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  • Staffords Gin 42% 70cl
    This new Gin made with Cornish spirit produced from Cornish potatoes is named after their great, great, grandfather Stafford Matthew Dustow who bought the farm back in 1904. Made by infusing their potato vodka with an array of botanicals, foraged from both on the farm and from around the world. Delicately balanced with Cornish lemon balm, rosemary and bay leaves combined with juniper, coriander, orange peel, lime Macadamia and Almond. Sweet and herbaceous nose with a refreshing citrusy taste.
  • Westward Farm Wild Wingletang Gin 40% 70cl

    Surely up for an award for the funniest named gin of all time, Wingletang Gin is named after the gorse that is found on the Wingletang Downs on St. Agnes. Westward Farm's aim here is to capture the essence of the gorse, it's aroma on a sunny day strolling over the Downs. This means they purportedly pick the gorse on sunny spring mornings before distilling them in a vacuum at low temperatures so as not to damage the flavours. When combined with the spiciness of the other botanicals, the nutty flavours of the gorse compliment beautifully.

  • Cornish Gin Selection Box Set 1 - 5 x 10cl

    The new Cornish Gin Box Set #1 is rather special as it’s Drinkfinder's very own creation. The box contains five different Cornish gins to try yourself or gift to an appreciative gin lover; Tarquin’s Dry Gin, Elemental Small Batch Gin, The Wrecking Coast Clotted Cream Gin, Trevethan Gin and Caspyn Cornish Dry are included in this set in 10cl bottles.

    This is a terrific way to try a broad selection of the ever-growing range of Cornish gins and is a real labour of love as the labels for the box and gin bottles were designed and applied by hand in store and the gin is also hand bottled here as well.

    We have more in store for you too, with of another two Cornish gin selections planned for next year….

  • Tarquins Dry Gin 42% 70cl

    The first gin to be distilled in Cornwall for over 100 years, Tarquin’s Dry Gin is a contemporary take on the classic London Dry. 12 botanicals are used in its production, with Devon violets and fresh citrus zest dominating this light, floral, easy drinking gin.

    Southwestern Distillery use juniper from Kosovo as it’s fresh and quite floral. Lemon sherbert coriander seeds are sourced from Bulgaria rather than the spicier Moroccan variety. The fresh zest of orange, lemons and grapefruits are also used along with angelica root, orris root, green cardamom, almonds, cinnamon, liquorice root. The final botanical in this wonderful gin is Devon violets, sourced from Tarquin’s own garden!

    South Western Distillery is headed up by Tarquin who is so proud of his creation he puts his name on every bottle. He believes in doing things the old-fashioned way, even if it takes longer. Only the best and most pure spirit (the heart) makes it into Tarquin's Gin, which is diluted to bottling strength at 42% with Cornish spring water. Tarquin's Dry Gin is made in small batches of just 300 bottles at a time before being hand selected, bottled, labelled and signed by Tarquin himself. This attention to detail goes some way to explaining why this is our best selling Cornish gin.

    As the original Cornish gin maker, Tarquin has since released several equally exciting varieties such as Tarquin’s Tonquin Gin, Tarquin’s Sea Dog Navy Strength and Tarquin’s Cornish Crocus Gin.

  • Trevethan Cornish Gin 43% 70cl

    Trevethan Gin has been created using Norman Trevethan's family recipe which dates back to 1929. Back in those days, it was usual for all manner of tipples to be hand made in small rural communinities. This meant that each batch was unique with its own individual character.

    The recipe was revived by Norman's grandson, Robert Cuffe in 2015. The gin contains many botanicals sourced from around the world; Juniper, Coriander, Cassia and Angelica along with some less familiar botanicals like cardamom, orange peel, lemon peel and vanilla. Cornish elderflower and Gorse Flower from hedgerows around the family home, Trewonnard Farm in Treneglos, are also foraged and added. Once distilled, the gin is cut with springwater from their farm to 43% ABV.

    To find out more about Norman Trevethan and how his experiences during the Roaring Twenties influenced his homemade gin, please read our blog 'Trevethan Gin - New Cornish Gin But Only Just!'

    Trevethan is first and foremost a big hit of juniper both on the nose and the palate but underneath the initial juniper burst you get liquorice from the angelica and spicy cinnamon. Citrus notes from the lemon, orange and elderflower round this off followed by a final spicy kick from the cardamom. The mouth feel is smooth and slightly oily thanks to the gorse and vanilla elements. This is a big, bold gin that is steeped in fascinating history - certainly one not to miss!

  • St. Ives Gin 38% vol 70cl
    Cornwall's newest Gin is St Ives Gin made from a list of 13 botanicals. It is not a distilled gin but a cold compounded gin which is a method that dates back to the 16th century. They take the finest grain spirit and then steep the variously botanicals seperatley for 24 to 36 hours, these seperate compounds are then blended together to achieve the desired flavour and style. The gin has a pale yellow colour from the locally sourced Gorse flower with top notes of lemon citrus and juniper. The palate is smooth with citrus ortange peel , floral and juniper followed by hints of coconut husk.
  • Curio Fly Navy Gin 42% 70cl
    Curio Spirits new Gin Fly Navy has been made in conjunction with RNAS Culdrose and commemorates the centenary of the first landing of a plan on a moving ship at sea. It has been quadruple distilled with botanicals including Madagascan vaniila, sansha peppers and Cornish heather foraged from around the naval base at culdrose. It has an earthy and citrus flavour, complex and unique character.
  • The Wrecking Coast Gin 44.3% 35cl

    The Wrecking Coast Gin uses Cornish clotted cream in its distillation process which is very unusual to say the least!. Smooth and velvety rich, it's handcrafted in small batches with slight variations in strength from batch to batch. The gin imparts big bold flavour of juniper with a little creaminess before secondary flavours of coriander and citrus come into the mix. In the production of clotted cream, the cream is baked in its pot giving it that iconic golden crust with a smooth, firm cream beneath. But when heated, the cream separates and the flavours become more caramel than cream.

    12 botanicals are used for the body of the gin and they are rested for at least two weeks days in grain spirit. The liquid is then transferred to an iStill; this is a high tech computer controlled still made in Holland, the birth place of gin. Once distilled, it's rested for at least another week so that the flavours can stabilise. With the gin resting it's then time to handcraft the star ingredient, clotted cream, to achieve the distinct flavour. A hand blown glass vacuum still is used to distill the neutral spirit and fresh clotted cream mix at below room temperature; this creates a crystal-clear spirit that retains the flavours of the clotted cream together with its rich, velvet mouth feel.

    The clotted cream distillate is then added to the botanical mix and diluted with natural Cornish spring water to produce a velvety smooth gin at around 44% before bottling. This unique approach of mixing two contrasting techniques together, one from ultra modern technology and the other from handcrafting, allows a truly unique and distinct gin to be produced for you to enjoy.

    The recommended serve is with ice, tonic and strawberry as a garnish or simply a zest of lemon. Wrecking Coast Gin is so smooth though you can happily drink it just over ice!

  • Westward Farm Scilly Gin 40% 70cl

    This gin contains botanicals from far flung locales such as Java and Africa but also ones grown on Westward Farm; however, they are remaining tight lipped about exactly what botanicals these are! These mystery botanicals are vapour infused with pure grain spirit in some of the smallest batches we have ever heard of, just 28 bottles at a time. This ensures that the best of each botanical is extracted and no flavours are lost. The gin is fresh and vibrant with citrus and juniper at the fore along with peppery notes.

  • Tarquins The Seadog Gin Navy Strength 57% 70cl

    Winner of a prestigious Double Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirit Competition 2017.

    Tarquin's Seadog Gin Navy Strength is a permanent expression in his ever growing range of Cornish gins and is the same as the limited edition he made to commemorate 771 squadron stepping down from their role as Search and Rescue providers from their base at Culdrose, Helston. You can read more about that on our blog here. The composition of this gin is no secret, it's just the standard Tarquin's blue label bottled at 57% ABV. This is the strength at which gunpowder will still ignite and was important during the age of sail so the cannons would still fire even if alcohol was spilled on the gunpowder. Adding gunpowder to the gin or rum and trying to ignite it also proved that the rations hadn't been watered down!

    Southwestern Distillery use juniper from Kosovo as it’s fresh and quite floral. Lemon sherbert coriander seeds are sourced from Bulgaria rather than the spicier Moroccan variety. The fresh zest of orange, lemons and grapefruits are also used along with angelica root, orris root, green cardamom, almonds, cinnamon, liquorice root. The final botanical in this wonderful gin is Devon violets, sourced from Tarquin’s own garden which must be looking very bare with the amount of gin he's producing!


  • Elemental Cornish Gin Small Batch 42% 70cl

    Elemental Cornish Gin is produced in small batches, handcrafted in a traditional copper still using locally sourced Cornish spring water and a closely guarded list of twelve of the finest botanicals sourced from around the world. Pronounced juniper and spicy notes dominate this gin.

    These botanicals are gently steeped in warm organic spirit overnight to release the oils before straining and beginning the distillation process. As the distillate comes through the copper headed still the heads and tails and discard and only the very heart of the distillate is kept. This is a pivotal moment in the creation of Elemental, as only using scent does the master distiller know when to collect this prime distillate, something that takes a great deal of skill and practice to master, a true art form.

    Elemental Cornish Gin won a prestigious Gold Award in the 2014 Taste of the West Awards and is very highly rated by our own customers.

  • Curio Rock Samphire Gin 41% 35cl

    Curio Rock Samphire Gin wastwo years in the making and is a quadrupled distilled gin with a lovely fresh nose of juniper, cinnamon and a slight hint of salt spay. Distilled in Mullion, Cornwall and made with hand foraged Rock Samphire from the local cliff edges and a selection of others botanicals. Delicate and smooth to taste, it's spicy on the palate with balanced botanicals. Perfect to enjoy as a classic G&T or on its own with ice.

    Run by husband and wife teamWilliam and Rubina Tyler-Street, the duo became curious about setting up a craft spirits brand in 2012. They turned that dream into a reality and their gin was released in time for Christmas 2014. They invested in two small stills, a rotary evaporator and a not insignificant amount of time experimenting with the idea of creating a range of bespoke spirits to reflect their adventurous nature. Only pure natural spring water is used in the distillation process sourced from the Cornish Spring Water Company; in fact, they are dedicated to using local suppliers where at all possible.

    Currently there are plans for extending the distillery, such is the popularity of the spirits they produce. Why not take a look at their other offerings such as Peruvian Cocoa Nib Vodka, Cardamom Vodka and, their most recent addition, Tyler Street Gin.

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