very light and delicate in appearance. A fantastic Summer gin that sits proudly among the existing range.

Malfy Con Arancia is a blood orange flavoured gin from Italy. Blood oranges are highly valued and the peels from these succulent fruits go into distilling this gin. It joins a lineup of five other botanicals and the resultant gin is citrus forward with subtle hints of juniper. A great one to enjoy in the sunshine!


country Italy
spirit type Gin
strength 41%
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    country Italy
    spirit type Gin
    strength 41%
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