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This unique Single Malt has been crafted to celebrate one mans lifetime commitment to the Tomatin Distillery. Native to Tomatin, Douglas Campbell had worked for the distillery since 1961 in a number of positions before taking on the role of Master Distiller in 2008. In his current role, he spends much of his time assessing the thousands of casks that lie maturing in the vast warehouses of Tomatin or travelling around the world promoting the distillerys single malt.
In recognition of his 50 years service at Tomatin, Douglas has created a Single Malt using whiskies distilled in each of the 5 decades he has worked at the distillery. Starting with a 1967 cask and moving through each of the subsequent decades to the year 2005, Douglas has chosen whiskies that not only have very distinctive individual characteristics but are also versatile enough to marry together to create a single malt that is a genuine one off.
Called simply Decades, this single malt is a marriage of maturity and youth. It is a coming together of sherry and bourbon influenced whiskies, of differing ages, to create a single malt that has great depth of flavour but also a youthful charm that helps to invigorate the taste buds.
Douglas Comments on the whiskies used to craft this single Malt
1967 Refill sherry hogshead
Distilled on the 17.05.1967
This is some of the oldest Tomatin in existence. Its a sherry influenced whisky with subtle flavours of beeswax, stewed apples and orange peel. It takes a little time and effort to identify its characteristics in the finished product, but they are definitely there!
1976 Oloroso Sherry Butts
Distilled on the 07.12.1976
Tomatin in its 30s is a fruity animal indeed, especially when locked inside a sherry cask. Passion fruit, blackberries and honey dew melon are big flavours that help to tone down some of the more robust flavours that are present in the younger whisky.
1984 Refill sherry Hogsheads
Distilled on the 21.06.1984
These casks were part of fantastic parcel of re fill sherry hogsheads that I stumbled across several years back. These are some of the best I have encountered at Tomatin and I think they give the whisky real body and depth. It is definitely worth looking out for a 1984 single cask bottling in the future!
1990 First Fill Bourbon Barrels
Distilled on the 24.09.1990
Vanilla, raisins and toffee are the dominant flavours here. This whisky has a big personality and wants to be noticed, however, it is being kept in check by the 1976 and 1984 which have equally big characters!
2005 First Fill Bourbon Barrels
Distilled on the 07.12.2005
Young and invigorating. The youthful vibrancy works well with some of the deeper flavours of the older whiskies. This delicately peated whisky adds an element that you might not associate with Tomatin, nevertheless I think it works well in the overall scheme of things.
Tasting Notes
Aroma A lovely sweet maltiness gives way to juicy, fruity aromas of fresh peach, apple and pear with gentle hints of dried apricots and raisins. Delicate flowery notes sit on top of rich pine and robust oak wood. The hint of a distant smouldering fire wafts about in the background.
Palate The taste buds are tantalised by intense flavours of tropical fruit, rich Christmas cake, aniseed, cinnamon and creamy fudge. The rich malty sweetness returns with a nutty edge.
Finish Mellow and memorable, like the man himself.

country Scotland
region Highland
distillery Tomatin
strength 46%
whiskey country Scotland
whiskey type Single Malt
whisky region Highland
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    country Scotland
    region Highland
    distillery Tomatin
    strength 46%
    whiskey country Scotland
    whiskey type Single Malt
    whisky region Highland
    British Mainland
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