Bimber London Dry Gin 42% 70cl

This classic gin is derived from our old original recipe, full of depth with a heady mix of flavours. Classic may be, but its far from being anything like youve tasted before.

We make our London dry gin by using the premium four-time distilled wheat vodka. We add in our special blend of ten botanicals, carefully chosen for this alone, and rest the results for overnight before distilling it. The infusion takes place in a traditional copper still pot. As you can see, we like to keep things just the way they should be.
Tasting Notes

A classic aroma with extra depth. A refreshing signature you will come to associate with our gin.

Warming if drunk neat. The flavour is subtle yet has that heady combination of ingredients you know comes from ten botanicals. The strength of the real juniper berries really comes through.

Even in the finish, the juniper berries and the mix of spices bring the final kick from our classic dry gin flavour. However you mix it, youll get that appreciation of the traditional ingredients in the final taste.
country England
strength 42%
spirit type Gin
Stock code: 114597


    country England
    strength 42%
    spirit type Gin

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