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  • Junipero Gin 49.3% vol 70cl
    The Anchor Distilling Company, established in 1993, is dedicated to creating very small batches of traditionally distilled spirits of many types and styles.

    Junipero Gin is flavoured with more than a dozen botanicals by redistilling neutral spirit in a small copper pot still. The Junipero carries a rich fruity palate, with citrus interaction followed by juniper, coriander and liquorice freshness, rooty hints, and a burst of citrus zest in the finish.

    Voted No.1 Tasting Gin in a blind tasting forum hosted for the Imbibe Club Elite Awards, Imbibe Magazine - Leading UK Trade Publication. Awarded Double Gold Medal - San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2004. Master Award winner in the super-premium category of the Gin Masters held by The Drinks Business Magazine.
  • Zuidam Dutch Courage Dry Gin 44.5% 70cl
    The first gins were produced in Holland in the 1600s. Zuidam Dry Gin, steeped in the tradition of the family distilling in Holland produces a world class, exceptionally high quality, small batch gin. The botanicals, spices and herbs used are alll natural ingredients ; juniper berries, and iris root from Italy,coriander from Morocco, angelica root, fresh sweet oranges & lemons from Spain and real vanilla from Madagascar, liquorice root from India and Cardamon pods from Ceylon.
  • Van Wees Jonge Geneva 35% 50cl
    This geneva is a mixture of grain alcohol, pure malt wine and distilled malt wines.

    It's their simplest geneva, but compared to other Dutch geneva, this is already a very high quality geneva.

    Smooth, tasty with the obvious taste of Juniperberry.

    Established in 1782, A.van Wees distillery de Ooievaar claims to be the last authentic distillery left in Amsterdam, producing a range of Old Dutch genevers, bitters and liqueurs. Their products are creative compositions made from pure natural raw materials. The key to their recipes are the combinations of fruits, flowers, plants, roots and seeds, the use and knowledge of which has been passed down through the generations. The production techniques and ingredients are second to none.They buy in seven different types of malt-wine which are used in their genevers in differing proportions depending on the style to be achieved. Van Wees are probably the only company in the world to commercially distil rose petals, an incredibly time consuming process, but resulting in an exceptionally fine rose liqueur.

    Today Fenny van Wees runs the business with a small loyal crew, preserving a once worldwide famous Dutch cultural inheritance for quality and authenticity in distillation. A distinguished heritage, close association with the production process and an intense passion for her profession ensure some very special products.
  • Boe Superior Gin 41.5% 70cl
    Franz de la Boes gin recipe has been the inspiration for Boe Superior Gin, now produced in the historic Scottish village of Doune using a unique blend of 13 hand-picked botanicals that include Wild Cassia Bark from the Isle of Skye.

    Boe is produced using one of the worlds very rare Carterhead Stills in an intricate process called vapour-infusion. The technique blends the essence of all our botanicals with the grain spirit while it is vaporised. This way the distillation process avoids overheating the botanicals and gently enhances and preserves the flavours of their aromatic oils.
  • Aviation Gin 42% 70cl
    Aviation Gin was born from an idea by Ryan Magarian of Liquid relation and two friends in the States. In June of 2006, after nearly 30 rounds of trials and adjustments, their vision became reality when the trio felt they had finally captured the essence of their obsession, and Aviation Gin was unleashed upon discriminating imbibers worldwide, resulting in what many believe to be the first brand partnership between distiller and bartender in American History.
    In no uncertain terms, gin is little more than a complex vodka infusion. Any number of botanicals including, specifically and notably, juniper, are used to flavor neutral spirit at which point a gin is given the breathe of life. From our perspective, making a truly delicious gin, requires a dedication to finding a delicate balance between each individual botanical in the blend. In creating Aviation Gin, Lee, Christian, and Ryan worked feverishly to put together a precise set of botanicals they felt would best come together to mark the spirit as a definitively Northwest product.

    Long prized for its restorative properties, Juniper is a member of the Cypress Family and its berry, which illicits flavors of pine, menthol, and camphor, is the backbone of all gins and defines the category

    Elletaria Cardamom
    A distant relative of ginger, elletaria or green cardamom pods, emit notes of citrus, forest, and ginger.

    A flowering plant within the mint genus, Lavenders unmistakably sweet floral notes and mellowing aroma, is the first note many imbibers pick up on their first experience with Aviation Gin.

    Indian Sarsaparilla
    Beyond giving Aviation a complex and mildly sweet mid-palate, Indian Sarsaparilla has long been thought to purify the blood and revitalize the senses.

    Traditional in dry gin since its inception in the early 19th Century, Coriander seeds are believed to contain anxiolytic properties and offer up aromatic tones of citrus, sage and ginger.

    Anise Seed
    A Mediterranean spice which gives Aviation subtle notes of Licorice.

    Dried Sweet Orange Peel
    All but one dry gin made today, contain citrus elements which offer obvious flavor notes, brightness, structure, and zip.
  • Sipsmith London Cup 29% 70cl
    Sipsmith London Fruit cup is made using their very fine gin as the base and blending it with summer fruits and earl grey tea, lemon verbana and cucumber. Aromatic yet dry, its perfect with a mixer in the sun.
  • Leopolds small Batch Gin Batch No. 10-24 40% 70cl
    Handcrafted, hand bottled, hand labeled, and hand numbered, this small batch gin is truly unique. First, it is an American Gin. Master Distiller Todd Leopold handcrafts every batch in a small 40-gallon copper still, blending uniquely American botanicals like hand-zested Florida Oranges and California Pummelos. These components lend citrus notes to the gin, and help distinguish American gins from their English counterparts.

    Second, we distill all of our botanicals in fractions, meaning that we distill each component of our gin separately and then blend them together to create the finished spirit. Unlike mass-produced gins where the flavors can appear to be muddled together, and stronger spices such as juniper can overpower the balance of the gin, distilling in fractions allows each individual note to be highlighted. The result is a softer, more refined, and more approachable spirit.

    Finally, we craft our gin in small batches, rather than in a continuous still. Thus while there is marked consistency from batch to batch, each has its own unique signature - much like fine wine. Each handcrafted batch is unique, yielding only fifty cases of an exceptionally complex yet subtle spirit which both those new to American Gin and the connoisseur will appreciate.
  • Beefeater 24 Gin 45% 70cl
    The 12 natural ingredients of Beefeater 24 are sourced from around the world. Hand-prepared grapefruit and Seville orange peel add a tangy note to the aromatic influence of Japanese and Chinese teas.
    Under the watchful eye of Desmond Payne, one of the worlds most experience gin master distiller, the botanicals are steeped in the finest grain spirit for a full 24 hours. Then, uniquely, during the seven-hour distillation that follows, the master distiller takes an Artisan Cut by hand of the finest spirit fright from the very heart of the run. This ensures a more citrussy, softer, contemporary style of gin.

    Beefeater 24 is bottles at hight strength (45% ABV), making it long on taste and fragrantly upbeat.

    The 12 natural ingredients are Japanese Sencha tea, Chinese green Tea, Seville orange peel, grapefruit peel, lemon peel, juniper, coriander seed, liquorice, angelica root, angelica seed, almond and orris root.
  • Haymans Old Tom Gin 40% 70cl
    The British spirits company, Hayman Distillers, has dusted off an old family recipe for Old Tom, and the vintage gin is now being brought on the UK Market.

    The name "Old Tom Gin" purportedly came from wooden plaques shaped like a black cat (an "Old Tom") mounted on the outside wall of some pubs above a public walkway in the 1700s England. After a pedestrian deposited a penny in the cat's mouth, they would place their lips around a small tube between the cat's paws. From the tube would come a shot of Gin, poured by the bartender inside the pub.

    Hayman Distillers is the longest serving family owned gin distiller in England today. Hayman's Old Tom Gin is made under the careful supervision of their Chairman, Christopher Hayman. Hayman's Old Tom Gin is a botanically-intensive and lightly sweetened style of gin that consequently delivers a balanced and mild undertone which results in a subtle and distinctive gin experience.

    The re-introduction of Hayman's Old Tom Gin came at the request of the London Cocktail community, interested as having a full range of gins as specified in the recipes of so many classic gin based cocktails. The creation of the Old Tom Gin is bringing back The Tom Collins, The Martinez and many more old classic favorites .

    Haymans Old Tom Gin has a botanically-intensive, sweet, lightly-fruity nose, with aromas of sweet digestive biscuit, almond and creamy lemon-citrus. Hints of ginger, dark chocolate, and sweet, spiced coffee, with a light herbal-spiciness from juniper and coriander, give a more rounded fragrance.

    A rich, soft, round mouth feel, yielding to a sweet, medium body of candied ginger, orange peel and lemon zest, with accents of violets, rose-water and anise, provide the nicely-balanced, traditional flavour of this lightly-sweetened gin style.

    :The finish is a delicate, spiced-cake note with a touch of honey-icing. After an initial sweet, confectionery taste, hints of citrus and juniper spiciness supply a lovely, smooth taste.

    Hayman's Old Tom Gin, Distilled from 100% Grain. 40% alcohol by volume. Distilled and bottled in the United Kingdom.
  • Haymans London Dry Gin 40% 70cl
    Hayman's London Dry Gin is the culmination of Christopher Hayman's 40 years involvement in the distillation of Gin. A premium classic style of London Dry Gin created by Hayman Distillers who are the oldest Gin distilling family in the UK. Christopher Hayman inherited his passion for Gin distilling from his Great Grandfather James Burrough who created Beefeater Gin in the 1800s. Christopher controlled the distillation of Beefeater Gin for 20 years. He is one of the most experienced 'Gin Masters' in the trade having been involved in the recipes and distillations of many Gins over the years.

    Hayman's London Dry Gin reflect Christopher's belief that the traditional style of Gin is still the finest example of London Dry Gin which is designed to be used with the traditional and contemporary Gin drinks.

    Natural botanicals are hand picked from all over the world and added to pure grain spirit to create a unique, full flavoured Gin. Ten botanicals are essential in creating the fresh crisp elegant flavour of Hayman's London Dry Gin. Christopher believes it is the careful and consistent balance of Juniper, Coriander, Orange and Lemon peel which is vital in crafting a classic style of London Dry Gin.

    Christopher believes Premium Gin should be created in a traditional Pot Still rather than the more commonly used Column still used by major brands. This allows the flavours of the carefully selected botanicals to develop to their full potential. The Pot Still ensures that the Master Distiller can personally handcraft a uniquely flavoured premium Gin with great care and attention.

    The steeping of the botanicals is an important process and the botanicals are steeped in the still for 24 hours which is key in creating a perfectly balanced Gin. The mix of botanicals is placed at the base of the Pot Still and left to steep on the pure triple distilled grain spirit which is the first part of the infusion process.

    After steeping, the Gin undergoes a distillation process. During the distillation process, the stills are heated at a gentle temperature as each botanical releases its flavour at a different stage of the process.

    The result is a premium London Dry Gin of consistently exceptional quality.
  • Williams Great Extra Dry British Gin Chase 40% 70cl
    Gin starts out life as a vodka, so what better place to start with than Chase's award winning vodka. This Potato based gin is made using 10 of the finest botanicals to ensure the driest gin possible (as well as Juniper Berries they have also used Juniper Buds). A very well balanced gin is it sure to be a hit.
  • Fifty Pound Gin 43.5% 70cl
    Fifty pound Gin is a stikingly smooth small batch, London dry gin. Fifty Pounds Gin is produced in a small and legendary distillery located in the south-east of London, with a tradition of more than two centuries behind it. The method is carried out in a still manufactured by the legendary John Dore & Co Limited, in which a perfectly balanced, secret combination of herbs, spices, fruits and flowers, together with grain spirit (a neutral alcohol, previously distilled four times to achieve a greater purity) is distilled.
    The distiller, Master of the Worshipful Company of Distillers, has made use of the process used centuries ago, known as Batch Process Distillation, which is the purest and most efficient way of obtaining the finest gin spirit.

    This is a delicate and painstaking process, involving the Master Distiller throwing away both the heads and tails of the distillate, selecting only the heart, right at the point when the taste and alcohol content are optimum. Then the spirit is thrice filtered, reducing any further impurities and achieving optimum smoothness.

    The resulting distillate is left to settle for no less than three weeks, thus allowing the botanicals essentials oils to blend perfectly with the grain spirit.

    The final step towards achieving the precious gin is to balance the distillate obtained with the same type of neutral alcohol, together with demineralised water, to achieve the perfect balance and alcohol content.

    The resulting bottle-ready gin has an alcohol content of 43.5% the ideal percentage for drinking whether neat, with tonic, or in a dry martini. A higher alcohol content risks distorting the combinations and a lower percentage would rob the combinations of character.

    Only in this way is the unique & complex personality of Fifty Pounds achieved.
  • Gordons Crisp Cucumber Gin 37.5% 70cl
    Gordons Crisp Cucumber Gin contains the original London Dry gin with the addition of cucumber flavouring to deliver a refreshing and invigorating flavour. Drink with tonic and slices of lemon and cucumber.
  • Haymans Sloe Gin 26% 70cl
    Haymans Sloe Gin is a traditional English liqueur made to a long standing family recipe that had previously only been available for private use. Carefully selected wild English grown sloe berries are gently steeped for several months with Haymans Gin before being blended with natural sugar creating a rich ruby red liqueur with smooth and intense bitter sweet fruit flavours.
    Sloe Berries, a type of wild plum, are the fruit of the blackthorn tree which is native to Europe and traditionally harvested in the autumn ideally after the first frosts.
    Sloe Gin was a popular drink alongside other fruit gins from the 19th century onwards. Traditionally sipped as a digestif and as a winter warmer at outside sporting events, today it is still enjoyed on its own, over
    ice or as a long drink. It was also an important ingredient in the first cocktail era of the late 19th and early 20th century. Listed as a requisite bar item in Harry Johnsons Bartenders Manual of 1882, it was also used in classic cocktails such as Sloe Gin Fizz and The Blackthorne.
    Christopher Hayman commented We are delighted to be launching Haymans Sloe Gin to add to our Haymans Gin portfolio. I have been making Sloe Gin at home for many years and it has always been our intention to add this wonderful drink to our portfolio. Sloe Gin has many followers and is considered a truly traditional English drink which appeals to all ages in either cocktails or simply served on its own.
  • Sloanes Dry Gin 40% 70cl
    Sloanes London style dry gin is an exceptionally smooth, premium quality award-winning gin with an exquisite balance of flavours unmatched by any other.This exceptional balance, considered unique in gin, is achieved through distilling each of the 9 botanicals individually before each distillate is carefully and meticulously crafted together by our master distiller and blender to achieve the perfect gin. And, uniquely our master distiller insists on using whole fresh botanicals (particularly the oranges and lemons) and not dried to ensure the most natural fruit flavours are captured.

    :In the prestigious San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2011 Sloane's Premium Dry Gin was not only awarded a Double Gold Medal but received the 2 highest awards World's Best White Spirit and World's Best Gin! And this was on top of having been awarded a Silver Medal and 'Best in Class' at the International Wine and Spirit Competition 2010.
  • Old English Gin 44% vol Hammer & Son Ltd 70cl
    This Old English Gin is made from a 1783 recipe, distilling eleven botanicals in Angela, the oldest pot still being used in England today. And by using recycled bottles, organic sealing and silk printed labels, all as they did back in 1783, we are reinvigorating the way English Gin was made and distributed back then.

    So to taste a cocktail as it was intended, you need a Gin that hasn't changed. Old English Gin is how it was: Truly original!
  • Few American Gin 40% 75cl
    American style Gin with notes of lemon peel and vanilla backed by the silky grain spirit. It then devolopes into more Juniper flavours, luxurious and smooth. A new kind of gin..
  • Perrys Tot Navy Strength Gin New York Distilling Company 57% 75cl
    This original Navy Strength Gin at 57% ABV is the historical proof at which gunpowder might still be fired should it unfortunately be soaked by spilled spirit. Tot, a British measurement for alcohol, gives a nod to Navy Strengths roots. Aromatic and smooth, Perrys is ideal for the gin aficionado. .
  • St George Terroir Gin 45%
    St George Terrior is very unique and the style of gin takes you to the place of its birth. It's earthy with Douglas fir, California bay laurel, coastal sage, and other evocative botanicals. Sip it and be transported to California..
  • Filliers Dry Gin 28 46% 50cl
    Filliers Dry Gin 28 is a a unique gin infused and distilled with 28 botanicals made from a recipe first created in 1888 by the Filliers family in Belgium. Created in small batches, it delivers a smooth gin which is beyond compare..
  • Gordons with a spot of Eldeflower 37.5% 70cl
    Gordons new gin flavour for this year is Elderflower, following on from last years cucumber flavouring. Crisp dry Gordons gin with the subtle sweet notes of elderflower, to produce a summer classic. The perfect pour would be to mix with cloudy apple jiuce, a slice of lemon and lots of ice, but equally good with tonic water.
  • Ish Limed Gin 40% 70cl
    Adding to the very popular Ish Gin recipe, Ish Limed adds a burst of citus lime flavour to produce a juniper lead gin but with pronounced lime oils on the palate. Ideal as a G&T or in your favourite cocktails.
  • Bombay London Dry Gin 40% 70cl
    Bombay London Dry gin is based on a recipe from 1761 and is made with a unique vapour infusion. Instead of boiling the botanicals in the spirit like most gins, the 8 botanicals are placed in a copper basket where the vapours of the spirit delicately pass through infusing the spirit with the aromatic flavours. To produce a gin with full flavour, smooth and delicate.
  • Burleighs London Dry 40%
    Burleighs is a Classic London Dry Gin infused with 11 botanicals including silver birch, dandelion, burdock, elderberry and iris. The nose is fresh and crisp with eucalyptus and citrus notes. The taste is bifg and bold, with dry juniper, pine and citrus flavours. In the background and finish spicier notes, floral violets and a peppery finish.
  • Cream Gin 43.8% 70cl
    So called after the Gin Places in Drury lane where they served cream gin to there electic clientele. This gin has been made by macerating gin with cream before distilling it in a vacum still. The result is a creamy smooth gin with pronounced vanilla and soft mouthfeel. Clear in colour.
  • Warner Edwards Harrington Dry Gin 44% 70cl
    Warner Edwards was set up by two friends Tom Warner and Sion Edwards in Nothamptonshire in 2012. The goal was to make the Worlds best artisan gin, using a unique 500 litre Arnold Holstein still
    which produces a very smooth spirit and spring water from their farm. Having won several awards last year, their hard work was rewarded this year with a double Gold Medal at the San Francisco Spirits Awards 2014 and voted one of the top gins in the World. The use a secret recipe of 11 botanicals and bottle at 44% vol.
  • Bathtub Navy Strength Gin 57% 70cl
    This is the Stonger version of Bathtub gin by Professor Cornelius Ampleforth. Strong in ABC. but also a fuller flavour of the botanicals. Named Navy Strength as this was the strength that if it every got splash onto gun powder it would still ignite!
  • Pickerings Navy Strength Gin 57% 70cl
    Pickering Gin is made at the first Gin Distillery in to be establish in Edinburgh for over 150 years. Based on a secret recipe from hidden since 1947 it contains 9 botanicals Juniper, Cardamon, Angelica, Fennel, Anise, Lemon, Lime and cloves. The smooth gin is produced by their 500 litre copper still 'Gert' with a unique heating system which provides a gentle all over simmer to coax out the flavours from the botanicals. Each Bottle has a replica Bearskin hat.
  • Dorothy Parker American Gin 44% 70cl
    Dorothy Parker is a New Yorker at heat just like this gin which is made at the New York Distilling company. A classic blend containing Juniper and elderberries, citrus, cinnamon and hibiscus. Fabulous in a g&t, Martini, Gin Daisy or all other Gin based Cocktails. A quote from this gins name sake, Dorothy Parker. " I like to drink a martini, two at the very most. After three I'm under the table, After four I'm under the host"
  • Strane London Dry Navy Stregth 57.1% 50cl
    Different in style to the Merchants Strength gin from Smogen distillery, the Navy strength (so called as 57% was the strength needed for gunpowder to ignite if soaked by gin!) has a olier textures which is more citrus lead, but still showing juniper and coriander notes.

  • Strane London Dry Gin Merchants Strength 47.4% 50cl
    Strane London Dry Gin is made by Swedish Distillery Smogen in small batches in a 100litre pot still. Made using 12 botanicals which produce three styles of gin; Juniper, Citrus and herbal in 45 litre batches. Thse are then blended to produce the three stryles of gin that the distillery make. The merchants strength, which is their entry level shows the incredibly smooth spirit which is produced in their copper pot still. The flavours are led by juniper, coriander seeeds and herbal notes and a hint of mint.

  • Twisted Nose Winchester Dry Gin 40% 70cl

    Twisted Nose Winchester Gin takes its name from its most unusual botanical, namely watercress. The latin name for watercress is Nasturtium which translates to 'Twisted Nose'. We would imagine this was a literal description of the peppery nature of watercress when inhaled. In addition to this, Twisted Nose makes use of nine other botanicals which are distilled with the finest grain spirit in traditional copper alquitar stills; these stills were invented by the Moors and have been in use for hundereds of years. 

    If you hadn't guessed by the name, Twisted Nose is made in Winchester, an area that has been growing watercress since the 18th century. The distillery operate a truly small batch operation, concentrating on the quality of ingredients as opposed to churning out thousands of mass produced gins. To this end, each batch only consists of fifty bottles with every process being undertaken by human hands. They ensure that only the heart of the distilate is used and discard the head and tail which are not as pure or as tasty.

    On the palate you are get pine from the juniper first and foremost, smoothly transitioning into citrus and spicy notes. A long finish is your reward with strong citrus flavours.

    On drinking, pine notes of Juniper emerge first followed by fresh citrus and deeper spice tones. A sparkle of peppery watercress appears next as the spicy oils build on the tongue, awakening your senses to the more subtle flavours of the remaining botanicals. The finish is long and satisfying with fresh citrus lingering until the following mouthful. Serve with a good tonic and twist of pink grapefruit for the perfect gin and tonic.

  • Daffys Small Batch Premium Gin 43.4% 70cl
    Daffys is a premium gin made in small batches using a copper pot. Their unique ingredient is Lebanese mint along with Juniper, Coriander, Angelica Root, Lemon Peel, Cassia Bark Orris Root and orange peel. Bottled at 43.4% vol which they think is the ideal strength, any stronger and alcohol starts to mask some of the botanicals, very precise! The nose is fresh with pine and spice. On the palate the spirit is very smooth with spice, citrus and the Lebanese mint all wrapped around the juniper notes. The finish is long and elegant with Juniper and Lebanese mint. Each bottle is individually numbered.
  • Haymans Family Reserve Gin 41.3% 70cl
    Made to a style which was once sold in the Gin palaces of London. Haymans Family Reserve has been rested in whisky barrles for 3 weeks,, which was once the norm as gin was sold from old whisky barrels up until the 1860s. A dry gin, with soft peppery spices notes and long citrus finish.
  • Edinburgh Gin 43% 70cl
    Edinburgh Gin is a classic juniper lead gin with a twist of citrus notes. It is made a in copper pot still called Flora from 8 botanicals including Scottish Juniper, heather, pine and milk thistle. Very clean with citrus and juniper notes it makes a fantastic classic G&T served with a slice of orange peel or try it in your favourite cocktails.

  • Colombo London Dry Gin 43.1% 70cl
    Based on an 70 years old recipe which was created in ceylon by a young asian distiller during the war using botanicals which could be easily sourced locally from Colombos cinnamon gardens. This is a London Dry Gin which contains Juniper, Coriander seeds, Angelica, liquorice root, cinnamon bark, curry leaves and ginger root. This creates a unqiue gin with a distinctive taste of juniper with subtle spices, complex and balanced in perfect harmony.

  • Edinburgh Gin Elderflower Liqueur 20% 50cl
    This is the perfect summer liqueur, fresh aromatic elderflowers are infused with Edinburgh gin to make this delicious liqueur. Perfect with champagne or prosecco ortry with soda water.
  • Arbikie Kirstys Gin 43% 70cl
    Arbikie Gin is made on a family owned estate perched on the East coast of Angus by three brothers John, Iain and David. Distiller Kirsty Black has made this gin using carefully sourced local botanicals. The kelp, carline thistle & blaeberry embody the elements of ocean, rock & land that surround our east coast, Angus farmlands. As fourth generation scottish farmers we perfectly nurture the crops that we use to distil our gin.

    :Fresh and crisp. Evident floral and citrus notes which you pick up straight away.Notes of black pepper, blueberries and rose water. Warm spicy background. Juniper

    :well balanced and rounded. Creamy Notes of black pepper, blueberries,lemon citrus, liquorice, juniper The finish is exceptionally smooth fades slowly reminding the palate of the fantastic balance.
  • Sloe Gin Gabriel Boudier 25% 50cl
    Harvested when the first frosts arrive, wild sloe berries from blackthorn bushes which grow on limestone plateaus are left entirely to macerate in gin previously distilled at Maison Gabriel Boudier. All the aromas and colour of the flesh and the stones of the fruit are solubilised in the gin over a period of 5 weeks. Then a small amount of sugar is added to produce this traditional British liqueur.
  • Martin Millers London Dry Gin 40%
    A gin of super premium quality and authentic character, the delicious, clean taste of Millers reformed london Dry Gin will always refresh and invigorate. Born out of Love, Obsession and A Degree of Madness! Martin Miller's Gin has become one of the world's most loved and awarded gins. Love- Martin's Miller's own love affair with gin from the ages and its unrivalled history. He wanted to create a product which was a tribute to this. A modern classic.

    Obsession- Martin's Miller's obsession to use a traditional English method of distillation and the finest palette of botanicals. Using a 100 copper pot still called Angela and the highest quality botanicals sourced from around the globe, he could achieve this.

    Madness- Martin Miller's degree of madness to marry the raw gin spirit with Icelandic spring water- one of the purest sources of water in the world! Martin Miller's are the only gin maker to use what Icelanders call 'live water', that is, fresh spring water straight from the source. It is this that gives the gin it's unique mouth feel and ordered delivery of flavours and aromas.

    Martin Miller's goal was to not re-invent gin, but instead show people how wonderful gin can be when no expense is spared and no compromises are made "so good, it can be drunk neat!"

    So after all the effort of selecting the best botanicals from around the world, Rob the master distiller sweating blood and tears to get the recipe correct and then a 1,500 mile journey to Iceland, how does it taste? Smooth and delicate, with long lasting citrus notes that are neither too bitter nor sweet, coupled with Juniper notes punching through whilst not overpowering, climaxing in a soft, clean finish.
  • Bombay Sapphire Gin 40% 70cl
    A grain spirit based London Gin, distilled in modified carterhead stills. Flavour was drawn from the botanicals with spirit vapour rather than by boiling, producing fine flavour. Bombay use a careful blend of 10 botanical (Italian juniper, Moroccan coriander, Saxonian angelica, Spanish orange peel, Italian orris, Chinese liquorice root, Spanish almonds, cassia bark, Javanese cubeb berries and African grains of paradise). The spirit was bottled at 40% abv.
  • Mombassa Club Gin 41.5% 70cl
    This gin has taken its named from a gin produced in England which was exported to British protectorate of Zanzibar, near Kenya for the consumption of titles and English workers in the British Africa Empire. Over 50 recipes were tasted before the final selection was chosen for Mombasa Club Gin. It contains botanicals such as cloves and cumin. Try garnishing with a slice of Ginger.
  • Blackwoods Vintage Dry Gin 60% vol 2012

    Blackwoods Vintage Dry Gin was created with professional mixologists in mind, hence its hefty ABV of 60%. The strength of this super smooth gin was also influenced by the location of the Shetland Isles where Blackwoods is made, which sits on the 60 ° north line of latitude. Every batch of this gin is ever so subtly different dependent on the availability of the hand picked botanicals that grow wild on the island.

    The batches of this highly sought after gin are always small as befits the rugged nature of the islands; only 400 species of plants can thrive here in the windy and often wet conditions of this coastal paradise. The untamed beauty of this place combines with ancient distillation methods that have been practiced in Scotland for many centuries.

    Blackwoods Vintage Gin has a strong citrus nose with subtle floral notes. The floral character comes to the fore on the palate and winds up with an exceptionally smooth finish.

  • Thomas Dakin Gin 42% 70cl
    Named after 18 century gin Pioneer Thomas Dakin who began to produce gin in 1761 with the aim to raise the quality and stigma around "mothers ruin" which was drunk by the masses. His distillery later became known as G&J Grenall's , he also created the recipe for Bombay Sapphire. This new recipe has been expertly created by head distiller Joanne Moore from a secrtet recipe which contains 11 botanicals including juniper, orange peel, and english coriander. The gin is pacakaged in a replica of the bottles in circulation in the 18th century.

  • Gold 999.9 Finest Blend Gin 40% 70cl
    Taking its name from the Gold pot still in which this gin has been created this triple distilled. Using tangerine, almonds, ginger, violet flowers, coriander, angelica root, cassia bark, gentian violet, poppy and vanilla.

    Gold is a complex gin with resinous juniper, citrus fruits and floral notes on the nose with spice and balsamic notes. A delicate hint of juniper in the bottom through which tangerine and fresh flowers notes emerge powerfully to balance a nice end of almonds and vanilla, thus making Gold an authentic adventure for the most expert and curious palates.
  • Nginious Summer Gin 42% 50cl
    For the summer edition of nginious! an entirely new recipe was composed. Apart from juniper and blueberries it consists of peach, jasmine blossoms, fresh sweet limes, white pepper and rhubarb. It is easy to guess that fruity-floral notes dominate. The summer gin is a little lighter than our nginious! Swiss Blended Gin, with a clearly more feminine orientation. This gin is distinguished by the well-known freshness.

    Similar to the nginious! Swiss Blended Gin the ingredients are distilled in groups of maximally 100 litres and blended only at the end. This way the aromas can be matched perfectly. The nginious! Summer Gin is produced only once a year.
  • Staffords Gin 42% 70cl
    This new Gin made with Cornish spirit produced from Cornish potatoes is named after their great, great, grandfather Stafford Matthew Dustow who bought the farm back in 1904. Made by infusing their potato vodka with an array of botanicals, foraged from both on the farm and from around the world. Delicately balanced with Cornish lemon balm, rosemary and bay leaves combined with juniper, coriander, orange peel, lime Macadamia and Almond. Sweet and herbaceous nose with a refreshing citrusy taste.
  • Sacred Gin Juniper 43.8% 70cl
    This is a juniper dominate Gin with for those that love the fresh and intense flavour of juniper and then some!
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