Maestro Dobel Diamond Tequila 40% 75cl

A truely unique Tequila, Maestro Dobel is handcrafted from a blend of Reposado, Anejo and Extra-Anejo tequilas. Maestro Dobel is the creation of Juan-Domingo Dobel Beckmann, the sixth generation director of the worlds most prominent tequila producing family.
Each bottle carries a unique Bottle number and date it was bottled and the person it was made by.
The huge popularity of silver tequilas in the US inspired Beckmann to create a clear tequila from carefully selected aged tequilas which did not compromise on quality or flavour. The result is unique, luxurious clear tequila with the complexity of an aged cognac and the crispness of luxury vodkas.
The aroma shows subtle, baked agave with a slight sweetness mixed with earthy aspects. The palate is full bodied and extremely smooth with complex and striking oak, vanilla and butterscotch notes, together with a little herbal spice balanced by the agave sweetness. It finishes swiftly with sweet honey and with a little more of a spicy snap.

The phrase 'the first-ever diamond tequila' is used to describe the similarities between the precious stone and this tequila. It goes that the four C's can be used to describe the Clarity, Complexity, Crispness and Craftsmanship of the spirit. This is reflected in this extremely fine tequila and is deserving of this recognition.

The 'clarity' of the tequila is due to a special filtering system which rids the spirit of its by-products of fermentation, including the colour typical of aged tequilas. 'Complexity' refers to the three traditionally aged tequilas in the blend and 'crispness' to the quality which is attributed to the hand-selected agave plants. The 'Craftsmanship' is recognition to the Tequila Maestros who are behind each small batch of the tequila produced.
Strength 40%
Spirit Type Tequila
Spirit Style Blanco Tequila

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