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  • Zuidam Young Genever 35% 70cl
    This fruity and pleasantly light bodied genever is distilled from a three grain mash. The Mash is made up of equal parts Rye, Corn and Malted Barley. After three distillations the resulting spirit is partially redistilled with juniper, Licorice and aniseed. This results in an unaged, fruity and f...
  • No. 209 Reserve Barrel Cabernet Sauvignon 46% 70cl
    Using their background knowledge of wines the guys at No.209 decided to age its Flagship gin in some wine barrels. Choosing Cabernet Sauvignon barrles from their sister winery Rudd Oakville estate in Napa valley. The gin was aged fro approximately 6 months Gin obtained an elegant copper colour du...
  • Hendricks Enchanters Pack 41.4% 70cl
    Hendricks Enchanters pack has a most helpful measuring device - a copper effect measuring jigger. It also contains a cocktail book to, well, make cocktails
  • The West Winds Gin The Cutlass 50% 70cl
    From the West Winds Gin range, coming to us from gorgeous Australia, is the Cutlass - a 50% ABV tipple perfect for use in cocktails. Not only is it bottled at a higher strength to The Sabre, it also features Australian bush tomatoes and an increased amount of coriander seed in its botanical make-...
  • Skin Gin Reptile Brown 42% 50cl
    The exceptional taste of Skin Gin relies on the choice of seven botanicals: The unique Moroccan Mint; citrus peels of orange, pink grapefruit, lime and lemon; juniper; and Vietnamese coriander. These hand-picked botanicals are individually distilled in a so-called Anisateur in an old copper still...
  • Martin Millers 9 Moons Casked Aged 40% 35cl
    Limited Edition bottling of Martin Millers Gin which has been aged in a single cask bourbon cask and stored in their barrel store in Borgarnes, Iceland. As the climate is cold but dry, the aging process is slower that others parts of the world. This Martin miller gin has been aged for 9 months or...
  • Tiger Premium Gin 40% 70cl
    Tiger Gin is a premium quality gin distilled using pure English water blended with the finest quality botanicals, spices and grain that is carefully selected and sourced each season from the best harvests around the world. It's crafted without compromise in England by artisan maste...
  • Steampunk Pirate Gin 45% 50cl
    Steampunk Pirate Gin is made in Gateshead and is presented in a rather funky bottle with a skull's face on the front. Bottled at an impressive 45% ABV, this will have you walking the planks and swinging from the top sails in no time. The distillery like to call this 'Rascal Strength Gin". ...
  • Malfy Originale Gin 70cl
    Malfy Originale is an Italian gin that doesn't like to over complicate things and pays homage to when, they claim, gin was first distilled by monks in Italy in 1050 AD. This is a juniper forward gin that is distilled using just six botanicals and reduced to bottling strength with fresh water...
  • Nginious Smoked & Salted Gin 42% 50cl
    Limited Edition Gin from Nginious which is unique in that it uses a range of botanicals including; bitter orange, quince, coriander and ginger which are distilled seperatley from the juniper. The secret ingredient is smoked chestnuts which is distilled seperatley giving a unique smoky flavour to ...
  • Beefeater Burroughs Reserve Oak Rested Gin Edition No.2 43% 70cl
    Burrough's Reserve Oak Rested gin from Beefeater is the second edition in this range and has been rested in casks which previously held Bordeaux wine. The casks selected are both red ands white wine casks and they impart and extra depth of flavour to the gin with a golden colour. T...
  • Pothecary Gin Thai Blend Limited Edition 50cl
    Pothecary Thai Blend is a limited edition gin that hails from Soapbox Spirits based in Dorset. The standard Pothecary gin is quite a floral affair with Polish tilia flowers as one of the botanicals. The Thai Blend makes things a bit more exotic with some spices but also some delicious fruits...
  • Lussa Gin 42% 70cl
    Lussa Gin hails from the remote Isle of Jura, a place normally associated with whisky. The botanicals are all hand foraged on the island, which isn't always the easiest of tasks considering the harsh weather conditions. This gin from the wilderness is fresh and zingy from lemon thyme, balanced by...
  • Edinburgh Gin 1670 Royal Botanic Garden 43% 70cl
    Bringing together the natural connection between botany and gin distilling, Edinburgh Gin 1670 is the result of an innovative partnership with Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. The gardens were once used to teach medical students about plant treatments but are now considered a leading authority ...
  • Rock Rose Summer Edition Gin 70cl
    Rock Rose Gin, produced by husband and wife team Martin and Claire Murray, features traditional and local botanicals that are hand-foraged from cliffs and forests that surround the distillery in Scotland. The Summer Edition features botanicals such as meadowsweet, elderflower, lemon bal...
  • Exmoor Gold Gin Wicked Wolf 42% 70cl
    Exmoor Gold Gin is a limited edition, small-batch handcrafted gin from Wicked Wolf. Working closely with Exmoor Ales to combine the fresh, fruity, yet malty flavours of Exmoor Gold Ale with the traditional and not-so-traditional botanicals from the Wicked Wolf distillery. Exmoor Gold ...
  • Elgin Gin 70cl
    Elgin Gin is no ordinary gin as it has Scottish Oats added before distillation. They add a soft creaminess to the gin enhancing the complexity and mouth feel. The overall flavour has been likened to Crananchan in a glass. The distillery have made a very versatile gin t...
  • St Giles Gin 42% 70cl
    Coming from Norfolk St Giles Gin's signature gin is made with 11 botanicals including lemon grass, grains of paradise and rose petals. The botanicals are infused within their bespoke copper still named Anna, by the head distiller Pete Margree to greate a beautiful modern and sophisticated...
  • St Giles Divers Edition (Navy Strength) Gin 57% 50cl
    This aptly named Divers Edition is the navy strength edition from St Giles distillery. Made using a unique and distinctive blend of 10 hand selected botanicals including the Norfolk samphire, cubeb berries, sea kelp and liquorice root. on the nose this gin gives fresh hay like sweetness with s...
  • Conker RNLI Navy Strength Gin 70cl
    A bold and hearty Navy Strength Gin distilled in Dorset in honour of the endeavovour and spirit of the RNLI. We raise a glass to the courageous men and wome who have worked selflessly over two centuries on their mission to end preventable loss of life at sea. A serious gin, a righteous...
  • Collagin Pink Rose Gin 50cl
    From Collagin the original gin makers who add Collagen have produced this limted edition Rose gin with again added Collagen. Young in spirit, the world's first alcoholic drink to be comboned with Collagen. The Gintrepreneurs Camilla Brown and Liz Beswick from Oxford are the people behind ...
  • Tommy's Gin Lest We Forget Isle Of Skye 45% 70cl
    Isle of Skye Distillery have created a limited edition gin in memory of their late father Tommy Wilson. Tommy served in the Suez invasion and passed away in late August 2016. ‘Tommy’ is also a generic name and term of ende...
  • Warner Edwards The Curiosity Collection 4x5cl
    A great gift set or just a great way to sample 4 of the great selling gins from Warner Edwards.Containing:1 x 5cl Honeybee Gin1 x 5cl
  • Salcombe Limited Edition Finisterre 46% 70cl
    This limited-edition gin ‘Finisterre’ is a collaboration with Bodegas Tradición, Jerez, Spain, which is renowned for producing genre-defining aged wines using traditional and time honoured methods. Aged at our distillery for ...
  • Sharish Original 40% 50cl
    Sharish Gin comes from Portugal, it made with a selection of botanicals grown by the distillers themselves, including oranges, lemons and apples. Other botanicals in the mix include juniper, vanilla, cinnamon...
  • Pickering's Royal Tattoo Gin 35cl
    Pickering's Gin has been named the official gin of the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo. To commemorate this they have given their gin a smart tartan wrap. They have added an additional 4 Scottish Botanicals to their signature Pickering's: Scottish Heather, Milk Thistle, Bog Myrtle and Scots pine,...
  • Nordes Atlantic Galician Gin Gift Pack 40% 70cl
    Nordes uses 11 botanicals in its mix which includes 6 wild Galician varietals - Mint, Sage, Laurel, Salicornia or Glasswort (a Galician seaweed), Lemon Verbona & Eucalyptus. 5 other botanicals are brought in from around the World to complete this wonderfully different gin- tea, hibiscus, c...
  • Van wees Three Corners Gin 42% 50cl
    Van WeesThree Corners Gin follows the London Dry gin style. A van Wees produces this smooth gin distilled with only juniper berries and lemons. Will make an impressive G&T. Established in 1782, A.van Wees distillery de Ooievaar claims to be the last authentic distillery...
  • Sloanes Dry Gin 40% 70cl
    Sloanes London style dry gin is an exceptionally smooth, premium quality award-winning gin with an exquisite balance of flavours unmatched by any other.This exceptional balance, considered unique in gin, is achieved through distilling each of the 9 botanicals individually before each distillate i...
  • Old English Gin 44% vol Hammer & Son Ltd 70cl
    This Old English Gin is made from a 1783 recipe, distilling eleven botanicals in Angela, the oldest pot still being used in England today. And by using recycled bottles, organic sealing and silk printed labels, all as they did back in 1783, we are reinvigorating the way English Gin was made and d...
  • Adnams Copper House First Rate Gin 48% 70cl
    Made with a complex and powerful blend of 13 botanicals to complement the strength of this spirit, it delivers aromatic spices mingled with Juniper and softened with hints of citrus. Serve with a chunk of cucumber, ice and tonic water. First started experimenting with our First Rate Gin, w...
  • Bloom Premium London Gin 40% 70cl
    BLOOM is an innovative premium London Dry Gin. Its delicate floral notes and aromas, enriched by the natural botanicals of chamomile, pomelo and honeysuckle, capture the uplifting sense of spring. With its ornate jewel-cut bottle, BLOOMs fresh flavour offers a strikingly smooth, so...
  • Bathtub Navy Strength Gin 57% 70cl
    This is the Stonger version of Bathtub gin by Professor Cornelius Ampleforth. Strong in ABC. but also a fuller flavour of the botanicals. Named Navy Strength as this was the strength that if it every got splash onto gun powder it would still ignite!
  • Spirit Of Hven Organic Gin 40% 50cl
    Spirit of Hven produce an Organic gin from the finest Organic grain, which is then infused with the botanicals for 24 hours. This is then distilled again in long neck copper stills to produce a fine smooth gin with delicate aromas of juniper, citrus and grains of paradise. The gin holds clear cit...
  • The Botanist Islay Dry Gin 46% 20cl
    Botanist Gin in a dinky 20cl bottle made on Islay useing nine of the Classic Gin Aromatics - Orris root, Cassia bark, Coriander seed, etc - and augment these with a heady harvest of 22 wild, native island botanicals, hand-picked by their expert foraging team from the windswept hills, peat bogs an...
  • 6 O clock Gin 43% 70cl
    6 O'Clock Gin has a very clean style which is Juniper lead with six other botanicals including Orange peel and elderflower. The result is impeccably balanced fresh gin with distinctive citrus and floral notes. Perfect at any time of the day. Tasting Notes from the IWSC judges :"...
  • William Chase Pink Grapefruit Gin 40% 70cl
    This is William Chases newest Gin using Pink Grapefruit and Pomelo. It uses eight botanicals including juniper, orange peel, liquorice, elderflower and bitter almond. It is then distilled in their copper pot still with pink grapefruit and pomelo peels.Refreshingly citrus with sour Pin...
  • Curio Rock Samphire Cornish Gin 41% 35cl
    Curio Rock Samphire Gin was two years in the making and is a quadrupled distilled gin with a lovely fresh nose of juniper, cinnamon and a slight hint of salt spay. Distilled in Mullion, Cornwall and made with hand foraged Rock Samphire from the local cliff edges and a selection of others ...
  • Two Birds Sipping Gin 47.3% 70cl
    Made in incredibly small batches, they only ever make avaible no more than 50 bottles at a time. Cask rested for 3 months in virgin Oak and Pecan, this is a double wooded Sipping Gin that is distilled with a rich mix of juniper berries and finished with a distinctive wood taste.
  • Poetic License Orange Blossom Gin The Rarities 40.5% 70cl
    As you would expect from the name, this gin offers a strong aroma of orange and is zesty, refreshing yet floral on the palate! It's slightly sweeter than a typical gin with its hints of vanilla and a lingering citrus finish. There will only be a few hundred bottles of this creation...
  • Spitfire Heritage Gin 40% 70cl
    Made by Master Distiller John Walters in the heart of Cambridgeshire at the Spitfire Heritage Distillery. This is a single estate gin where they make their own spirit rather than buying it in a re-distilling with the botanicals, one of only three in the country to do so. It has a botanical recipe...
  • Pickerings Oak Aged Gin Speyside 47% 35cl
    Pickerings Oak aged gin has been aged in barrels which previously held Speyside Malt whisky. Aroma: Clean, fragrant with citrus top notes. Delicately earthy with herbaceous undertones and subtle sweet juniper. Taste: The delicate sweetness of Speyside whiskies is evident, though subt...
  • 6 O' Clock Gin Brunel Edition 50% 70cl
    A new a limited edition gin from Bramley & Gage, the Brunel Edition is a run of just 5000 bottles and takes the hugely popular 6 O'Clock Gin up to the next level. Isambard Kingdom, voted as the most important Britain after Winston Churchill for his contribution to engineering, would be pro...
  • 6 O'Clock Gin Mini & Tonic Gift Pack
    6 O'Clock gin miniature and a bottle of Tonic in a gift box for those guilty pleasure moments. Made with a blend of botanicals inlcuding: Juniper, Coriander, Angelica, Orris Root, Elderflower, Orange Peel and Savoury.
  • Whitley Neill Rhubarb & Ginger Gin 20cl
    A baby 20cl bottle of the very popular Whitley Neill Rhubarb & Ginger gin.
  • The Botanist Islay Dry Gin Mixing Glass Pack 46% 70cl
    The Botanist is a gin of layered complexity and a progressive exploration of the botanical heritage of Islay. 22 local hand foraged botanicals delicately augment nine others from further afield and are distilled very slowly to release the maximum flavour. This gift set contains a mixin...
  • Kintyre Botanical Gin 43% 70cl
    Kintyre Botanical Gin is distilled at Beinn an Tuirc distillery located on the large Torrisdale Castle Estate, Kintyre. The castle and its 120 acres of rolling green pastures houses the distillery in a former livestock building. Niall Macalister, the current laird, has ensured that the estate ...
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