Seedlip Garden 108 70cl

An innovative non-alcoholic spirit made with botanicals just like gin. Seedlip Garden 108 is made using no sugar, sweeteners or artificial flavourings and at zero calories it can be enjoyed completely guilt free. Home grown hay, a variety of garden herbs and hand picked sweet peas are used as botanicals in this adult orientated drink and it mixes well with traditional tonics. This is the best way too drink well if you're not drinking! 

Seedlip is created by Ben Branson who's respect for his family's long farming ancestry plus an interest in botanicals lead to this fantastic drink being created. He took inspiration from 'The Art Of Distillation, a book written in 1651 that describes Apothecaries of the era carrying small copper stills to knock up non-alcoholic herbal remedies for their patients.



country England
spirit type Gin
Stock code: 114526


    country England
    spirit type Gin

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