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Sloe Gin

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  • Constantine Damson Gin with Vanilla & Almond 25% 50cl
    We are proud to announce this delicious collaboration with our friends at Pocketful Of Stones Distillery. These guys produce the Cornish Caspyn Dry,
  • Elephant Sloe Gin 35% 50cl
    Elephant Gin have combined their award-winning Elephant London Dry Gin with the classic flavour of fresh sloe berries. Macerate in the gin for several months, these wild berries add a richly rounded, lightly sweet and exquisitely fruity bouquet as well as a typical warm red colour to the ...
  • Ansom Damson Gin Pocketful of Stones 70cl
    Ansom Damson Gin, it is what it states on the label - it is damn 'Ansom! The seasonal damson gin from Pocketful of Stones is made using locally sourced and hand picked damsons from around Cornwall. made with star anise, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and orange this is sure to set of nostalgic season...
  • Pocketful of Stones Distillery Gift Set 4x5cl
    This delightful little gift set contains 4 bottles of 5cl samples of some of the offerings from the Cornish Distiller, Pocketful of Stones. This set contains:
  • Plymouth Sloe Gin 26% 70cl
    New presentaion for Plymouth Slow Gin a classic English liqueur, made by steeping the finest sloe berries in high strength Plymouth Gin and soft Dartmoor water. The result is a smooth liqueur taste with sweet and bitter fruit flavours and a hint of almond. It is rich red in colour and is perfect...
  • Monkey 47 Schwartzland Sloe Gin
    Produced in the Black Forest, Germany. Because it is produced in batches of only 3000, it is incredibly difficult to get hold of so we recommend grabbing some while you can! It's distinctive bottling is reminiscent of old apothecary bottles with a cork bottle stop. Sloe Gin is a peppery spirit wh...
  • Chase Oak Aged Sloe & Mulberry Gin 50cl
    Williams Chases Excellent Slow and Mulberry gin is made in limited quantities. It has ripe redcurrants and cherry notes with underlying stone fruit and almonds. The palate is rich and warm with sweet cassis plummy sloe flavours with full sweet body. Probably one of the finest sloe gins on the mar...
  • Two Birds Sloe Gin 26% 70cl
    How quintessentially English, Sloe Gin. Bursting with juicy sloe berry fruit with well balanced sweetness tartness. This is made using the best hand picked hedgerow sloes which they then infuse with their multi award winning London Dry Gin to get the right balance of sweetness and syrupy-ness....
  • Pickerings Sloe Gin 29% 50cl
    Sloe gin is a popular Gin derivative and Pickering's has made theirs after steeping sloes in their gin for 12 months. Smooth and slightly spicy with red cherries and toasted almonds it strikes a wonderful balanced between sweet juicy red fruits and the tartness you get from the sloes. Try neat or...
  • Sipsmith Sloe Gin 2016 29% 50cl
    Sipsmith Sloe Gin is made by resting sloe berries picked in the Autumn in Sipsmith London Dry Gin. The result is a delicious sloe gin that is both complex and full of flavour. The nose provides beautiful scents of almonds and red currants with cherry and cassis on the palate. The finish prov...
  • Haymans Sloe Gin 26% 70cl
    Haymans Sloe Gin is a traditional English liqueur made to a long standing family recipe that had previously only been available for private use. Carefully selected wild English grown sloe berries are gently steeped for several months with Haymans Gin before being blended with natural sugar creati...
  • 6 O clock Damson Gin 26% 70cl
    Damson Gin is hand made in the traditional way, in small batches, using hand picked British damsons. We are often asked whose gin we use and the answer is that we make our own using, amongst other ingredients, juniper, cardamom and coriander.Using Damsons instead of Sloes gives a smoo...
  • Warner Edwards Harrington Sloe Gin 30% 70cl
    The wonderful perfumed nose of Wild sloes sourced from the hedgerows of England and Wales, have been infused with the award winning Warner Edwards gin to produce a very moreish sloe gin of class and elegance.
  • Sloe Gin Gabriel Boudier 25% 50cl
    Harvested when the first frosts arrive, wild sloe berries from blackthorn bushes which grow on limestone plateaus are left entirely to macerate in gin previously distilled at Maison Gabriel Boudier. All the aromas and colour of the flesh and the stones of the fruit are solubilised in the gin over...
  • Warner Edwards Harrington Sloe Gin 30% 20cl
    The wonderful perfumed nose of Wild sloes sourced from the hedgerows of England and Wales, have been infused with the award winning Warner Edwards gin to produce a very moreish sloe gin of class and elegance.
  • Masons Slow Distilled sloe Gin 42% 70cl
    This is a new take on sloe gin, rather than sloe berries being steeped in gin with sugar, Masons distil the berries to give a unique taste.It has a lovely juniper & citrusy hit to the pallet followed by the lingering dryness of the sloes, best garnish with berries such as blackberry, blueber...
  • The Wrecking Coast Sloe Gin Cornish Honey 34.5% 50cl
    The Wrecking Coast Distillery is the first of the multitude of Cornish gin makers to release a Cornish Sloe gin. Contains Cornish honey and locally picked sloes. Cornish Sloes foraged in 2017 were exceptional and are in clear evidence delivering richer red-berry flavours to this...
  • Newlyn Coombe Damson Gin 25% 50cl
    Newlyn Coombe Damson Gin is a new sloe gin from Cornwall being made at the Pocketfull Of Stones Distillery in Newlyn. These are the guys that produce the excellemnt Caspyn Cornish Gin. It's made with damson plums foraged from the Newlyn Coombe river in Penzance, hence th...

Sloe gin is a quintessentially British drink traditionally made by soaking sloes in gin. We have been making sloe gin for centuries and it’s still quite a widespread practice for people to make their own at home. Sloes can be found growing on blackthorn bushes and they taste less than appetising when eaten raw. It’s for this reason that they are not highly cultivated and substitutes are often used in the US, namely with beach plums and Aronia berries.

Fortunately for us Brits, sloes can be found in abundance growing naturally in hedgerows. These are normally picked at the start of November when the sloes have ripened. These are then put into a container along with gin and sugar. The sugar is required to aid in the proper extraction of the sloe’s flavour. This is left to sit in a cool, dark place for three months before the now red coloured liquid is filtered to remove any sediment. There are variations on this process including shortening the sitting time, the addition of spices and sweetening to taste after the sloe gin is decanted.

Sloe gin is a pretty versatile liqueur despite the fact the it was traditionally drunk in the depths of winter here in Blighty; very fitting for us stereotypically dour Brits! It was livened up a bit when it made its way over the pond, with the US market preferring to drink it with soda and citrus flavours.

No matter how you decide to drink it, the only way to ensure you are drinking ‘proper’ sloe gin is to get a British brand like Plymouth Sloe Gin or a good European one such as Herno Sloe Gin from Sweden and Monkey 47 from Germany. There are many imitations out there that use cheaper grain spirit and flavourings as opposed to the time-tested method. Rest assured that we don’t stock any of these woeful imposters.