Sloe Gin

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  • Haymans Sloe Gin 26% 70cl
    Haymans Sloe Gin is a traditional English liqueur made to a long standing family recipe that had previously only been available for private use. Carefully selected wild English grown sloe berries are gently steeped for several months with Haymans Gin before being blended with natural sugar creating a rich ruby red liqueur with smooth and intense bitter sweet fruit flavours.
    Sloe Berries, a type of wild plum, are the fruit of the blackthorn tree which is native to Europe and traditionally harvested in the autumn ideally after the first frosts.
    Sloe Gin was a popular drink alongside other fruit gins from the 19th century onwards. Traditionally sipped as a digestif and as a winter warmer at outside sporting events, today it is still enjoyed on its own, over
    ice or as a long drink. It was also an important ingredient in the first cocktail era of the late 19th and early 20th century. Listed as a requisite bar item in Harry Johnsons Bartenders Manual of 1882, it was also used in classic cocktails such as Sloe Gin Fizz and The Blackthorne.
    Christopher Hayman commented We are delighted to be launching Haymans Sloe Gin to add to our Haymans Gin portfolio. I have been making Sloe Gin at home for many years and it has always been our intention to add this wonderful drink to our portfolio. Sloe Gin has many followers and is considered a truly traditional English drink which appeals to all ages in either cocktails or simply served on its own.
  • Two Birds Sloe Gin 26% 70cl
    Bursting with juicy sloe berry fruit with well balanced sweetness tartness. Made with two birds award winning gin.
  • Pickerings Sloe Gin 30% 35cl
    Made in small batches this sells out very quickly. Rested over sloes for 15 months which gives it the right amount of rich sweetness to compliment the dry spiciness of the Pickering gin
  • Masons Slow Distilled sloe Gin 42% 70cl
    This is a new take on sloe gin, rather than sloe berries being steeped in gin with sugar, Masons distil the berries to give a unique taste.It has a lovely juniper & citrusy hit to the pallet followed by the lingering dryness of the sloes, best garnish with berries such as blackberry, blueberry etc.
  • The Wrecking Coast Sloe Gin Cornish Honey 34.5% 35cl
    The Wrecking Coast Distillery is the first of the multitude of Cornish gin makers to release a Cornish Sloe gin. Contains Cornish honey and locally picked sloes.
  • Monkey 47 Schwartzland Sloe Gin
    Produced in the Black Forest, Germany. Because it is produced in batches of only 3000, it is incredibly difficult to get hold of so we recommend grabbing some while you can! It's distinctive bottling is reminiscent of old apothecary bottles with a cork bottle stop. Sloe Gin is a peppery spirit which is aromatic and fruity on the nose with a strong hint of juniper. The juniper is also apparent on the palate as is red berries which leads to a slightly nutty finish.
  • Sloe Gin Gabriel Boudier 25% 50cl
    Harvested when the first frosts arrive, wild sloe berries from blackthorn bushes which grow on limestone plateaus are left entirely to macerate in gin previously distilled at Maison Gabriel Boudier. All the aromas and colour of the flesh and the stones of the fruit are solubilised in the gin over a period of 5 weeks. Then a small amount of sugar is added to produce this traditional British liqueur.
  • City of London Sloe Gin 28% 70cl

    City of London Sloe Gin is rich in colour, rich in taste and made with London dry gin steeped for many months with blackthorn berries.

    Aroma: Ripe, blueberry and sloe berries with floral and pine gin aromas.
    Appearance: Deep, rich berry red
    Taste: Wonderfully fruity with sloe and blueberry flavours. Well-judged sugar with cleaning cracked black pepper, pine and other underlying classic London dry gin flavours.
    Aftertaste: Sloe berry, pine and assertive cracked black pepper spice linger in the long finish.

  • Plymouth Sloe Gin 26% 70cl
    New presentaion for Plymouth Slow Gin a classic English liqueur, made by steeping the finest sloe berries in high strength Plymouth Gin and soft Dartmoor water. The result is a smooth liqueur taste with sweet and bitter fruit flavours and a hint of almond. It is rich red in colour and is perfect as an after dinner drink.
  • Warner Edwards Harrington Sloe Gin 30% 70cl
    The wonderful perfumed nose of Wild sloes sourced from the hedgerows of England and Wales, have been infused with the award winning Warner Edwards gin to produce a very moreish sloe gin of class and elegance.
  • Chase Sloe & Mulberry Gin 50cl
    Williams Chases Excellent Slow and Mulberry gin is made in limited quantities. It has ripe redcurrants and cherry notes with underlying stone fruit and almonds. The palate is rich and warm with sweet cassis plummy sloe flavours with full sweet body. Probably one of the finest sloe gins on the market today.
  • Gordons Sloe Gin 26% 70cl
    Gordons Sloe gin has been made by macerating wild sloe berries in glass-lined vessels before adding Gordon's Gin. Over a period of several weeks, the distinctive colour and flavour of the sloes gradually mixes with that of the ginReally rich and sweet which is very easy to drink.
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