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  • Amarena Toschi Italian Black Cherries 510g
    Toschi are well known for their Liqueurs but are also well known for their superior Italian Black Cherries in syrup. Only the best black cherries are selected, stoned and sweetened as a garnish for deserts, cakes or even a garnish for your cocktails.Once you have used all the cherries...
  • Gonzalez Byass La Copa Blanco Vermouth 75cl
    Fino Sherry and a section of botanicals revive the original recipe from 1896 with which Gonzalez Byass made their white vermouth, also known as "French Vermouth". Clean, elegant and intense. Emphasizing citric notes that combine perfectly with the elegant bitterness of the wormwood and savory fla...
  • Real Pineapple Puree Infused Syrup
    Real Pineapple is the first syrup infused with tropical pineapples, is the perfect ingredient for delivering intense pineapple flavor to craft cocktails. Straight from Costa Rica, this tempting fruit brings a refreshing sweetness you can’t resist.
  • Woodmans Wild Mild Ale 3.8% 500ml
    Dark Mild brewed with the addition of Heather, Yarrow & Wild Thyme. Earthy, herbal aromas and hints of toffee and chocolate on the palate, with a faint whisper of smokiness.
  • Woodmans Sweet & Dandy Ale 4.8% 500ml
    Supreme Champion Beer of Cornwall 2018. Sweet & Dandy is a milk stout brewed with the addition of dandelion coffee. Aromas and flavours of coffee and dark chocolate with a lovely thick mouthfeel and balanced sweetness imparted by lactose (milk sugar).
  • Gonzalez Byass La Copa Extra Seco Vermouth 75cl
    Fino Sherry with a distinctive, dry character and salty finish. The citrus aromas and delicious bitter touches of the wormwood and the savory notes with sweet hints of cinnamon. This vermouth is inspired by the original recipe, still preserved in the Gonzales Byass Historical Archives, dating bac...
  • Gonzalez Byass Las Copa Rojo Vermouth 75cl
    Reviving the tradition of making red vermouth using original recipes from the winery's archive, dating back to the 19th century. Vermouth La Copa is made from their distinguished Oloroso and Pedro Ximenez soleras, blended together with a special selection of botanicals. Orange, wormwood, clove...
  • Dynamite Valley Kennall Vale Pale 4.3% 500ml
    The latest bottle to join the great selection from Dynamite Valley based in Ponsanooth. Named after the beautiful woodland close to the distillery which has remnants of its past industrial gunpowder factory. On the palate this is smooth and easy drinking as a pale ale should be.
  • Suze 70cl
    New presentation and bottle size, now available in 70cl. Suze is made with wild gentian which has been aged, it has then been macerated and distilled in their still. It has fresh notes of gentian, subtle and intense flavours with citrus and floral notes. They have been making this sin...
  • Skinners Penny Come Quick 4.5% 500ml
    PennyComeQuick was the name Falmouth harbor went by centuries ago. Like many of the character who passed through the town in those days, beneath the smooth, dark exterior of this ale there lies a heart of pure gold. Real 24 carat treasure, just have a taste to see. When you have a pint...
  • Woodmans Five Gold Rings Ale 6.5% 500ml
    Belgian style Strong Golden Ale brewed with the addition of Saffron. Golden yellow in colour with fruity aromas from the Belgian yeast and a dry, spicy finish from the saffron.
  • Belsazar Red Vermouth 75cl
    Belsazar red gives an abundance of complex aromas. Candied orange, vanilla, bitter chocolate and spices like nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves all combine to leave a sweet impression offset by a bitter hint of wormwood.
  • Belsazar Rose Vermouth 75cl
    Belsazar Rose Vermouth is a versatile and light vermouth. Bursting with surprises. Bittersweet and summery, offering a great blend that compliment one another including pink grapefruit, Seville orange and orange blossom with a raspberry and redcurrant finish.
  • Belsazar White Vermouth 75cl
    Belsazar White is a clear and mellow vermouth. A mild and sweet aroma with a hint of elegant vanilla. Clear notes of dried peach and orange are accentuated by the notes from the herbs and spices.
  • Oxi-Gin Botanical Infusion Bags Box of 10
    A gift box containing 10 infusion bags for your gin and tonic. A great way of adding botanicals to your gin and tonic in a silk like bag to stop swallowing dried botanicals.2 x Spiced Ginger2 x Grapefruit Zing2 x Raspberry Blush2 x Atomic Peach Tea2 x Cafe Marm...
  • Burrow Hill Medium Dry Sparkling Cider 500ml
    A blend of at least 11 varieties of vintage cider apples make for a great medium dry cider from Somerset. The ancient craft of blending vintage Somerset cider apples to produce fine ciders has been handed down through generations. In their orchards they grow 40 varieties on more than 7,000 tre...
  • Dr Adam Elmegirabs Winter Spiced Bitters 100ml
    A seasonal release from Dr Adam Elmegirab, first released in the latter part of 2017. Winter spiced Bitters are a new release from them following their move into the House of Botanicals and are a reintroduction of their seasonal range. Replacing their older Christmas Bitters, this new expressi...
  • East Imperial Yuzu Tonic 500ml
    Now available in this larger 500ml bottle. Also available in 150ml. Yuzu, found during the cooler months in Northern Asia, particularly Japan, is an aromatic sweet citrus fruit with distinct zesty flavour, often described as a hybrid between a mandarin and a Meyer lemon.Introduced to ...
  • East Imperial Grapefruit Tonic 500ml
    Now available in 500ml bottles, also available in smaller 150ml bottles. The grapefruit was not discovered until the 18th century and botanists believe it is the result of cross-breeding sweet oranges of Barbados with the pomelo, a citrus fruit native to Indonesia. The British knew that not only ...
  • Rubica Tonic Water 200ml
    Developed in the UK, both variations of Rubica tonic water are made in small batches at an independent bottling company. Rubica tonic is light on quinine bitterness and balanced by citrus, meaning it pairs exceptionally well with the huge range of unusual botanical and fruit led gins t...
  • Sea Buck Tonic 200ml
    Sea Buck was invented in St Ives. From a shared passion for exceptional ingredients and experiences led Pablo and Charlie to use Cornish spring water infused with quinine-producing cinchona bark to create something a little bit different for their customers. The eureka moment came when...
  • Sea Buck Light Tonic 200ml
    Sea Buck Light is the reduced sugars tonic that was invented in St Ives. From a shared passion for exceptional ingredients and experiences led Pablo and Charlie to use Cornish spring water infused with quinine-producing cinchona bark to create something a little bit different for their custome...
  • Rubica Light Tonic Water 200ml
    Rubica Light is the ligher and reduced sugar, calorie version of Rubica Tonic Water. Developed in the UK, both variations of Rubica tonic water are made in small batches at an independent bottling company. Rubica Light Tonic is light on quinine bitterness and balanced by citrus, meanin...
  • Knightor Cornish Dry Vermouth 37.5cl
    A blend of 31 herbs and spices, many picked in and around Knightor, were used for their Dry Vermouth. Some of the Classic herbs were used such as Wormwood , Green Cardamom, Cinchona and Liquorice, plus some more unusual and herein lies the key to the delicate elegance and complexity. The ...
  • Knightor Cornish White Vermouth 37.5cl
    A first for Knightor. A blend of 24 herbs and spices, many picked in and around Knightor, were used for our first White Vermouth. Some of the Classic herbs were used such as Wormwood Sage and Oregano, plus some more unusual and herein lies the key to the delicate elegance and complexity. The h...
  • Knightor Cornish Rose Vermouth 37.5cl
    A blend of 21 herbs and spices, many picked in and around Knightor, are used in our rosé  vermouth. Many classic herbs were used such as Wormwood, Bay and Fennel, plus some more unusual, herein lies the key to the elegance, complexity and a little bitterness. The herbs were first infused ...
  • Cinzano 1757 Vermouth Rosso 16% 100cl
    This excellent and exquisite vermouth is sweet, fragrant, full of harmonious taste. The rosso brings together Cinzano's aromatic matric, including notes of vanilla and wormwood with carefully selected additional extracts and herbs from its traditional recipe.This makes for a great Negron...
  • Jubel Peach Beer 330ml
    Jubel was born in the Alps at an apres ski bar when Tom and Jesse discovered a popular beer tradition known as demi-peche. Finding nothing like it back home they decided to bring peach to the people and quit their jobs to launch the beer, brand and business in Cornwall. Sweet peachy flavours...
  • Phillips Lovage Cordial 5.3% 70cl
    Traditionally drunk two parts lovage to on part of brandy as a soothing winter warmer.
  • The Bitter Truth Cucumber Bitters 39% 20cl
    The Bitter Truth Cucumber Bitters offer new ways of mixing your favored spirit by adding unadulterated flavors of green cucumber to your mixed drink no matter which season is up. These fresh cucumber notes are accompanied by a light bitterness and herbal notes of rosemary, thyme and lingering flo...
  • Finest Call Sweet n Sour mix 100cl
    A precise blend of pure lemon juice with all-natural essential lemon, lime, and orange oils, combined with simple syrup, creates one of the most versatile mixers in the world. It is vital for daiquiris, margaritas and any and all sour cocktails.
  • Pampelle Ruby L'Apero 15% 70cl
    Crafted on the banks of the River Charente in the Cognac region of France, Pampelle Ruby L'Apero is an artisanal versatile liqueur capturing the bittersweet essences of the Ruby Red Grapefruit. An artisanal infusion of natural botanicals, maceration of citrus peels, Eau de Vie togethe...
  • Ginfusion Bespoke Gin Botanicals 20 x 2g
    Ginfusion has been created with the discerning gin drinker in mind, giving you twenty pouches of carefully selected aromatic herbs and spices that have been chosen to complement the different flavour groups that modern gins can be categorised into. Simply add one of the four different botanica...
  • Lizard Horseshoe Special reserve Ale 6.2% 500ml
    When Lizard ales moved into part of a former early warning station- a vast, disused relic of the Cold War in the Cornish countryside - we found ourselves sharing the building with a good deal of wildlife. Barn owls nest in the ventilation shafts, and five species of bat roost in the cavernous und...
  • Dolin Chamberry Vermouth Blanc 16% 75cl
    Made to the same base recipes used since 1821, Dolin Vermouth de Chambry has long been the benchmark for fine Vermouth. In the late 19th century, Dolin won medals in Paris, London, St. Louis and Philadelphia and in 1932 earned Chambry France's only Appellation d' Origine for Vermouth.Dolin Vermou...
  • Pimms Blackberry & Elderflower 20% 70cl
    A new limited edition from Pimm's mixing the traditional blend with Blackberry & Elderflower to produce a new summer aperitif.Serve over ice with lemonade and blackberries.
  • Real Strawberry Puree infused Syrup 500ml
    Made using only the finest Califonian Starwberries from Albion, Ventena and Camorosa varieties, selected fro the sweet juicy flavour. Ideal for adding a summer berry touch to cockails and other drinks.
  • Crabbies Green Ginger Wine 13.5% 70cl
    John Crabbie's distinctive elephant trademark stems from the Scots merchant adventurers who pioneered trade with countries from the Orient, from which they still buy the herbs, spices, fruit and ginger (a reputed aphrodisiac and cure for 'mal de mer') for Crabbie's original Scottish Green Ginger....
  • Marie Brizard Elderflower Liiqueur 20% 70cl
    Using wild Elderflower Marie Brizard has revealed the delicate fruity notes of this fresh liqueur. Try a splash in a glass topped up with prosecco.
  • Orange Bitters Fee Brothers 9% 150ml
    This old cocktail ingredient went unnoticed for years, until recently. A new interest in classic cocktails has brought it out of retirement. There are many recipes that call for Orange Bitters, but of most note is the "Classic" Martini. Try a dash in your next Martini and you will never want one ...
  • Mint Bitters Fee Brothers 35.8% 150ml
    The fresh taste of mint when you don't have mint leaves handy. Great in a Mint Julep or a Mojito
  • Dolin Red Vermouth 16% 75cl
    This is quality Vermouth from the last remaining, independent, family owned producer. Famous since its foundation, Dolin has a real following among, vermouth drinkers, based on two factors. The first is its use of over 20 differnt, carefully selected, plants and aromatics, combined with a macerat...
  • Dolin Chamberyzette 16% 75cl
    A vermouth flavoured with alpine strawberries and is dry full flavoured aperitif with unique style.
  • Regans Orange Bitters No.6 148ml
    Regans Orange Bitters No. 6 adds a twist to all types of cocktails. You'll be amazed at the difference just a few drops of this elixir can make. Developed by cocktail guru Gary Regan, this orange mixer is subtle, complex and generously spiced with cinnamon and cloves.
  • Grapefruit Bitters Fee Brothers 17% 150ml
    Another weapon in the arsonal of a creative bartender. The great citrus taste of Grapefruit combined with the classic spice flavors of bitters.
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