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  • Korev Cornish Lager 4.8%
    Korev is a lager in the Helles style, with a wonderful pale colour and a clean, crisp taste. Bottled in amber glass to protect the freshness, we think you'll agree when we say that it's been worth the wait. Pale, platinum gold in colour. Delicate, herbal and honey on the nose. On the palate this...
  • Skinner's Porthleven Pale Beer 500ml
    A new beer from Skinners names after the famous reef off Portleven Cornwall that produces some of the best waves around for local surfers. Made from the finest hops and pale malt to produce a pale zingy beer with a citus lemon taste.
  • Proper Job Cornish Ale 500ml 5.5% vol
    A powerfully authentic IPA, Proper Job is brewed with a blend of imported American hops. It is a real treat of a beer with a growing reputation and is loved by beer enthusiasts far and wide. Perhaps the forerunner of all modern IPAs in the UK! Proper Job regularly wins awards, both fr...
  • Sharps Sea Fury 5% 500ml
    Sea Fury special ale takes its inspiration from the stormy Atlantic seas that crash into the rugged Cornish coast during the long, dark winter. It is a special bitter beer style offering substance and depth of flavour without compromising balance and drinkability.
  • Padstow IPA 4.8% 568ml
    Padstow IPA takes its cues from traditional Indian Pale Ales and is brewed with a stronger ABV. Despite this, it’s still refreshing and satisfying served chilled on a nice sunny day.
  • Padstow May Day 5% 568ml
    Padstow May Day was originally a seasonal ale brewed to celebrate May Day, a very important day in Padstow. It proved to be so popular that now it's part of Padstow Brewing Company's core range and made all year round. The ale is very light and conatins citrus flavours and a fruity aromas....
  • Padstow Windjammer 4.3% 568ml
    Padstow Windjammer is Padstow Brewing Comapny's most popular draught ale and is made from a speical malt to provide its recognisable copper colour. This was originally only intended to be a one off seasonal brew but its popularity meant that it was put ino permanent production. The ale is smooth ...
  • Sharps Offshore Pilsner 330ml
    Offshore Pilsner takes its name for when the wind turns offshore to create perfectly clean waves ideal for surfing. Made with Czech yeast and continental hops. Tropical fruit and citrus on the nose is followed by a crisp lemon taste and refreshing finish.
  • Treen's Classic Cornish Ale 500ml
    Deep amber, malty bitter beer with an intensity of flavour which belies its modest strength. Caramel and soft fruit flavours are balanced by a hint of dark chocolate and a spicy hop bitterness.
  • Treen's Sunbeam Cornish Ale 500ml
    Golden Ale with a complex nose and well balanced body. A full citrus aroma with floral and spiced notes rides above delicate malt flavours of grain and caramel. Named after the fleet of boats which race in the Fal estuary, this is a beer that keeps you coming back for a taste of summer.
  • Treen's Resolve Cornish Ale 500ml
    Full, rich and very dark. This Premium Ale is brimming with flavour. Deep, roasted malt competes with dark chocolate and coffee culminating in a smooth, comforting finish. Strong, dark and warming. This steadfast and dangerously drinkable beer is comfort food in a glass.
  • Gem Amber Ale Bath Ales 4.8% 500ml
    A bittersweet and well balanced ale that sees the malty character from the Maris Otter barley really shine through.
  • Mena Dhu Stout 4.5% 500ml
    Meaning Black Hill in Cornish, Mena Dhu is a truly unique stout. Brewed with a blend of six types of malted barley it's complex and flavoursome, deceptively light and refreshing with an oak smoked aroma.
  • Dynamite Valley TNT IPA 4.8% 500ml
    Hop and pine notes on the nose, with a light amber hue and a peach and grapefruit taste. The guys down at Dynamite Valley Brewing Company love the way the Americans do beer, so this is a real tribute to the good ol’ US of A, with big flavours coming from a trio of their...
  • Dynamite Valley Gold Rush 4% 500ml
    This is a refreshing, classic, crisp and complex beer, which will hopefully have you searching for more. Appearance – Golden Smell – Stoned Fruits, hints of Lemongrass Taste – Apricot, Saffron and honey, with a lingering bitterness
  • Dynamite Valley Splann Cornish ESB 6.3% 500ml
    A Cornish ESB which is bottle conditioned from Dynamite Valley Brewing Company.
  • Jubel Elderflower Beer 4% 330ml
    Jubel was born in the Alps when Tom and Jesse stumbled upon a delicious local beer tradition at a ski bar but couldn’t find anything like it back home. Jubel’s aroma is distinctly elderflower; the initial taste is fresh and crisp. The floral character is c...
  • Pocket Rocket Cornish Pale Ale 4% 440ml
    Juicy American session pale ale with an amazing aroma. Brewed with loads of zingy US hops then saturated with even more hops after fermentation. Unfiltered, unpasteurised and unfined for maximum taste.
  • Padstow Pilsner 4.4% 440ml
    This pilsner from Padstow Brewing Co. is made in the traditional way using the best Extra Pale malt, Saaz hops and special bottom-fermenting yeast. Now sold as cans, same beer and same great taste as the Pilsner you know from the bottle.
  • Baobab Wheat Beer 5.3% 330ml
    A special collaboration with the Eden Project. Containing more magnesium than bananas and more vitamins than oranges, the Eden Project sourced baobab powder brings tropical citrus and fruit flavours that work perfectly in wheat beers. Otherwise known as the upside down tree, baobab pow...
  • Dynamite Valley Kennall Vale Pale 4.3% 500ml
    The latest bottle to join the great selection from Dynamite Valley based in Ponsanooth. Named after the beautiful woodland close to the distillery which has remnants of its past industrial gunpowder factory. On the palate this is smooth and easy drinking as a pale ale should be.
  • Skinner's Sennen 3.8% 330ml
    Skinner's Sennen is bottled at 3.8% making i a great Cornish session IPA. Named after the infamous Cornish surf break and holiday spot, Sennen IPA brings an early taste of summer.Sennen is a session strength IPA with zesty notes of lemon...
  • Verdant Comfort Settings DIPA 8% 440ml
    Comfort Settings is a crushable DIPA showcasing an 8% ABV. Brewed alongside the mighty Wylam Brewery from Newcastle. Dialed in with Ekuanot, Citra, Axacca, El Dorado and Sabo for gigantic juicy citrus and tropical fruity flavours.
  • Jubel Peach Beer 330ml
    Jubel was born in the Alps at an apres ski bar when Tom and Jesse discovered a popular beer tradition known as demi-peche. Finding nothing like it back home they decided to bring peach to the people and quit their jobs to launch the beer, brand and business in Cornwall. Sweet peachy flavours...
  • Skinners Betty Stogs Bitter 4% vol 500ml
    Skinner's best selling beer has won more awards nationally and locally than any other Cornish beer and is without doubt the Queen of Cornish Ales. Light hop aroma with underlying malt. Easy drinking copper ale with a superb balance of citrus hops, malt and bitterness. Bitter finish is slow...
  • Skinner's Cornish Knocker 4.5% vol 500ml
    One of the original trailblazing golden ales and still one of the most popular, consistent and best selling. Often copied but never equalled. Refreshing, golden beer full of life with hops all the way through. Flowery & fruity hops in the mouth and malt undertones,with clean and lasting bitte...
  • Skinner's Hops N Honey 4%
    A light refreshing bitter, pale amber in colour with distinct hoppy overtones. The subtle addition of real Cornish honey will give your palate a buzzz! SIBA National Champion Speciality Beer - one of the best speciality beers in the Country
  • Sharps Doombar 4.3% vol 500ml
    This is one of Sharp's most popular beer's named after an infamous sanbank at the mouth of the Camel estuary in North Cornwall. Finely balanced with spicy hops, sweet malt and delicate roasted notes.
  • Tribute Cornish Ale 4.2% vol 500ml
    Pale amber in colour, Tribute is a moreishly drinkable beer with delicious full-bodied malt flavours and citrus aroma. Aregular ale to be seen in most pubs and bars here in Cornwall. Brewed using Cornish spring water, Cornish Gold and Maris Otter malts, with a blend of aromatic hops.
  • River Cottage EPA Skinners 4% 500ml
    A joint collaboration between Cornish Brewery Skinners and The River Cottage, to create a English Pale Ale made from locally sourced ingredients from the West Country. Complex Floral notes with cedar and citrus aromas, a flavoursome beer with a long bittersweet finish.
  • Keltek King 5.1% 500ml
    Keltik King is paler than many bitters whilst remaining exceptionally well balanced and long lasting on the palate. National Brewing Competition Grand Champion, International World of Beer Festival Gold Prize Winner, South West Regional Champion - Twice!
  • Keltek Magik 500ml
    Magik is the benchmark brew, a traditional bitter full of hops and malt flavours with gentle bitterness. SIBA South West Champion Best Bitter.
  • Sharps Seven Souls Dark Ale 500ml
    Seven Souls Dark Ale takes its namesake from a wild outcrop of the ancient Rumps headland on the North Cornish coast. The story goes that seven souls lost their lives on this rock, hence the name. There is plenty of dark chocolate on the nose with spice and malt sweetness on the palate. Some cof...
  • Dynamite Valley Pioneer Orange Wheat Beer 4.3% 500ml
    Dynamite Valley Pioneer is an orange wheat beer 4.3% bottle conditioned and produced in Ponsanooth. A thirst quenching summer wheat beer with hints of orange through out and on the finish.
  • Dynamite Valley Brian Amber Bitter 5% 500ml
    As a small, independent brewery, Dynamite relied on support and encouragement from day one and Brian Cumby was there from the start, truly believing that what they were doing was worthwhile. Sadly, Brian passed away in 2015, so they brewed a beer in his honour. This bold, rich a...
  • Woodmans Wild Mild Ale 3.8% 500ml
    Dark Mild brewed with the addition of Heather, Yarrow & Wild Thyme. Earthy, herbal aromas and hints of toffee and chocolate on the palate, with a faint whisper of smokiness.
  • Woodmans Sweet & Dandy Ale 4.8% 500ml
    Supreme Champion Beer of Cornwall 2018. Sweet & Dandy is a milk stout brewed with the addition of dandelion coffee. Aromas and flavours of coffee and dark chocolate with a lovely thick mouthfeel and balanced sweetness imparted by lactose (milk sugar).
  • Woodmans Five Gold Rings Ale 6.5% 500ml
    Belgian style Strong Golden Ale brewed with the addition of Saffron. Golden yellow in colour with fruity aromas from the Belgian yeast and a dry, spicy finish from the saffron.
  • Skinners Penny Come Quick 4.5% 500ml
    PennyComeQuick was the name Falmouth harbor went by centuries ago. Like many of the character who passed through the town in those days, beneath the smooth, dark exterior of this ale there lies a heart of pure gold. Real 24 carat treasure, just have a taste to see. When you have a pint...
  • Verdant Pulp DIPA 8% 440ml
    Verdant's 'Pulp' is part of their core range. Made to an ABV of 8% which makes this the biggest hitter of the core range! This DIPA showcases citra, cascade and columbus hops in a ratio of heavily weighted towards the citra. Think pulped peppery mango flesh drenched in candied grapefru...
  • Lizard Horseshoe Special reserve Ale 6.2% 500ml
    When Lizard ales moved into part of a former early warning station- a vast, disused relic of the Cold War in the Cornish countryside - we found ourselves sharing the building with a good deal of wildlife. Barn owls nest in the ventilation shafts, and five species of bat roost in the cavernous und...
  • Blizzard From The Lizard Ale 4.6% 500ml
    Lizard Ales are famous because the brewery is in an old nuclear bunker, Blizzard From the Lizard is a real ale that is dark and brewed with cascasse hops.
  • An Gof Strong Lizard Ale 5.2% vol 500ml
    When Lizard ales moved into part of a former early warning station- a vast, disused relic of the Cold War in the Cornish countryside - we found ourselves sharing the building with a good deal of wildlife. Barn owls nest in the ventilation shafts, and five species of bat roost in the cavernous und...
  • Keltek Beheaded 7.6% 500ml
    Beheaded is extremley deceptive with a smooth, slightly sweet flavour andnone of the alcoholic "twang" often associated with very strong beers.
  • Bal Maiden Best Bitter Rebel Brewing Company 4% 500ml
    Bal Maiden is a copper coloured session bitter, formally known as Barrow Boys. Malty flavour and sweet finish make this beer an ideal accompaniment to hearty British cuisine. Named in honour of our Cornish mining heritage, from the old Cornish bal (mine) and the English maiden a Bal Maiden was a ...
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