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Flavoured Gin

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As far as trends go, it’s safe to say that gin is arguably the most popular drink of choice and has been for quite some time. While many people prefer the simplicity of drinks like a classic G&T, flavoured gin offers a versatile and refreshing change that can inject new life into even the most basic beverages.

Although gin undoubtedly has a unique and recognisable taste, it’s more a much more subtle than the flavours of spirits such as whisky and rum. It’s for this reason that flavoured gin is a special treat for gin-drinkers who are in the market for something that has all the characteristics of their favourite spirit, but with the added extra of additional ingredients such as fruits, spices and herbs.

A Guide to Flavoured Gin

If we took the time to list every flavoured gin — or possible ingredients you could use to flavour gin — we’d be here all day. So instead we’ll point out some attributes and characteristics of this delicious spirit. Flavoured Gins tend to be over 30% (often 40% or more) and contain minimal additional sweetening. When it comes to defining the different types of flavoured gin, they typically fall into two categories:

1) The first are gins that have had a “signature botanical” added to them after distillation, often through maceration or other methods. In many cases, these gins have a colour or subtle shade from the added ingredients.

2) The second type of flavoured gin has a more contemporary style which is a reference to its dominant note as its flavour. This style of gin is often referred to as a contemporary gin, but it may be listed as both depending on the distillation method and ingredients used.

Are you looking for a unique and flavoursome alternative to regular gin? You’ve come to the right place! At DrinkFinder, we stock a vast range of flavoured gin hailing from countries all over the world. Check out our selection of gin online or get in touch if you require more information.