New Dawn Rum aged 18 years 42% 70cl

New Dawn 18 Year Old rum started life in the hills of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic where it was specially distilled for New Dawn Traders by master blenders Oliver and Oliver. This solera rum has been matured in American Oak barrels before crossing the Atlantic on the Tres Hombres where it aged a further 45 days out on the open ocean. Once landed, it was taken by horse and cart to the Rebel Distilling Company in Penryn where it's blended with fresh Cornish spring water.

The rum is very smooth with notes of butter, tropical fruits, spice and a slight maritime character mixed with oak. Unlike last years offering, the finish on this is long and satisfying with a much greater body throughout the whole drinking process.

New Dawn Traders are an independent trading company who are devoted to establishing a maritime culture based around fair trade ships plus the communities and goods that can benefit and be traded through them. They sell products made from sail shipped cargo that are crafted by local artisans here in Falmouth and the surrounding area and turned into New Dawn products. New Dawn Traders have the long term ambition of adding their very own vessel to the hopefully expanding international sail powered fleet.

Tres Hombres initially launches from Holland (where she was built) and makes stops in France, Norway, Portugal, The Canaries, Brazil and the Caribbean before returning via Bermuda, the Azores and Falmouth before completing the journey back in Holland. The vessel carries back the rum and cocoa for New Dawn Traders but is also stocked with coffee, molasses, wine and chocolate bars; when you consider this is all achieved completely emission free then you can imagine the positive impact if more people started trading this way.

Age 18 yrs
Strength 42%
Rum Type Golden Rum
Rum Country Dominica

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