Bimber Oak Aged Vodka 42% 70cl

Bimber distillery Oak Aged Vodka recipe comes from Poland where it all began over 400 years ago. Only Polish oak-aged vodka is considered as a true version.

We are filling our barrels with high-quality vodka, infusing it with a pinch of selected botanical, and then ageing it for some time to let the vodka develop natural aromas, color and smooth flavor.

The aroma from the bourbon and the oak barrel itself will transfer to the vodka that is maturing inside, giving it a distinctive flavor. As each barrel is different, each batch of vodka will be unique and have a slightly different taste. The oak barrels mellow out the vodka for the superior, organic taste that our distillery is known for.

Bridging the gap between vodka and whiskey, were confident youll love this regardless of which spirit youd usually go for. Try it you might just be surprised!
Tasting Notes

A smoky aroma, oaky, rich tones remind you of toffee and maple syrup, with hints of the spices within.

Powerful, deep and exceptionally warming. Sensations of vanilla and soft oak reminiscent of the barrels this has been aged in.

Full- bodied and silky soft. An intense aroma of cinnamon and caramel as the flavour lingers in your mouth.
country England
strength 42%
spirit type Vodka
Stock code: 114598


    country England
    strength 42%
    spirit type Vodka

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