Granny Garbutt's Gin 42% 70cl

Granny Garbutt was born in 1901 on the North Yorkshire Moors. She had a colourful character and loved to socialise which often lead to mischief, much frowned upon in those days. Granny Garbutt's small batch craft gin has been produced mindfully by using moorland botanicals such as gorse, heather and moorland honey to recreate her history. Marigold and hibiscus have been added to enhance its floral tones. The result is super smooth, modest yet outstanding drinking experience.

A light and floral London Dry Gin, containing 11 different botanicals, inspired by the British Moors and beloved by the family's very own inspirational Granny Garbutt. A background of high quality Juniper, English Coriander & Orris root, infused with locally picked Gorse Flowers, Marigold, Hibiscus and Heather producing delicate floral notes. Sweet tones to finish are produced from the locally sourced Dartmoor Honey, Blackberries and Vanilla along with pure Devon spring water.

The perfect serve over ice with either a Fever Tree Light or Luscombe’s Grapefruit tonic to taste, and garnished with a small segment of pink or red grapefruit.

spirit type Gin
strength 42%
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    spirit type Gin
    strength 42%

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