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  • Clark & Co Orange Bitters 28% 100ml
    Clark and Co were the first people to commercially produce Bitters, rinse and tinctures as an atomised spray to ensure you get the right amount in your cocktails not too much and not too little. Each liquid has been carefully selected or blended to achieve the desired flavour all hand bottled and...
  • Clark & Co Aromatic Bitters 48% 100ml
    Clark and Co were the first people to commercially produce Bitters, rinse and tinctures as an atomised spray to ensure you get the right amount in your cocktails not too much and not too little. Each liquid has been carefully selected or blended to achieve the desired flavour all hand bottled and...
  • Sharps Sea Fury 5% 500ml
    Sea Fury special ale takes its inspiration from the stormy Atlantic seas that crash into the rugged Cornish coast during the long, dark winter. It is a special bitter beer style offering substance and depth of flavour without compromising balance and drinkability.
  • Copperhead Energeticum 77% 50ml
    The high concentration of Guarana within this blend makes it more of an energy supplement. This is balanced with Mandarin and lemon to give a nice citrus edge. When using the Blends in a Copperhead GT it is essential to add directly to the Gin (4-5 drops per 50ml serve) before adding the Ic...
  • Australian Bitters Orange Bitters 125ml 45%
    Our Australian Bitters Orange is made using time honoured maceration and extraction techniques. Simply put, we take a blend of the best herbs around, add orange peel, then extract the bitters flavours over time. The end result is something you’d trade your soul for. Try a drop or three in an Old ...
  • Peychaud's Aperitivo 11% 75cl
    Antoine Amedie Peychaud who created the world famous Peychaud's bitters who began his career in the 1800's working in the French quarter of New Orleans. This Aperitivo takes it inspiration from the Bitters with a balance of bitter orange, but sweeter caramlised cherries and fragrant herbal not...
  • Australian Bitters Barrel Spice Bitters 45% 125ml
    Following the same time honoured maceration and extraction techniques as our other blends, our Australian Bitters Barrel Spice can add a spicy zing to any cocktail. Made using the finest herbs and spices, we extract and blend the high quality yet balanced bitters and spice flavours over a lengthy...
  • Nginious Ngroni 30% 50cl
    The Guys at Nginious have come up their take on a Negroni Cocktail using their very fine Swiss gin blended with Piedmont Vermouth and Swiss bitters. Serve with a slice of orange and ice.
  • Australian Bitters Grapefruit Bitters 45% 125ml
    Grapefruit peel and a good helping of natural herbs. Yes, there isn’t much more than that to our Australian Bitters Grapefruit. It is a surprisingly humble concoction that’s the end result of our traditional maceration and extraction techniques. However, not to be understated, this can give a Hem...
  • Australian Bitters Aromatic Bitters 45% 125ml
    Our original Australian Bitters is hand crafted from over 20 natural botanical herbs and spices. In the pursuit of perfection, only ingredients of the highest quality are used, resulting in unparalleled quality and a far superior taste. Not wanting to blow our own trumpet, it’s also the key ingre...
  • Padstow IPA 4.8% 568ml
    Padstow IPA takes its cues from traditional Indian Pale Ales and is brewed with a stronger ABV. Despite this, it’s still refreshing and satisfying served chilled on a nice sunny day.
  • The Bitter Truth Drops And Dashes Blossom Bitters 42% 10cl
    The Bitter Truth’s Blossom Drops & Dashes showcase a variety of summer blossoms from around the globe ranging from aromatic jasmine, sweet hibiscus, earthy iris and charismatic lavender. Full of fragile fragrances the flower basket is harmonic and delicate with new discoveries in every new si...
  • The Bitter Truth Drops And Dashes Nut Bitters 42% 10cl
    Dark brown amber in appearance, the flavor of The Bitter Truth’s Nut Drops & Dashes is driven by delicate notes of green black walnuts with hints of Muscovado sugar, prunes & raisins in combination with high notes of roasted hazelnuts. Accompanied by aromatics of bitter chocolate and...
  • The Bitter Truth Drops And Dashes Wood Bitters 42% 10cl
    With its red, mahogany amber color, The Bitter Truth’s Wood Drops & Dashes delivers bone dry aromas of oak wood, Peruvian bark, light spice and fragrant notes of sandalwood. The wood notes are distinctive soft, warm, smooth & creamy, while the aftertaste is full of sweet smoke with a...
  • The Bitter Truth Drops And Dashes Roots Bitter 42% 10cl
    Bittersweet, brown and intensively aromatic, The Bitter Truth’s Roots Drops & Dashes show bold notes of burnt liquorice in combination with smoked & sweet spices and bitter gentian root. Light floral notes of iris roots give support and supply the balancing high notes to round it off.
  • Padstow May Day 5% 568ml
    Padstow May Day was originally a seasonal ale brewed to celebrate May Day, a very important day in Padstow. It proved to be so popular that now it's part of Padstow Brewing Company's core range and made all year round. The ale is very light and conatins citrus flavours and a fruity aromas....
  • Padstow Windjammer 4.3% 568ml
    Padstow Windjammer is Padstow Brewing Comapny's most popular draught ale and is made from a speical malt to provide its recognisable copper colour. This was originally only intended to be a one off seasonal brew but its popularity meant that it was put ino permanent production. The ale is smooth ...
  • Padstow Sunshine Cider 7% 568ml
    Padstow Sunshine Cider was made in collaboration with John Coulson of Polgoon Vineyard. Made using English apple juice fermented using Champagne yeast for a refreshing cider with a long finish.
  • Luxardo Bitter Bianco 30% 70cl
    Luxardo Bitter Bianco is an infusion of bitter herbs, aromatic foilage and citrus fruits. It's primary use is in cocktails, especially the White Negroni. When drunk on its own, we suggest either mixing with orange juice or with soda water.
  • Secret Orchard Exmoor Clear 500ml
    Hidden away in the deepest darkest Exmoor, behind the ancient walls of Nettlecombe Estate, lies the Secret Orchard. Here remarkable small batch ciders are produced using low intervention methods. Hand crafted from 100% pressed juice and using wild yeasts and no sulphites, these award winnign c...
  • Secret Orchard Exmoor Mellow 500ml
    Hidden away in the deepest darkest Exmoor, behind the ancient walls of Nettlecombe Estate, lies the Secret Orchard. Here remarkable small batch ciders are produced using low intervention methods. Hand crafted from 100% pressed juice and using wild yeasts and no...
  • Secret Orchard Cornish Smooth 500ml
    Amidst the wild coastline and untamed orchards of Cornwall, Secret Orchard Cider are at work. Here, incredible small batch ciders are being produced using low intervention methods. Hand crafted from wild yeasts and 100% pressed juice, these award winning ciders contain no sulphites. Se...
  • Secret Orchard Nettle Cider 500ml
    On the deepest, darkest Exmoor, within the ancient walls on Nettlecombe Estate lies the Secret Orchard. Nettlecombe means where the nettles grow and this remarkable craft cider for the two friends who run Secret Orchard. Secret Orchard Nettle Cider has fresh, zesty and complex ne...
  • Sharps Offshore Pilsner 330ml
    Offshore Pilsner takes its name for when the wind turns offshore to create perfectly clean waves ideal for surfing. Made with Czech yeast and continental hops. Tropical fruit and citrus on the nose is followed by a crisp lemon taste and refreshing finish.
  • Giffard Rose Syrup 100cl
    Pure sugar syrup made from natural aroma of rose. No preservatives added at all. Intense, colourful and flavours reminiscent of rose in bloom. Can be drunk diluted with water or sparkling water or in cocktails, mocktails, lemonade, fizzy, smoothie.
  • Treen's Classic Cornish Ale 500ml
    Deep amber, malty bitter beer with an intensity of flavour which belies its modest strength. Caramel and soft fruit flavours are balanced by a hint of dark chocolate and a spicy hop bitterness.
  • Treen's Sunbeam Cornish Ale 500ml
    Golden Ale with a complex nose and well balanced body. A full citrus aroma with floral and spiced notes rides above delicate malt flavours of grain and caramel. Named after the fleet of boats which race in the Fal estuary, this is a beer that keeps you coming back for a taste of summer.
  • Treen's Resolve Cornish Ale 500ml
    Full, rich and very dark. This Premium Ale is brimming with flavour. Deep, roasted malt competes with dark chocolate and coffee culminating in a smooth, comforting finish. Strong, dark and warming. This steadfast and dangerously drinkable beer is comfort food in a glass.
  • Gem Amber Ale Bath Ales 4.8% 500ml
    A bittersweet and well balanced ale that sees the malty character from the Maris Otter barley really shine through.
  • Mena Dhu Stout 4.5% 500ml
    Meaning Black Hill in Cornish, Mena Dhu is a truly unique stout. Brewed with a blend of six types of malted barley it's complex and flavoursome, deceptively light and refreshing with an oak smoked aroma.
  • Fever Tree Spiced Orange Ginger Ale 200ml
    This is made with a unique blend of our signature gingers, combined with sweet clementines and spicy cinnamon. The combination of ginger, citrus and spice has been crafted to complement the rich, full-bodied flavours found in the finest dark spirits, in particular cognacs & rums.
  • Lacuesta Vermouth Dry White 15% 75cl
    Lacuesta Vermouth have been making traditional vermouth in Spain since 1937. Cold maceration takes place using the bodega’s own recipe with the white wine base and additional alcohol. Natural aromatic plants and herbs are used blended for 15 days and then aged for 3 years.
  • Lacuesta Vermouth Reserve Red Oak 15% 75cl
    Lacuesta Vermouth have been making traditional vermouth in Spain since 1937. As well as the traditional Conzia and aged, the RESERVA sees seven further months in new French oak barrels from Allier with medium toasting.
  • Fever Tree Refreshingly Light Mediterranean Tonic Water 500ml
    Fever Tree Mediterranean is now available in the Refreshingly Light variance. Gathered from around the Mediterranean shores with the quinine of the highest quality from the fever trees of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, we have created a delicious, delicate, floral tonic water. Created to a...
  • Artisan Skinny London Tonic 20cl
    Natural blend of aromatic botanicals and specially selected orange & lemon essences, combined with lower amount of fruit sugar levels to balance quinine’s crispness with a rounded aftertaste and dry finish.
  • Artisan Barrel Smoked Cola 20cl
    This cola is decidedly different with barrique barrel aged smokey top notes to complaement the cola nut bitterness. This southern classic makes an exciting addition to your premium bourbon, whisky or rum.
  • The Bitter Truth Tonic Bitters 43% 20cl
    The Bitter Truth Tonic Bitters is perfect for long drinks with clear spirits. This bitter brings exotic citrus and spicy notes to the drink along with juniper and berries and coriander.
  • Dynamite Valley TNT IPA 4.8% 500ml
    Hop and pine notes on the nose, with a light amber hue and a peach and grapefruit taste. The guys down at Dynamite Valley Brewing Company love the way the Americans do beer, so this is a real tribute to the good ol’ US of A, with big flavours coming from a trio of their...
  • Dynamite Valley Gold Rush 4% 500ml
    This is a refreshing, classic, crisp and complex beer, which will hopefully have you searching for more. Appearance – Golden Smell – Stoned Fruits, hints of Lemongrass Taste – Apricot, Saffron and honey, with a lingering bitterness
  • Dynamite Valley Splann Cornish ESB 6.3% 500ml
    A Cornish ESB which is bottle conditioned from Dynamite Valley Brewing Company.
  • Jubel Elderflower Beer 4% 330ml
    Jubel was born in the Alps when Tom and Jesse stumbled upon a delicious local beer tradition at a ski bar but couldn’t find anything like it back home. Jubel’s aroma is distinctly elderflower; the initial taste is fresh and crisp. The floral character is c...
  • Pocket Rocket Cornish Pale Ale 4% 440ml
    Juicy American session pale ale with an amazing aroma. Brewed with loads of zingy US hops then saturated with even more hops after fermentation. Unfiltered, unpasteurised and unfined for maximum taste.
  • Clark & Co Absinthe Rinse 100ml
    This recpie is over 100 years old and distilled from a blend of fine herbs and spices. Some of the botanicals in this bitters used included are star anise, peppermint, lemon balm and includes the legendary wormwood. 55%abv!
  • Baobab Wheat Beer 5.3% 330ml
    A special collaboration with the Eden Project. Containing more magnesium than bananas and more vitamins than oranges, the Eden Project sourced baobab powder brings tropical citrus and fruit flavours that work perfectly in wheat beers. Otherwise known as the upside down tree, baobab pow...
  • Amarena Toschi Italian Black Cherries 510g
    Toschi are well known for their Liqueurs but are also well known for their superior Italian Black Cherries in syrup. Only the best black cherries are selected, stoned and sweetened as a garnish for deserts, cakes or even a garnish for your cocktails.Once you have used all the cherries...
  • Gonzalez Byass La Copa Blanco Vermouth 75cl
    Fino Sherry and a section of botanicals revive the original recipe from 1896 with which Gonzalez Byass made their white vermouth, also known as "French Vermouth". Clean, elegant and intense. Emphasizing citric notes that combine perfectly with the elegant bitterness of the wormwood and savory fla...
  • Padstow Pilsner 4.4% 440ml
    This pilsner from Padstow Brewing Co. is made in the traditional way using the best Extra Pale malt, Saaz hops and special bottom-fermenting yeast. Now sold as cans, same beer and same great taste as the Pilsner you know from the bottle.
  • Real Pineapple Puree Infused Syrup
    Real Pineapple is the first syrup infused with tropical pineapples, is the perfect ingredient for delivering intense pineapple flavor to craft cocktails. Straight from Costa Rica, this tempting fruit brings a refreshing sweetness you can’t resist.
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