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Flavoured Gin

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  • Misty Isle Mulled Christmas Gin Isle Of Skye 41.5% 70cl
    This seasonal gin from Isle of Skye Distillery brings together all the traditional festive flavours that you would associate with a mulled wine, yummy! The botanicals used in this gin include juniper, cassia bark, orange, lemon, star anise, Tonia beans and a pinch of liquoric...
  • King Of Soho Variorum Gin 37.5% 70cl
    The second gin by King of Soho, this is their Pink Edition or known as Variorum. Lovingly crafted in the heart of London this pink berry edition of the original King of Soho London Dry Gin
  • Orange Sherbet Gin 37.5% 50cl
    Orange Sherbet Gin brings the nostalgic qualities of sherbet Dip Dabs to your favourite drink, the gin and tonic. Full of refreshingly zingy, orange zesty sherbet flavoured gin made in England. Real sherbet has been added to give that retro sherbet fizz that everyone remembers, tickle ...
  • Sharish Orange Blossom Gin 50cl
    This is the 2019 Limited Edition expression from Sharish. This is from Portugal and is to celebrate Spring and the scents and growth of the region at this time of the year. It is a bold and very smooth gin with lots of aromatic notes with citrus nuisances on the forefront. Limi...
  • Isle of Bute Heather Gin 70cl
    The heather, a wild purple flower, which has been hand picked from the Isle of Bute, gives the gin a vibrant floral nose. When balanced with the bright sweetness of pink grapefruit, this creates a subtly sweet and citrus finish. A delightful floral pink gin.
  • Ki No Tea Kyoto Dry Gin 70cl
    Of the six elements that make up Ki No Bi Kyoto Dry Gin, tea has proven to be the most popular tastings. It was fitting, therefore this first limited edition release emphasised this most traditional of Japanese aromas and flavours. The reaction to that limited edition bottling was so g...
  • Elemental Apple Cornish Gin 38% 50cl
    The guys at Elemental believe that the old ways are the best. Every drop of Elemental Gin is distilled in a copper still and bottled by hand in the heart of Cornwall, their secret blend of 12 botanicals complemented by crystal clear Cornish spring water. Creating a gin using juicy cris...
  • Tarquin's Elderflower & Pink Grapefruit Gin 70cl
    A contemporary take on the classic London Dry gin, Tarquin’s Elderflower and Pink Grapefruit is distilled by hand in tiny batches using three unique copper pot stills called Tamara, Sentra and Ferrara. Crafted in collaboration with St Austell Brewery, this spec...
  • Tinkture Classic Rose Gin 50cl
    Tinkture is the latest addition to the Cornish gin family. It is a delightfully light, delicate gin with a hint of citrus. The juniper and coriander provide a complex depth and warmth. The colour is a golden amber that changes to beautiful pink when mixed with tonic (ooooo fancy)!&nb...
  • Tinkture Minature Rose Gin 5cl
    Tinkture is the latest addition to the Cornish gin family. It is a delightfully light, delicate gin with a hint of citrus. The juniper and coriander provide a complex depth and warmth. The colour is a golden amber that changes to beautiful pink when mixed with tonic (ooooo fancy)!  A clas...
  • Conker Port Barrel Gin 43% 70cl
    They have rested their signature Dorset Dry gin in used Port barrels from Portugal - perfectly combining dry pine juniper and herbaceous brightness, with notes of vanilla oak, warm spice and sweet red fruits. Conker Spirit and their pursuit of new and exciting spirits have brought toge...
  • Frogs Lip Violet Gin 41.5% 70cl
    Frogs Lip Gin have a new flavour to the existing 3 other variations, Violet! Deep violet in colour and full of matching deep violet notes throughout with the noticeable notes from their Dry Gin. Lovingly made by combining their secret aromatic extract from frogs lips and traditional hand picke...
  • Puerto De Indias Strawberry Gin 37.5% 70cl
    Premium Gin produced at one of the oldest distilleries of Andalusia, located in the town of Carmona in the province of Seville. With a translucent, light pink appearance, Port of India Strawberry Premium Gin has a soft touch of liquorice and a sweet, wild flavour of strawberry and...
  • Grandad's Allotment Rhubarb Gin 40% 70cl
    Grandad's Allotment provides a tantiising taste explosion, bursting with botanical flavours. Tangy notes of homegrown rhubarb masterfully combined with Granny Garbutt's delicious dry gin
  • Mombasa Club Lemon Edition 37.5% 70cl
    The latest addition to the Mombasa Gin family is the Mombasa Lemon Edition. Following market trends, they are presenting this totally new gin. Maintaining the classic London Dry Style, it adds a world of citric and fruity flavors. Mombasa Club Lemon Edition is a gin infu...
  • Agnes Arber Rhubarb Gin 70cl
    Agnes Arber Rhubarb is a lovely twist on their convergence of nine pot stilled botanicals. Juniper, coriander, cassia, lemon, orange, lime, grapefruit and liquorice. After distillation the gin is infused with the delicious signature tartness of rhubarb. Agnes Arber was the first woman ...
  • Divine Raspberry 40% 70cl
    Divine gin is a fine and lightly balanced, with botanicals sourced internationally and brought back to Yorkshire. Divine Raspberry Gin is made using their flagship London Dry Gin that is then infused with the finest raspberries to create a taste sensation for your palate. Using modern dis...
  • Trevethan Rhubarb & Apple Gin 70cl
    Trevethan are very pleased to announce the Fruit Reserve Range! The first is this Rhubarb & Apple Gin. Fresh and vibrant gins ready for spring and summer! This Rhubarb & Apple gin combine the sweet and savoury notes of rhubarb along with vibrant fruity apple. This Cor...
  • Trevethan Passion Fruit & Orange Blossom Gin 70cl
    Trevethan are very pleased to announce the Fruit Reserve Range! This is the Passion Fruit & Orange Blossom, the other in the range is Rhubarb & Apple. Fresh and vibrant gins ready for spring and summer! This Passion Fruit & Orange Blossom combines vibrant notes of passion f...
  • 3 Pugs Lemony Sherbet Flavoured Gin Liqueur 50cl
    The 3 Pugs Gin adventure continues with this great and lovingly made Lemon Sherbet inspired Gin Liqueur. Their pugs Pepsi, TuTu and Mojo are the 3 pugs and inspiration for this. Made with their signature 8 botanicals that will never change, added to their specially sourced Lemony Sherb...
  • Staffords Rhubarb & Ginger Gin 70cl
    The first flavoured gin to be launched from Colwith Farm Distillery, the first plough to bottle distillery in Cornwall! Rhubarb and apple, we are all aware this is a great winning combination for gins. Their signature gin is infused with a delicate selection of botanicals foraged on the farm incl...
  • City of London Murcian Orange Gin 70cl
    City of London Distillery have added this Orange variation to their excellent range. This vibrant orange gin has been inspired by the citrus fruits that once were ferried down the river at the heart of London from distant and exotic lands as the British Empire flourished. A citrus lead tr...
  • Two Birds Parma Violet Gin 37.5% 70cl
    A new flavour from the great producers over at Two Birds. Parma Violet Gin, you will get to enjoy flavours of lemon peel, dried rose petals and juniper berries.Perfect Pour:Enjoy with a light tonic, garnish with lemon peel and rose petals. Go the extra effort an...
  • Two Birds Watermelon Gin 37.5% 70cl
    We think this may be a first? Watermelon Gin. Two Birds are onto something here, possible trend setting! Think a hot summers day and a big wedge of watermelon chilled to tuck into. Taste buds tingling yet? Made using their flagship premium gin, this will display juniper berries, lemon peel and...
  • Rosemullion Summer Gin 70cl
    Rosemullion Summer Gin is a fresh gin with a citrus kick infused with Cornish elements to provide a warm gin, perfect for the summer evenings. They are one of the very few that are distilling their own alcohol where others may flavour or alter industrial alcohol for their produc...
  • Porters Tropical Old Tom Gin
    The Aberdeen distillers Porter's have released this tropical Old Tom gin and wow its delicious. This Old Tom stays true to the classic combination of sweetened gin and exotic botanicals, while using modern methods to extract more refined flavours. A classic juniper base is what this&...
  • Le Gin Carmina 42% 70cl
    Le Gin have further explored new flavours and this new creation is a blend devoted to red berries. It mixes fruit and flowers, notes of raspberries, blackcurrants, elder flowers vanilla and citrus fruits like lemon and orange. Each ingredient in this unique b...
  • Rock Rose Apple & Lavender Gin 50cl
    This is a limited edition of Rock Rose that is the second in their Creative Collection series - where each one with a uniquely designed label featuring works commissioned from an artist based in the Scottish Highlands. Watercolour artist Liz O'Donnell creates her works of art in the co...
  • Sibling Lemon & Rosemary Gin Spring Edition 70cl
    Made from scratch this seasonal Spring Edition showcases fresh lemon zest and rosemary. The perfect gin for a spring gin and tonic, serve with a slice or wedge of lemon and lots of ice.These seasonal editions are flavoured and coloured naturally so over time they may fade, give it a s...
  • Sibling Strawberry & Black Pepper Gin Summer Edition 70cl
    Made from scratch this seasonal Summer Edition showcases strawberries and handmade black pepper syrup. The perfect gin for a summer gin and tonic, serve with a fresh strawberries and some basil over lots of ice. These seasonal editions are flavoured and coloured naturally so over time ...
  • Rude Mechanicals Henners English Summer Gin 70cl
    Henners English Summer Gin is full of light summer flavours with hints of earl grey and strawberry notes with a rich mouthfeel. The plumpest, sweetest Kentish strawberries were selected to distil along with earl grey tea (smoky, sweet, bergamot), hedgerow nettle (herbaceous, verdant, m...
  • Old Curiosity Lemon Verbena Gin 35% 50cl
    A new addition to the Old Curiosity range. A delicious gin that is both soothing and zesty, with a fresh citrus presence and a smooth finish on the palate. The relaxing and rejuvenating qualities of Lemon Verbena make it a perfect partner for the end of a hard day for the gin lover. Ol...
  • GinTing Berries, Berries, Berries Gin 42.5% 70cl
    Following in from the success of the original Gin Ting which has flavours of passionfruit, mango and elderflower. This is the new release from these guys and it delivers what it says on the bottle, berries, berries, berries! Packed with berry flavours ready to deliver notes of strawberries, bl...
  • Caorunn Raspberry Gin 41.8% 50cl
    Premium Caorunn Scottish gin made with Raspberries from Perthshire in a copper berry chamber. Hand crafted by their master distiller and infused with great skill to please your palate with vibrant fruity flavours that are balanced with the core of Caorunn Gin. On the nose it is full of...
  • Hoxton Gin 50cl
    Hoxton Gin is the brain child of acclaimed mixologist, bar owner and general trend setter Gerry Calabrese. With Hoxton being widely regarded as the creative hub of London, Gerry has carved out the reputation of being something of a maverick and is a huge influence on the bar and club scene.
  • Jynevra Ring Of Fire Chilli Gin 43% 70cl
    Ring of Fire is named after the variety of chilli Atlantic Distillery grow them selves and put into each and every bottle of this small batch hand made gin. All hand picked and grown on site to be then distilled in a traditional copper pot still in a distillery powered by the wind and Cornish ...
  • Jynevra Earl Grey Organic Cornish Gin 43% 70cl
    Distilled in small batches by Atlantic Distillery this gin has been made with earl grey tea leaves during distillation. This unique gin is both very dry and refreshing. Handcrafted, organic approved by the Soil Association, from seed to still. Enjoy with an Indian Tonic Water and ...
  • Isle of Bute Oyster Gin 70cl
    Could this be the world’s first Oyster Gin? It is not like anything you will have tasted before… but the unique flavours are a real treat. They charge their still with oysters, fresh from the Argyll Coast, to add a delicate maritime essence to the gin. It is then&...
  • Isle of Bute Gorse Gin 70cl
    The Gorse Gin from Isle of Bute is made with hand-picked gorse from the island, it is then added to a mix of other botanicals carefully selected from around the globe. The gorse gives this gin a delicate coconut and vanilla aroma, backed up with a distinct pine and juniper flavour on the palat...
  • Rosemullion Harvest Gin 70cl
    Harvet Gin from Rosemullion won Gold at SIPA in 2019. It is a lovely autumnal gin , Harvest Gin gives you a nice profile of apples and plums. In fact the apples and plums that go into this gin are gathered from the orchard where the distillery is located. There are hints of autumnal ...
  • St Giles Spiced Orange & Cranberry Limited Edition 70cl
    This Limited Edition of St Giles Gin brings the very best of Spiced Orange and Cranberry flavours together. Made in very small batches and in limited numbers for only a few months, get them while you can as this is set to be a perfect tipple for warming you up over them cold dark months, make ...
  • Tarquin's Figgy Pudding Limited Edition 42% 70cl
    This is the 2019 limited edition seasonal release for Christmas from Tarquin's. With using their flagship Tarquin's Dry Gin as the base they have added dried figs, fresh clementine zest, festive spices and brandy soaked cherry wood chips to craft a gin packed with nostalgic festive aromas and ...
  • Tarquin's Rhubarb & Raspberry Gin 70cl
    Tarquin's Rhubarb and Raspberry gin is ideal whether you're relaxing in the sun or partying under the full moon. The gin is distilled in the same fashion as Tarquin's Original Dry but is then infused with fresh rhubarb and raspberries to really make it pop.
  • Tarquin's Strawberry & Zesty Lime Gin 70cl
    Tarquin's Strawberry and Lime gin is the taste of Cornish sunshine in a glass. The gin is distilled in the same fashion as Tarquin's Original Dry but with the addition of fresh lime zest. The resultant gin is then infused with sweet strawberries for the ultimate Summers' drink.
  • Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla Gin 41.3% 70cl
    Tanqueray Gin has been a staple of gin lovers for many moons. The latest edition to the range, Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla, is going to be equally popular with gin drinkers in the sun. Made with Seville Oranges and orange blossom, it takes inspiration from Charles Tanqueray's original formu...
  • Westward Farm Rose Geranium Cornish Gin 40% 70cl
    So we have another Cornish gin gracing our shelves (and website) with its presence. How many is that now? It's certainly getting harder to keep count as a new one seems to appear every few months! This one, ...
  • Curio Fly Navy Cornish Gin 42% 70cl
    Curio Spirits new Gin Fly Navy has been made in conjunction with RNAS Culdrose and commemorates the centenary of the first landing of a plan on a moving ship at sea. It has been quadruple distilled with botanicals including Madagascan vaniila, sansha peppers and Cornish heather foraged from aroun...
  • Whitley Neill Raspberry Gin 43% 70cl
    New to the ever growing Whitley Neill stable of gins is Whitley Neil Raspberry which has been handcrafted using Scottish raspberries. The brand is heavily inspired by Africa and their base gin contains two botanicals found growing naturally there. Whitley Neil Raspberry has a deli...
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As far as trends go, it’s safe to say that gin is arguably the most popular drink of choice and has been for quite some time. While many people prefer the simplicity of drinks like a classic G&T, flavoured gin offers a versatile and refreshing change that can inject new life into even the most basic beverages.

Although gin undoubtedly has a unique and recognisable taste, it’s more a much more subtle than the flavours of spirits such as whisky and rum. It’s for this reason that flavoured gin is a special treat for gin-drinkers who are in the market for something that has all the characteristics of their favourite spirit, but with the added extra of additional ingredients such as fruits, spices and herbs.

A Guide to Flavoured Gin

If we took the time to list every flavoured gin — or possible ingredients you could use to flavour gin — we’d be here all day. So instead we’ll point out some attributes and characteristics of this delicious spirit. Flavoured Gins tend to be over 30% (often 40% or more) and contain minimal additional sweetening. When it comes to defining the different types of flavoured gin, they typically fall into two categories:

1) The first are gins that have had a “signature botanical” added to them after distillation, often through maceration or other methods. In many cases, these gins have a colour or subtle shade from the added ingredients.

2) The second type of flavoured gin has a more contemporary style which is a reference to its dominant note as its flavour. This style of gin is often referred to as a contemporary gin, but it may be listed as both depending on the distillation method and ingredients used.

Are you looking for a unique and flavoursome alternative to regular gin? You’ve come to the right place! At DrinkFinder, we stock a vast range of flavoured gin hailing from countries all over the world. Check out our selection of gin online or get in touch if you require more information.