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  • Blood And Sand Cocktail Tutorial
    The Blood And Sand cocktail is named after a 1922 Rudolph Valentino film of the same name about a bull fighter. It was the trend in those times to name cocktails after the films of the day and this is a proper classic, the cocktail not the film! To make this you will need some scotch, martini ros...
  • Corpse Reviver # 2 Cocktail Tutorial
    The corpse reviver family of cocktails goes back a very long time and were originally intended as a hangover cure, albeit a hair of the dog one! The majority of these recipes have been unfortunately lost over the passage of time but several were printed in the Savoy Cocktail Handbook in 1930. The...
  • Cosmopolitan Cocktail Tutorial
    The drink that everyone loved in the nineties shot to fame through its association with Sarah Jessica Parker's character Carrie Bradshaw in the hit show Sex And The City and is still as delicious now as it was then. All you need to make this cocktail is vodka, cointreau, orange bitters (all inclu...
  • Daiquiri Cocktail Tutorial
    Quick and easy to make but tantalising on the tongue, the classic Daiquiri is a great place to start when learning to make cocktails. The humble Daiquiri hails from late 1800s Cuba and the clean taste of fresh white rum and natural ingredients have made this a very popular drink indeed. The list ...
  • Manhattan Cocktail Tutorial
    The Manhattan is certainly a classic cocktail as its origins can be traced back to the mid to late 1800s New York. It is one of five cocktails named after the Big Apple's boroughs. This is a very boozy cocktail and isn't for the faint of heart as you have to be able to hold your liquor! There are...
  • Margarita Cocktail Tutorial
    The margarita is the most common and widely known tequila based cocktail and there are many stories regarding the drinks origins. Most say the drink was created in the 1930s although the locations and reasons for the name differ greatly. Jose Cuervo was using the advertising slogan "Margarita; mo...
  • Monin Watermelon Syrup 75cl
    MONIN Watermelon syrup delivers the exotic, fresh, thirst-quenching taste of this ultimate summer fruit. Strong pure watermelon flavour, exotic fresh and juicy watermelon taste.
  • Gin Fizz Cocktail Tutorial
    The Gin Fizz is a variant on the sours family of cocktails and was hugely popular in the US during the first forty years of the twentieth century. The drink is very easy to make and would make excellent drinking on a balmy Summer's day sat out in the garden. All you need to make this is gin, s...
  • Gin Rickey Cocktail Tutorial
    Gin Rickey is a very old cocktail that was originally made with bourbon in the 1880s by bartender George Williamson. It really took off ten years later when he started mixing it with gin. All you need to make this is gin, soda water, sugar syrup (which are included in the kit) and a lime. Plea...
  • Mint Julep Cocktail Tutorial
    The origins of the Mint Julep are hazy but we know that it was being made in the Southern States of America in the eighteenth century. It is a simple, yet gorgeous, drink that is very refreshing on a hot day. This is part of the reason that it is the official drink of the Kentucky Derby and has b...
  • Marie Brizard Vanilla Syrup 70cl
    Made with premium ingredients of sugar cane and vanilla this syrup has the lovely warm and exotic flavours of vanilla
  • Side Car Cocktail Tutorial
    The Side Car was invented around the end of the First World War withThe Ritz Hotel in Paris claiming credit for its creation; there is no solid evidence to support this but its origins are believed to be either London or Paris. This is a good strong drink to serve for those that like their cockta...
  • Marie Brizard Violet Essence Liqueur 30% 50cl
    This Violet Essence liqueur has been developed to produce a liqueur with highly concentrated aromas and flavours, little sugar and no colouring.
  • Copperhead Aperitivum 80% 50ml
    Thanks to the grapefruit and Angelica, this blend will help awaken your taste buds before eating. Lemon as well helps to give that classic citrus character that you find with Copperhead G&T's.When using the Blends in a Copperhead GT it is essential to add directly to the Gin (4-5 drops ...
  • Fever Tree Elderflower Tonic Water 500ml
    This premium Tonic water is naturally lighter and lower in calories but contains no artificial sweeteners, flavouring or preservatives. Made with natural quinine to enhance your G&T.  500ml
  • Artisan Classic London Tonic 20cl
    Classic London Tonic is cleaner than a whistle, this well-dressed cleansing classic combines complex natural citrus flavours with subtle botanical notes, providing the perfect partner to complement the character & quality of a drier craft gin.
  • Artisan Violet Blossom Tonic 20cl
    This vibrant bouquet of Violet, Elderflower and Appleblossom with hints of natural quinine awakens the palette. A sophisticated drink on its own or great at adding a perfumed complexity to a craft dry gin without masking the uniquely crafted flavours.
  • Fever Tree Madagascan Cola 200ml
    Fever Tree's cola has been carefully crafted with a delicious rich and distinctive blend of spices and citrus fruits, including Madagascan vanilla, to specifically enhance the complex flavours of the world's finest rums, whiskies and bourbons.
  • Finest Call Lime Juice Single Pressed 100cl
    Finest Call Single Pressed Lime Juice will help take your cocktail program to the next level! Persian Limes give their Single Pressed Lime Juice the perfect touch of acidity that makes it a bar staple used in hundreds of cocktails from a scratch margarita to a daiquiri to a gimlet to many mo...
  • Gonzalez Byass Las Copa Rojo Vermouth 75cl
    Reviving the tradition of making red vermouth using original recipes from the winery's archive, dating back to the 19th century. Vermouth La Copa is made from their distinguished Oloroso and Pedro Ximenez soleras, blended together with a special selection of botanicals. Orange, wormwood, clove...
  • Fever Tree Refreshingly Light Clementine 500ml
    By blending fruit sugars with the highest quality quinine, sweet clementines and subtle cinnamon, they have created a perfectly balanced tonic with a refreshing taste and aroma. A unique variation of our Indian Tonic Water but with 32% fewer calories.
  • Electric Bitters 60% 100ml
    Buzz your palate with this electrocuting concoction. This bitter contains Buzz Button or more known as Electric Daisies which have the property to stimulate the taste buds and increase salivation by this alternative out of this wold tingling sensation. Made with a blend of over 0 botanicals ba...
  • East Imperial Yuzu Tonic 500ml
    Now available in this larger 500ml bottle. Also available in 150ml. Yuzu, found during the cooler months in Northern Asia, particularly Japan, is an aromatic sweet citrus fruit with distinct zesty flavour, often described as a hybrid between a mandarin and a Meyer lemon.Introduced to ...
  • East Imperial Grapefruit Tonic 500ml
    Now available in 500ml bottles, also available in smaller 150ml bottles. The grapefruit was not discovered until the 18th century and botanists believe it is the result of cross-breeding sweet oranges of Barbados with the pomelo, a citrus fruit native to Indonesia. The British knew that not only ...
  • Ginfusion Taster Gin Botanical Pack 4 x 2g
    This Ginfusion Taster Pack contains four of our Ginfusion pouches, giving you one of each of our flavours (Tropical, Spiced, Citrus and Rose) along with a leaflet describing each botanical blend and providing suggested gin pairings. It’s an ideal small gift, stocking filler or wedding fav...
  • Fever Tree Refreshingly Light Cucumber Tonic Water 500ml
    Offering a delicate and fresh flavour, the light, crisp notes of cucumber essence are perfectly balanced with the gentle bitterness of their signature quinine from the fever trees of Eastern Congo. Blended with fruit sugar for 32% fewer calories than Fever-Tree Indian Tonic Water. Th...
  • Sea Buck Cucumber and Mint Tonic Water 200ml
    A new addition to the Sea Buck family. This is a very refreshing Cucumber and Mint Tonic Water, perfectly balanced with cool tasting cucumber and fresh mint notes. It is light, refreshing and perfectly balanced with hints of elderflower and lime. Based on our best selling Cornish Garden cockta...
  • The Bitter Truth Cocktail Bitters Bar Pack
    The Bitter Truth Cocktail Bitters Bar Pack comes in a beautiful designed metal tin box with 3D embossed decorations which and holds 5 x 20ml brown glass bottles of the companies modern bitters flavors. Enhance your home bars possibilities with 5 all natural bitters in handy pocket size that will ...
  • Peychauds Bitters 148ml
    The classic cocktail component that should be on every back-bar. Peychauds Bitters is a complex 35% abv spirit produced by the award winning Buffalo Trace Distillery, Kentucky. The recipe was originally created around 1830 by Antoine Peychaud, a Creole apothecary from the French colony of Saint-D...
  • Regans Orange Bitters No.6 148ml
    Regans Orange Bitters No. 6 adds a twist to all types of cocktails. You'll be amazed at the difference just a few drops of this elixir can make. Developed by cocktail guru Gary Regan, this orange mixer is subtle, complex and generously spiced with cinnamon and cloves.
  • Giffard Orgeat syrup 100cl
    Pure sugar syrup made of natural extracts from orgeat. No conservative agents. Alc. grade:alcohol-free Bottles available in:100 cl- 70 cl Tasting notesAromatic and sweet flavour of Orgeat. How to drink it ?In hot or cold coffees, milks or teas
  • Sirop de Banane Giffard 100cl
    Pure sugar syrup made of natural extracts from banana. No conservative agents.Alc. grade: alcohol-freeBottles available in: 100 clTasting notesThick, colourful and rich in flavour. Flavour of ripe banana.
  • Sirop de Mango Giffard 100cl
    Pure sugar syrup made from concentrated mango juice. No conservative agents. Alc. grade: alcohol-free Bottles available in: 100 cl- 70 cl Tasting notesSweet and exotic flavour of mango.
  • Finest Call Margarita mix 100cl
    We thought the best way to create an authentic margarita was to head south of the border for the star ingredient: lime juice! Taste the perfect blend of Mexican lime juice with a touch of natural lemon juice and agave nectar for a flavor that’s perfectly balanced between tart and sweet. We add in...
  • Sirop de Chocolate Giffard 100cl
    Pure sugar syrup made of naturals extracts from black chocolate. No conservative agents. Tasting notes: Aromatic and sweet flavour of black chocolate. How to drink it ?In hot or cold coffees, teas or milks. In milk-shake. In cocktails.
  • Angostura Bitters 44% 20cl
    Angostura Bitters is a staple ingredient in many cocktails such as the Old Fashioned, Daiquiri, Manhattan and several Martini variants. It's rarely consumed neat and is mainly used to add flavour to cocktails, long drinks and occasionally to food. It's made in Port Spain, Trinidad by...
  • Marie Brizard Sirop de Gomme Sugar Syrup 70cl
    Marie Brizard has been a producer of premium quaility liqueurs and syrups for over two centuries. This gomme syrup is an essential ingredient for your cocktails. No conservative agent. No colouring.
  • Bitter Bastards Lavender Bitters 40% 100ml
    Lavender Bitters is a single varietal bitters from Bitter Bastards, made using a rapid maceration and a centrifuge to maintain natural oils and flavours. These highly perfumed bitters work well with citrus flavours and gins.
  • Bitter Bastards Black Pepper Bitters 75% 50ml
    Bitter Bastards Black Pepper is a single variety bitters made by rapid maceration of cherries, high proof caribbean rum and gentian root which adds the bitterness. This is then put into a centrifuge to extract maximum flavour without loosing any of the natural oils and flavours. A hot flavouring ...
  • Goslings Ginger Beer 6x330ml
    Gosling's Stormy Ginger Beer is the perfect accompliment to mix with Gosling's Balck seal rum to make a 'Dark and Stormy'. In a tall glass filled with ice add 50ml of Gosling's Black seal rum and top up with Gosling's stormy ginger beer. Enjoy!
  • 1724 Tonic Water 4 pack 4x200ml
    A new tonic made in Argentina using quinine harvested from the Cinchona trees high in the andean mountains at an altitude of 1724 meters, hence the name. The style is different from most tonics, it has more citrus notes and a softer style. It is pure and fresh and compliments the best Gins and Vo...
  • Monin Elderflower Syrup 75cl
    Often consumed as a cordial or a liqueur, both are crafted from the flowers of the Elder or Elderberry tree, commonly found in the English countryside. The English saying goes that summer is not here until the Elder is fully in flower and that it is at an end when the berries are ripe. ...
  • Marie Brizard Grenadine Syrup 70cl
    Grenadine syrup has been made with pomegranate's and produces a beautifully coloured syrup to add to your cocktails.
  • Marie Brizard Mojito Mint Syrup 70cl
    The classic ingredient to make a mojito just add rum and ice. Made with lemon and lime juices based on concentrates, Marie Brizard Mojito Mint syrup reveals fresh mint and lemon notes
  • Fever Tree Refreshingly Light Tonic Water 200ml
    A preimum tonic water but with 46% fewer calories. They use naturally occuring fruit sugars to develope their lighter tonic water. The blending of subtle botanical flavours with spring water and the highest quality quinine gives it the distinctively clean, crisp character of Indian To...
  • Special Touch Botanical Gin & Tonic Basic 205g
    Special Touch Botanicals have been changing the drinks scene in Spain by encouraging the use of Botanicals to enhance the garnish still further. Born out of the GT boom in Spain where GT's are served in large balloon glasses the use of Botanicals to garnish and infuse has become an essential and ...
  • Marie Brizard Passion Fruit Syrup 70cl
    Exotic passion fruit flavours in this premium syrup. Try in a Passion fruit mojito.
  • Marie Brizard Banana Liqueur 25% 70cl
    Bananas from Ecuador selected for their taste and aromatic richness are used in this Banana liqueur. The addition of pineapple juice, herbs and spices such as cocoa, vanilla and tea to give a bold flavour
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