Ki No Tea Kyoto Dry Gin 70cl

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Of the six elements that make up Ki No Bi Kyoto Dry Gin, tea has proven to be the most popular tastings. It was fitting, therefore this first limited edition release emphasised this most traditional of Japanese aromas and flavours.

The reaction to that limited edition bottling was so great that they have produced it again in another limited release in collaboration with Horii Shichimeien, a tea-grower and blender founded during the Meiji era in 1879 and based in the famous Uji region of the south of Kyoto city, a number of super-premium Uji teas have been selected to form the heart of this Ki No Tea. Tencha and Gyokuro provide intense aromas and depth of flavour with a wonderful sweetness that occurs naturally in the distillation of these superior teas.

The separate distillates are blended together with the famed waters of Fushimi from Tsuki-no-Katsura, a sake brewery dating back ti 1675. Ki No Tea is a Japanese gin distilled from rice spirit created, blended and bottled at their dedicated artisanal distillery in Kyoto.

The label design has been produced together with Kira Karacho, part of the Karacho karakami atelier founded in Kyoto in 1624. The design has been made for Ki No Tea using bespoke hand crafted woodblock (hangi); it is the latest addition to a unique collection of hangi created and curated by generations of the family buisness.

On the nose it id sweet and delicate, on the palate it continues to be gentle and sweet like white chocolate spreading slowly then a distinct juniper flavour comes to the fore. The finish is a long and clean finish with roasted green tea scents.

Ki No Bi

country Japan
spirit type Gin
strength 45.1%
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    country Japan
    spirit type Gin
    strength 45.1%
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