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  • Aperol Aperitivo 11% 70cl
    Aperol was launched by the Barbieri company, based in Padua, in 1919 on the occasion of the Padua Exhibition - introducing the revolutionary idea of an aperitif with an alcohol content of only 11%. After the second world war, it really took off, becoming a major success in Italian homes and bars....
  • Luxardo Bitter Bianco 30% 70cl
    Luxardo Bitter Bianco is an infusion of bitter herbs, aromatic foilage and citrus fruits. It's primary use is in cocktails, especially the White Negroni. When drunk on its own, we suggest either mixing with orange juice or with soda water.
  • Melonade Melon Liqueur 12% 70cl
    Made using Cavaillon melon juice, this sweet and fruity drink would be fantastic as an alternative to an Aperol Spritz. Maybe add to prosecco?! A lovely, different summery drink.
  • Select Aperitivo 70cl
    Select was created in 1920 in the Castello district of Venice, at Pilla Distilleries, renowned for the art of liquor making. When the popularity of the aperitif began to spread, the Spritz soon became a favourite and Select one of the stars of the Venetin cocktail scene. Made from care...
  • Koneva Cornish Aperitif 70cl
    Koneva is a new and exciting treat from our friends over at Trevethan Distillery. It is an aperitif that has been produced using only the finest and most traditional methods to ensure a fantastic refreshing balance of flavours. It has been distilled with all natural ingredients such as aromati...
  • Etxeko Patxarana 70cl
    Patxaran, called Pacharán in Spanish, is a sloe-flavoured liqueur commonly drank in Navarre, the Pyrenees and the rest of Spain. Made by soaking sloe berries, collected from the blackthorn, in an anise-flavoured spirit with a small number of coffee beans and a vanilla pod for several m...
  • Pampelle Ruby L'Apero 15% 70cl
    Crafted on the banks of the River Charente in the Cognac region of France, Pampelle Ruby L'Apero is an artisanal versatile liqueur capturing the bittersweet essences of the Ruby Red Grapefruit. An artisanal infusion of natural botanicals, maceration of citrus peels, Eau de Vie togethe...
  • Amaro Montenegro Liqueur 23% 70cl
    Amaro Montenegro is prepared according to the traditional recipe, which has been secretly guarded for over a century. Ingredients undergo a meticulous selection process with only the rarest and most prized herbs composing the original recipe, giving Amaro Montenegro its distinctive taste. ...
  • Chase Summer Fruit Cup 20% 70cl
    The Summer Fruit Cup is based on a gin distilled with 17 botanicals and then blended with elderflowers and Summer berries, bottled at 20% abv and in 70cl bottles. We recommend serving well iced with lemonade, mint, orange, lime and a variety of fresh berries.
  • Curio Cornish Cup 29% 70cl
    Curio Cornish Cup has been created by Soul Spirits inspired by the traditional punch used in the British navy during the 17th century. They start with the Curio dry gin which is then infused with the finest local ingredients, lemon verbena and Cornish honey. These are paired with Chai spices and ...
  • Pimms Winter No.3 25% 70cl
    Pimms No3 Winter Cup is a brandy based Liqueur that is guaranteed to warm the cockles of your heart, with it's spicy robust taste.
  • Amaro Tosolini 30% 70cl
    Amaro Antico Rimedio is the product of blending 15 different types of alpine, maritime herbs and spices( from the Venetian lagoon) macerated in ash barrels for over 4 months. This blend is after diluted with pure Alps water to obtain a pleasant strength of 30. The recipe is part of the heritage o...
  • Amaro Nonino Quintessentia 35% 75cl
    A superb quality Amaro from Nonino made with grappa distillate and herbs aged in barriques and ex sherry casks. It should be served in a tumbler with ice and a slice of orange peel or with crushed ice and a sprig of mint as a fabulous aperitif. It can also be served at room temperature after a me...
  • Pimms No.1 25% 70cl
    Sweet, deceptively strong, lashings of orange and red-fruit, refreshing with a touch of bitterness on the finish.
  • Amaro Montenegro 23% 100cl
    Amaro Montenegro is prepared according to the traditional recipe, which has been secretly guarded for over a century. Ingredients undergo a meticulous selection process with only the rarest and most prized herbs composing the original recipe, giving Amaro Montenegro its distinctive taste. ...
  • Kamm & Sons British Aperitif 33% 70cl
    Bitter sweet botanical spirit made from 45 natural botanicals which took the producers 5 years to develop and is now a closely guarded secret. It includes Ginseng, Grapefruit peel, Manuka honey, juniper berries, elderflower, Hibiscus Flowers, Goji berries, Fennel seeds and Echinacea. It is very v...
  • Peychaud's Aperitivo 11% 75cl
    Antoine Amedie Peychaud who created the world famous Peychaud's bitters who began his career in the 1800's working in the French quarter of New Orleans. This Aperitivo takes it inspiration from the Bitters with a balance of bitter orange, but sweeter caramlised cherries and fragrant herbal not...
  • Picon Amer 21% 70cl
    Picon Amer is a French aperitif flavoured with orange and Gentian root. It's classically consumed at the start of a meal to make you hungrier. It contains quinine, normally found in tonic water, and that was a great help in staving off malaria when this beverage was created in 1837. It's commonly...
  • Suze 70cl
    New presentation and bottle size, now available in 70cl. Suze is made with wild gentian which has been aged, it has then been macerated and distilled in their still. It has fresh notes of gentian, subtle and intense flavours with citrus and floral notes. They have been making this sin...
  • Pimms Blackberry & Elderflower 20% 70cl
    A new limited edition from Pimm's mixing the traditional blend with Blackberry & Elderflower to produce a new summer aperitif.Serve over ice with lemonade and blackberries.
  • Caspyn Cornish Summer Cup 25% 70cl
    New from the Guys at Caspyn is their Summer cup. Made from a blend of botanicals, flora, raspberry juice and some port wine and spirits. It is superb when mixed in the ratio of 50ml Summer cup in a tall glass, then fill up with ice, strawberries, lemon, cucumber and lemonade or ginger ale. Enj...
  • Bloom Strawberry Cup 28% 50cl
    Bloom Strawberry Cup is the ideal summer drink. Made by steeping strawberries in Bloom, London dry gin is was created by one of the first female master disttilers in the world Joanne Moore. Lovely clear red colour with a slight tarte taste from the strawberry before the botanicals in the gin com...
  • Bonal Gentiane Quina 16% 75cl
    Bonal was invented by Raphael Bonal in 1865 and it has not changed in that time. He lived in the Chartreuse mountains and during this time collected many plants to research their meditative qualities. This aperitif is made from gentian roots, orange peel ...