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Menetou Salon Morogues les Blanchais Henri Pelle 13% 75cl

Menetou Salon Morogues les Blanchais Henri Pelle 13% 75cl

Key Info

Type White
Country France
Region Loire
Vintage 2010
Grape Sauvignon Blanc
Style White - Crisp,dry
Strength 13%

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The individual 'Clos des Blanchais' is made and sold separately to allow the expression and development of its unique 'terroir' - this plot of land was identified in the early 1980s for producing the best grapes from the oldest vines, resulting in a wine with the greatest intensity and complexity and consistently of excellent quality. It usually takes a year or two before the nose opens up - definitely fine mineral tones giving way to citrus then a riper, more exotic fruit but cut back by lively acidity and stunning length of crisp steely flavour.

This shining star of the Loire valley produces wines of world renown. Of particular note are the two wines from Menetou Morogues and the Clos des Blanchais. The individual Clos des Blanchais exudes the expression and development of its unique terroir. Fine mineral tones giving way to citrus and riper, nore exotic fruit then cut back by lively acidity. The grapes for Menetou-Salon Morogues are sourced from six different parcels of vineyard that are all planted in Kimmeridgian limestone-clay marl soil which imparts elegant mineral tones. The wine is fresh and floral with aromas of citrus and blackcurrant leaves.

In the Vineyard

The grapes are sourced from this single 'clos' (parcel of walled vineyard where the average age of vines is 30 years) located in the commune of Morogues, planted in Kimmeridgian limestone marl soil (which apparently imparts elegant mineral tones) mixed with traces of fossilised seashells and flint stones. Its steep slope faces directly south-east thus getting the maximum benefit of the morning sun. The whole 35 hectare Domaine is cultivated by measures that maintain natural balance and work the soil in the traditional way (for example weeding, clearing and grape thinning by hand), but also to enable machine harvesting.

In the Winery

Presses are pneumatic to safeguard juice quality, settling of solids by static refridgeration and fermented with indigenous yeasts at about 18 degrees for one and a half months on average, regulated to control fermentation speed and preserve fine aromas. The wines are left on the fine lees until bottling to enhance complex flavours and regularly stirred up to gain richness, depending on vintage conditions.