Midleton Barry Crockett Legacy 70cl

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This expression represents Barrys personal selection of old and elegant Pot Still whiskeys, exclusively matured in American bourbon barrels. Bearing the name of the celebrated second generation Midleton Master Distiller, Midleton Barry Crockett Legacy represents a selection of pot still whiskeys which have been matured exclusively in American bourbon barrels with a subtle contribution from a pot still distillate which has been matured in an unseasoned or virgin American barrel.

The aromatics, which are typical of the character delivered by Pot Still distillation, are generously complimented by a touch of lime, succulent green berries, pears and some green sweet pepper. The sweetness of vanilla and the deeper charred oak notes represent the seamless contribution made by maturation in best quality casks.
The aroma leads to the expectation of an irresistible taste experience, and it does not disappoint. The Pot Still spices carry a light peppery note into the fresh citrus, limes with mandarin orange sweetness. A little hint of cinnamon, vanilla with pine freshness and charred wood acknowledge the years spent in American oak.
The full complexity of flavour lasts well into the finish, slowly fading to expose the clean American Oak foundation.
Bottled at 46% ABV and not chill filtered, there is no age statement with the whiskeys selected ranging in age from 10 to 22 years.

What is Single Pot Still?
POT STILL IRISH WHISKEY is a style of whiskey which is unique to Ireland in general and to the Midleton Distillery, Co. Cork, in particular. It is regarded as the quintessential style of Irish whiskey.

Made from a mash of malted and unmalted barley, which is then triple distilled in traditional copper pot stills, Pot Still Irish Whiskeys are characterised by full, complex flavours and a wonderful, creamy mouthfeel. The inclusion of unmalted barley to the mashbill, along with the tradition of triple distillation, defines the character of Pot Still and this uniquely Irish approach to whiskey distillation.

Single Pot Still Whiskeys (whiskeys originating from a single distillery) were once the norm in Ireland and from the late 18th century to the early 20th century, Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey was the most sought after whiskey style in the world.

Indeed, by the turn of the 20th century, more Pot Still whiskey was exported from Ireland than any other whiskey style from any other country. However, a number of unfortunate coincidences led to the demise of full flavoured Pot Still Irish Whiskeys and to the rise of the lighter, more accessible blended whiskeys, which combined lighter grain whiskeys with the fuller flavoured Pot Still whiskeys or Malt whiskies.

While Pot Still Irish Whiskey continues to be used as a key component in many well known brands of blended Irish whiskey, by the turn of the millennium only two Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey brands had survived Redbreast & Green Spot. However, in recent years this style of whiskey has enjoyed a renewed groundswell of interest from whiskey writers and enthusiasts alike, giving rise to demand for new expressions and now, to the Single Pot Still Irish Whiskeys of Midleton range.

Midleton Distillery

country Ireland
distillery Midleton Rare
whiskey country Ireland
whiskey type Potstill
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    country Ireland
    distillery Midleton Rare
    whiskey country Ireland
    whiskey type Potstill
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