English Spirit Vodka 54% vol 70cl

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English Spirit Vodka. Weighing in at a lovely 54% ABV in our 70cl bottle you will find a true thrill for all vodka lovers. Sugar beet is where this all begins. A concentrated mash, raised to 21% ABV and distilled in a single step on one of our 200L copper pot stills with our novel and innovative reflux head. No heads and tails recycled; these chaps are discarded (in fact we use them to heat our visitors' centre!). No carbon simply 54% ABV.

Why 54%? Surely that is over-egging it? Vodka is as much about smoothness and subtle tonality of hints of flavour as it is mouthfeel. At 54% in the mouth with have a lush viscosity akin to that of lesser vodka straight from the freezer at minus 20. Therein lies the rub.

You could mix it if sacrilege was your thing, but he's best enjoyed in generous sips or as the core of a martini vodka. Super smooth, velvety, hints of vanilla and lemon grass. You will never have tasted a vodka like it. Quintessentially what we do.

country England
strength 54%
spirit type Vodka
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    country England
    strength 54%
    spirit type Vodka
    British Mainland
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