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Green Mark Vodka 40% 70cl

Green Mark Vodka 40% 70cl

Key Info

Type Vodka
Strength 40%

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Green Mark Vodka is prepared exclusively from natural ingredients. It is made using stream technology, enabling production to be fully automated while eliminating human interference. An advanced process of rectification gives the vodka its singularly mild taste. The vodka has a special cork and a unique way of bottle-corking. Resembling a traditional early 20th century closure. This unique, patented sealing technology, known as Cap, gives the bottle enhanced stand-out on shelf. Its packaging is also distinguishable by its classic neck hanger, label and the new, modern design of 3 wheat ears moulded in the bottle glass.

Green Mark is the no. 1 vodka in Russia and the fourth vodka in the world in terms of sales volume.

The Green Mark vodka was the first one in Russia to introduce an individual, serial number for each bottle made, thus protecting this products uniqueness and safety.

It has numerous quality attestations of the quality by the highest quality authority in Russia.