Ultimate Vodka 40% 70cl

Ultimate Vodka from Poland combines the remarkable taste of Potato vodka, the luxurious smooth texture of wheat vodka and the crystal clarity of rye vodka to give the ultimate taste experience.The blend is approximately 70% potato vodka for richness and body, 15% whaet vodka for light, subtle smoothness and 15 % rye vodka for flavour and complexity. Ultimat Vodka is the first vodka to utilize a Master Distiller to personally guarentee the characteristics responsible for the excellent taste, texture, and claruty during the distillation process. A specially designed, hand made cobalt blue Polish crystal bottle creates a unique decanter. The removable label makes ultimat a valuable gift

he result is an unrivaled, truly distinct, ultra-pure spirit that sets the standard for ultra-premium vodkas.

Tasting Notes
Rye: very clean nose - good crisp and great taste on the palate.
Wheat: Crisp clean - amd soft on the palate.
Potato: Full textured, creamy - almost sweet.

The Bottle
A spirit this distinct deserves a bottle worthy of its contents. Youll find Ultimat Vodka encased in a striking lead crystal decanter that shines cobalt blue. The bottle also stands out on the shelf among our white frosted bottle competitors.
strength 40%
spirit type Vodka
spirit style pl
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    strength 40%
    spirit type Vodka
    spirit style pl

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