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London Dry Gin

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  • Isle of Bute Oyster Gin 70cl
    Could this be the world’s first Oyster Gin? It is not like anything you will have tasted before… but the unique flavours are a real treat. They charge their still with oysters, fresh from the Argyll Coast, to add a delicate maritime essence to the gin. It is then&...
  • Eenoo Scottish Gin 43% 70cl
    Eenoo is a small batch produced Scottish gin made with spring water from the Cairngorms and distilled with juniper, Deeside honey, bramble berries, raspberries, rosehip, heather, coriander, angelica root, liquorice root, orange, lemon peel and pepper - we can tell you now, all them ingredients...
  • Meet The Little Feckers Minature Pack 3x50ml
    From Feckin Drinks, the producers of Feckin Gin, Feckin Vodka and
  • Downton Abbey Gin 43% 70cl
    Downton Abbey Gin has been crafted by master distillers and made with only the finest fresh botanicals which have been distilled with Harrogate Spring Water from North Yorkshire right in the heart of the Downton Abbey Country! The botanicals are hand picked from the 750 year old Ripley Castle ...
  • Jackford Gin 41% 70cl
    Jackford's Gin hails from County Wexford in Ireland made by the Stafford family who are proud of their heritage. Their Irish Potato Gin is the cream of their crop, only the very best will do for this gin and that has been proven by being awarded Gold in the Irish Whiskey Awards in the Irish Gi...
  • Kyro Napue Gin 50cl
    Kyro Distillery is over in Finland, this fine Finish spirit producer has made this rye based gin for you all to enjoy. It is a refreshing and crisp gin with peppery notes in the background. Awards:Winner of the IWSC Gin and Tonic Trophy - 2015.
  • Ki No Bi Gift Set 3 x 20cl
    A Ki No Bi Gin gift set from The Kyoto Distillery, a perfect gift or way to sample the delightful gins from Japan! This gift set contains 3 bottles all of 20cl size; Ki No Bi,
  • Tobermory Hebridean Gin 43.3% 70cl
    Tobermory Gin has been inspired by the expressive and beautiful nature of the Isle of Mull. Made by using a splash of spirit from the Tobermory whisky stills to create a unique character, this has a rich palate which showcases the hand selected botanicals used. These botanicals include juniper...
  • Twisting Spirits Earl Grey Gin 70cl
    Made with Earl Grey tea leaves that have been locally sourced by a local independent family business who provide only the finest leaves for this gin! A classic juniper forward botanical gin with citrus notes. Warm black tea and bergamot notes can be found in the aroma while drinking. ...
  • Chase Perfect Serve Miniature Gift Pack 3x5cl
    A delightful gift pack with 3 bottles of 5cl gins from Chase Distillery. The set includes a bottle of Chase Pink Grapefruit Gin,
  • Rosemullion Dry Gin 25cl
    The team over at Rosemullion have released this adorable scaled down 25cl bottle of their Dry Gin! A perfect way to gift Rosemullion Dry Gin to a friend or loved one, or try all of their bottlings! Rosemullion Dry Gin is the perfect blend of juniper, botanicals and citrus fruits i...
  • Kinrara Gin Artists Edition 001 Ginny 70cl
    Meet 'Ginny' designed by Kat Baxter for the first release of the Artists Edition from Kinrara. Ginny the Cow has been applied to only 2000 bottles that have been made, numbered and signed as a limited edition. Not only a stunning design, this is a stunning gin! On the nose the aromas a...
  • Island Gin Scilly Spirit 20cl
    How cute is this 20cl of Scilly Spirit?! A great way to gift this fantastic award winning gin from Isles of Scilly and keeping pocket friendsly. Island Gin is being produced in Old Town on St Mary's, Isles of Scilly - 28 Miles South West of Cornwall. Island Gin is already picking up ...
  • Canaima Small Batch Gin 47% 70cl
    Canaima is a delicious gin that has been created to support the Amazon rainforest and its native population with its profits.  Created from ten hard to find botanicals that are found in the Amazon, it has been sustainably sourced in the rainforest, one botanical from the distiller...
  • Whitley Neill Gin Gift Pack 3x5cl
    A cute gift pack containing 3 bottles of 5cl different gins from the great producer Whitley Neil. You will find a Rhubarb and G...
  • Martin Millers London Dry Gin 40%
    A gin of super premium quality and authentic character, the delicious, clean taste of Millers reformed london Dry Gin will always refresh and invigorate. Born out of Love, Obsession and A Degree of Madness! Martin Miller's Gin has become one of the world's most loved and awarded gins. Love- Marti...
  • Tanqueray Ten 47.3% 70cl
    Tanqueray No.Ten gin is a superpremium smallbatch gin, named after the number of the No. 10 still in which it is made. A superb controlled explosion of very aromatic botanical flavours, presented in a a very striking bottle. Regarded by many top barmen as the benchmark gin.
  • Brokers London Dry Gin 40%
    Made with THE FINEST herbs, spices and fruit IMPORTED FROM THREE CONTINENTS, Broker's Gin is SPECIALLY BLENDED TO BE DRY...not unlike the British sense of humour. The rich mixture of natural ingredients, each carefully selected, produces a drink of OUTSTANDING flavour and freshness. BROK...
  • The London Gin No.1 Original Blue Gin 47% 70cl
    Quadruple distilled in small batches under the careful eye of Master Distiller Charles Maxwell, The London Gin is made from the highest quality English grain spirit and contains with 13 key botanicals. To the traditional juniper, coriander and angelica are added lemon peel, cassia bar...
  • Fifty Pound Gin 43.5% 70cl
    Fifty pound Gin is a stikingly smooth small batch, London dry gin. Fifty Pounds Gin is produced in a small and legendary distillery located in the south-east of London, with a tradition of more than two centuries behind it. The method is carried out in a still manufactured by the legendary John D...

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  • Tanqueray Rangpur Gin 41.3% 70cl
    The Rangpur limes and other carefully selected botanicals are incorporated into the actual distillation process in the true Tanqueray tradition. Through the distillation process, the flavors are allowed to blend, while any bitter components are eliminated. The resulting product offers high qualit...
  • Ish Gin London Dry Gin 41% 70cl
    Whilst modern in it's presentation, -ish returns to a traditional London Dry style using botanicals including coriander seed, angelica root, almond, orris root, nutmeg, cinnamon, cassia, liquorice, lemon & orange peel and with an "extra shot" of Juniper (almost double of a standard ...
  • Edgerton Original Pink Dry Gin 43% 70cl
    Edgertons Original Pink Dry Gin is the first pink dry gin distilled and bottled in London in small batches at 43% vol. It contains no less than 15 botanicals in its recipe including pomegranate and was created by the industry veteran Martin Edgerton Gill, creator and former owner of
  • Sloanes Dry Gin 40% 70cl
    Sloanes London style dry gin is an exceptionally smooth, premium quality award-winning gin with an exquisite balance of flavours unmatched by any other.This exceptional balance, considered unique in gin, is achieved through distilling each of the 9 botanicals individually before each distillate i...
  • Bombay London Dry Gin 40% 70cl
    Bombay London Dry gin is based on a recipe from 1761 and is made with a unique vapour infusion. Instead of boiling the botanicals in the spirit like most gins, the 8 botanicals are placed in a copper basket where the vapours of the spirit delicately pass through infusing the spirit with the aroma...
  • Gin Lane 1751 Royal Strength Gin London Dry 47% 70cl
    This higher strength edition of Gin Lane 1752 Gin shows a more prominent juniper style, whilst retaining the citrus freshness. Distilled by Thames Distillers, Clapham, London. Containing 8 carefully selected botanicals and made in traditional pot stills.
  • Gin Lane 1751 London Dry Gin Small Batch 40% 70cl
    Gin Lane 1751 is a victorian style gin bearing the name of the Gin act of that same date. It is made from 8 botanicals Cassia Bark, Angelica, Sicilian Lemon, Coriander, Orris root, Sevilla Orange, Juniper and Star Anise. Distilled at Thames distillery in small traditional pot stills with each bot...
  • Tanqueray Gin 43.1% 70cl
    the premium spirit that satisfies those with discerning tastes for fine cocktails. With its unmatched clarity, sparkle and zest, it is recognized as the World's Best Gin. Tanqueray is still crafted using a time honored recipe of only the highest quality grains, the purest water, the most select j...
  • Finsbury Londion Dry Gin 60%
    This Excellent London dry Gin is made at Finsbury Distillery & Co founder 250 years ago. A bouquet of juniper berries and exotic fruits and spices. A wonderful gin froma closely guarded recipe dating back to 1740.Bottled at 60% vol
  • Beefeater Gin 40% 70cl
    Since 1800s Beefeater has combined a classic recipe of Juniper, Coriander, Angelica and the tang of Seville oranges. A true classic London Gin, it is named after the infamous Beefeaters of the Tower of London, who guard the Tower and its precious contents for over 100 years. The recipe to this cl...
  • Botanic London Dry Gin Premium 40% 70cl
    This has got to be one of the more unusual shaped Gin bottles, resembling a perfume bottle. Distilled three times using ingredients such as Buddhas hand lemons, juniper berries, coriander seeds, angelica root, orange and lemon peel, orris root, liquorice root powder, cassia bark, almond shells an...
  • Botanic Kiss Gin 37.5% 70cl
    Surely once of the prettiest Gin on the market, Botanic Kiss Gin is made in Spain from English grain spirit at Bodegas Williams & Humbert in Jerez. Very fruity on the nose with red berry fruits, smooth and intoxicating. The botanical list includes: Juniper, Almond shells, bergamot, Buddha's h...
  • Gin Botanic London Dry Gin Ultra Premium 45% 70cl
    This is distilled four times in 100 year old stills using Buddha's hand lemon, juniper berries, coriander seeds, angelica root, orange peel, lemon peel, orris root powder, liquorice root powder, cassia bark, almonds shells, sweet orange and orange blossom. Intense and delicate aromas are p...
  • Two Birds London Dry Gin 40% 70cl
    The London Dry from Two Birds is multi award winning! A classic London Dry Gin, packed full of juniper flavour and distilled with only 4 other botanicals, less is more sometimes! With notes of coriander citrus and orris root combining with their top secret ingr...
  • Burleighs Gin Pink Limited Edition 40% 70cl
    Following a recent trip to Tokyo, Burleigh's master distiller Jamie Baxter discovered a dazzling display of preserved cherry blossom and returned to the UK eager to create a Burleighs expression with a difference. Using Burleighs traditional London dry recipe, Burleigh's Pink edition is distilled...
  • City of London Christopher Wren Gin 45.3% 70cl
    Christopher Wren Gin has been designed by expert Master Distiller Tom Nichol. This premium gin combines the subtle flavours of juniper, coriander, angelica root, liquorice and sweet orange to give a complex gin that balances quality and flavour.Winner of a Double-Gold Award at the San Fr...
  • Peaky Blinder Spiced Dry Gin 40% 70cl
    In England's famous 'Black Country', the Sadler family have been purveyors of the finest beers and spirits since 1900. Over a century's worth of knowledge and passion has led the family to create this bold, small batch, handcrafted spiced gin blended with exotic spices and botanicals.
  • Haymans 1850 Reserve Gin 40% 70cl
    Haymans 1850 Reserve Gin is made in the style of the gins drank in the 1850s. The gin is 'Cask Rested' in scotch whisky barrels for three to four weeks after distillation which gives the gin and exceptional smooth mellow taste.
  • Darnleys View Spiced Gin London Dry Gin 42.7% 70cl
    Darnleys View Spiced Gin differs from the standard blend with the addition of more excotic spices. Juniper is still the predominant flavour but the addition of cinnamon, cassia, nutmeg, ginger, cumin, cloves, and grains of paradise adds another twist ot this excellent small batch gin..
  • Bulldog Bold Gin 47% vol 100cl
    Bulldog Bold is a new Gin following on from the success of the lesser strength Bulldog Gin. A more intense flavour with a higher strength at 47%, the juniper and citrus notes shine through.The botanicals used are Juniper, Poppy, Dragon Eye, Almond, Angelica, Cassia, Coriander, Lavender, Lemon, Li...
  • Fifty Pound Gin G&T Glass Pack 43.5% 70cl
    Fifty pound Gin is a strikingly smooth small batch, London dry gin. Fifty Pounds Gin is produced in a small and legendary distillery located in the south-east of London, with a tradition of more than two centuries behind it. The method is carried out in a still manufactured by the legendary John ...
  • Gordons Gin 37.5% 70cl
    The G in a G&T has to be GORDON'S gin. It's the unmistakable aroma of ginny juniper that does it. Or, to put it another way, the exquisite gin-zing-aling. Sorry we can't tell you more, our recipe is a closely guarded secret, but maybe your senses can?
  • Tanqueray Bloomsbury London Dry Gin 47.3% 100cl
    A new limited Edition Gin from Tanqueray which is based on a recipe created in the 1880s by Charles Waugh Tanqueray in Bloomsbury, London. The style is prominent with Tuscan juniper at the fore with coriander, angelica, winter savoury and cassia bark. Limited to 10000 bottles worldwide.
  • Martin Millers 9 Moons Casked Aged 40% 35cl
    Limited Edition bottling of Martin Millers Gin which has been aged in a single cask bourbon cask and stored in their barrel store in Borgarnes, Iceland. As the climate is cold but dry, the aging process is slower that others parts of the world. This Martin miller gin has been aged for 9 months or...
  • Tyler Street London Dry Gin 40% 70cl
    This is a new gin from the people that make Curio Gin. This is a London Dry style gin with the emphasis on Citrus elements, lemon, lime and orange. It uses a blend of 10 botanicals from the Mediterranean and Europe and is more full-bodied than the Curio gin with a hint of dryness and spice.
  • Ampersand London Dry Gin 40% 70cl
    Ampersand London Dry Gin is distilled four times and uses eight organic botanicals in its recipe. Including Juniper, Coriander, angelica, pepper and the finest Spanish orange and lemon peels. Distilled in London for Osborne, Spain..
  • Will's Premium London Dry Gin 40% 70cl
    Will's Premium London Gin is made in Portugal after 5 distillations. It has characteristics of; citrus, balsamic, spicy notes and juniper. Powerful in the mouth, warm elegant and balanced.
  • Sipsmith London Dry Gin 35cl
    Sipsmith is a classic London Dry style gin that has been made in London since 2009 in a traditional copper pot still. The nose is floral with citrus zest and fresh juniper. The palate is juniper forward with undertones of orange and lemon culminating in a dry finish with spice and ...

London Dry Gin is an enigma to most people who consider it to be a style of gin with a certain flavour profile rather than the strictly regulated process of gin distillation that it is. Some of the most well-known gin brands are made using the London Dry method. These include the likes of Gordons, Tanqueray, Hayman’s and Bombay Sapphire to name just a few. You’d be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t heard of these gins, but we’d wager you’d be even harder pressed to get them to give a correct definition of what London Dry actually is.

One thing that needs to be mentioned straight away is that, somewhat confusingly, London Dry Gin doesn’t have to be made in London or even the UK for that matter. The definition is laid out in Regulation (EC) 110/2008 of the European Parliament and makes for long, tedious reading so we will lay out the fundamentals, hopefully without putting you to sleep!

For a gin to be called London Dry Gin, the base spirit must be distilled to a completely neutral spirit of 96% ABV, must add all flavours through distillation in presence of “natural plant materials,” and can have nothing added after distillation save water and a trivial quantity of sugar.

Gin distillation requires a base neutral spirit to be distilled before the re-distillation with botanicals. This neutral spirit must be distilled to 96% ABV in a column still to ensure the quality and neutrality of the spirit. Back in the 19th century, back lane distillers would often increase the yield on their distillations by producing methanol alongside ethanol. Methanol is very poisonous and isn’t something you want to be drinking. Regulations state that there can only be 5 grams of methanol per hectolitre, so you know that gin with London Dry status is quality stuff. This obviously isn’t a problem like it was a few centuries ago and all commercially available gins remove methanol from their distillate.

It’s now time for the base spirit to be redistilled with the botanicals, which must all be natural with nothing artificial added. The distiller only gets one shot at getting the flavour profile right at this point as after this distillation nothing else can be added save for water and a very small amount of sugar. Gins that add botanicals, flavourings or more than the prescribed trace amount of sugar cannot call themselves London Dry Gin.

Contrary to popular opinion, there is no designated flavour profile or botanical requirements save that they are all natural and juniper is the primary flavour. Many traditional London Dry gins are heavy with citrus fruit like lemon and limes but a London Dry can also be contemporary in style. Just remember that this designation governs the process of how it’s made, not how it tastes.