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Cornish Gin

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  • Rock Gin 42% 70cl
    A new addition to the Cornish gin family. Rock gin was inspired, developed and made in North Cornwall while two couples whilst walking their dogs along the beach met. Hand crafted small batches are produced off the still named Bonanza Boy after George and Angie's favourite race horse.
  • Tarquin's Strawberry & Lime Gin 35cl
    Bring a little bit of Cornish Sunshine to every glass with Tarquin’s celebration of the Great British Strawberry. Flagship Tarquin’s Cornish Gin is first distilled in small batches with the addition of extra fresh lime zest. It’s then lovingly infused with the sweetest strawberries in...
  • Trevethan Gin Minature Pack 3x5cl
    A lovely tasting pack to sample or gift 3 great gins from Trevethan. Contains 3x5cl bottles Trevethan Original, Trevethan Honey Oak and Trevethan Chauffeurs Reserve.
  • Trevethan Zesty Lemon 37.5% 70cl
    Trevethan have released a third bottling in the Fruit Reserve range in collaboration with St Austell Brewery, Zesty Lemon! This gin is a fantastic go to for those seeking some zest and lemon bursting gin this summer. How about serving over ice and a quality tonic ga...
  • St Ives Gin Super Berry 70cl
    St. Ives Gin Super Berry is a super fruity cold compound gin from Cornwall that has had extra juniper berries added so the classic gin flavours aren't overpowered by the berries. The line-up includes varieties of red berries including goji, an antioxidant rich ingredient that has all manner of...
  • Elemental Raspberry Cornish Gin 50cl
    The guys at Elemental believe that the old ways are the best. Every drop of Elemental Gin is distilled in a copper still and bottled by hand in the heart of Cornwall, their secret blend of 12 botanicals complemented by crystal clear Cornish spring water. This is the long awaited Elemen...
  • Trevethan Grapefruit & Lychee Gin 70cl
    Trevethan Grapefruit & Lychee Gin is a special release of just 300 bottles and is exclusive to Drinkfinder. Trevethan Distillery have done a wonderful job working with us to create a fantastic London Dry style Summer gin that will blow your taste buds. There is no infusing flavours here, e...
  • Caspyn Cornish Dry Gin 35cl
    A smaller bottle of the excellent Caspyn Dry Gin that hails from the West Penwith area of Cornwall and is distilled in Penzance by Pocket Full Of Stones Distillery. This is a delightfully light, floral gin that is both juniper and citrus forward; there are ten botanicals used but the recipe is...
  • Caspyn Midsummer Dry Gin 35cl
    A smaller bottle of the Cornish made gin from West Penwith where Captain Poldark liked to roam! Caspyn Midsummer gin has been made with the edition of cucumber to produce a lovely fresh gin with a slight green tinge. Try serving with a good Tonic water and slices of cucumber. A perfect gin pou...
  • The Wrecking Coast Scurvy Gin Navy Strength 57% 70cl
    Wrecking Coast Scurvy gin is a navy strength offering from the distillery in Tintagel. It uses nine botanicals including Cornish scurvy grass, an excellent source of vitamin C that was given to sailors to help prevent scurvy. This links nicely to Cornwall's long and storied sea faring past, wi...
  • Tarquin's Strawberry & Lemon Verbena Gin 70cl
    Nicholson’s Pubs third annual Gin Festival has arrived for the summer across their 77 pubs around the UK! As part of the Festival, Nicholson’s have worked in collaboration with Tarquin’s Cornish Gin to produce something quintessentially British this summer… A strawberry and lemon verbena-flavo...

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  • Atlantic Distillery Rhubarb & Vanilla Cornish Organic Gin 70cl
    Atlantic's Rhubarb & Vanilla Gin is an organic offering (as is all their produce) from Atlantic Distillery in Cornwall. They has added vanilla which lends softness to the slighly tart but sweet rhubarb a wonderfully rich gin.
  • Tarquin's Rhubarb & Raspberry Gin 35cl
    Tarquin’s Gin is a Cornish Dry Gin that captures the essence of the scenic English coast and is Cornwall’s first for over a century. For their brand new Rhubarb and Raspberry flavour - their gold-medal winning Cornish dry gin is combined beautifully with tart rhubarb and lovingly infused with ...
  • Tarquin's British Blackberry Gin 35cl
    A fruit lead dry gin with a touch of Cornish wildflower honey. Distilled with 14 different hand selected botanicals sourced either locally or from exotic locations. Blackberries that are 100% British, wildflower honey from Cornwall, coriander seed from Bulgaria, liquorice root from Uzbekistan,...
  • Atlantic Distillery Green Hop Cornish Gin 40% 70cl
    Jynevra's autumn seasonal limited edition gin. Made in early September when their hops are picked fresh from the vine. Beautiful floral and citrus flavours from the hop oils permeate the gin, somehow delicate and punchy at the same time. Our Perfect Pour:
  • St Ives Blood Orange Gin 38% 70cl
    St. Ives Blood Orange is a bold orange and fruity cold compound gin from Cornwall that has had extra juniper berries added so the classic gin flavours are not lost. A lovely autumnal colour of orange and the taste does not disappoint. Orange and spicy from the juniper means this warms you with...
  • Constantine Damson Gin with Vanilla & Almond 25% 50cl
    We are proud to announce this delicious collaboration with our friends at Pocketful Of Stones Distillery. These guys produce the Cornish Caspyn Dry,
  • St Ives Gin 38% 35cl
    St Ives Gin now available in half bottle size 35cl. A special blend of 13 unique botanicals gather from the local Cornish coastline, cottage garden and clifftop are bought together to create Cornwall's first small batch cold compound gin. The secret alchemy of fresh herbs and hand foraged loca...
  • Elemental Apple Cornish Gin 38% 50cl
    The guys at Elemental believe that the old ways are the best. Every drop of Elemental Gin is distilled in a copper still and bottled by hand in the heart of Cornwall, their secret blend of 12 botanicals complemented by crystal clear Cornish spring water. Creating a gin using juicy cris...
  • Tarquin's Elderflower & Pink Grapefruit Gin 70cl
    A contemporary take on the classic London Dry gin, Tarquin’s Elderflower and Pink Grapefruit is distilled by hand in tiny batches using three unique copper pot stills called Tamara, Sentra and Ferrara. Crafted in collaboration with St Austell Brewery, this spec...
  • Tinkture Classic Rose Gin 50cl
    Tinkture is the latest addition to the Cornish gin family. It is a delightfully light, delicate gin with a hint of citrus. The juniper and coriander provide a complex depth and warmth. The colour is a golden amber that changes to beautiful pink when mixed with tonic (ooooo fancy)!&nb...
  • Tinkture Minature Rose Gin 5cl
    Tinkture is the latest addition to the Cornish gin family. It is a delightfully light, delicate gin with a hint of citrus. The juniper and coriander provide a complex depth and warmth. The colour is a golden amber that changes to beautiful pink when mixed with tonic (ooooo fancy)!  A clas...
  • Holly's Gin Small Batch Cornish Gin 42% 70cl
    Holly's Gin is distilled in Cornwall using traditional methods. A fresh and vibrant gin with 9 botanicals, including Passion Flower, Gentian Root and Orange. Inspired by her love of a London Dry and vintage gin bottles. Distilled in our county of Cornwall where she comes from. A stunni...
  • Atlantic Distillery Pudding Cornish Gin 43% 70cl
    Released originally for Christmas 2018, this seasonal gin from Atlantic Distillery is sure to warm you up and provide the flavours of your mums home made Christmas Pudding! A wonderfully warming spiced gin overflowing with sweet fruits and spices, cinnamon, cloves, ...
  • Trevethan Rhubarb & Apple Gin 70cl
    Trevethan are very pleased to announce the Fruit Reserve Range! The first is this Rhubarb & Apple Gin. Fresh and vibrant gins ready for spring and summer! This Rhubarb & Apple gin combine the sweet and savoury notes of rhubarb along with vibrant fruity apple. This Cor...
  • Trevethan Passion Fruit & Orange Blossom Gin 70cl
    Trevethan are very pleased to announce the Fruit Reserve Range! This is the Passion Fruit & Orange Blossom, the other in the range is Rhubarb & Apple. Fresh and vibrant gins ready for spring and summer! This Passion Fruit & Orange Blossom combines vibrant notes of passion f...
  • Staffords Rhubarb & Ginger Gin 70cl
    The first flavoured gin to be launched from Colwith Farm Distillery, the first plough to bottle distillery in Cornwall! Rhubarb and apple, we are all aware this is a great winning combination for gins. Their signature gin is infused with a delicate selection of botanicals foraged on the farm incl...
  • Rosemullion Dry Gin 70cl
    Rosemullion Dry Gin is the perfect blend of juniper, botanicals and citrus fruits infused in their own distilled spirit which they make from scratch, to create a classic and modern dry gin. They are one of the very few that are distilling their own alcohol where others may flavour or alte...
  • Rosemullion Summer Gin 70cl
    Rosemullion Summer Gin is a fresh gin with a citrus kick infused with Cornish elements to provide a warm gin, perfect for the summer evenings. They are one of the very few that are distilling their own alcohol where others may flavour or alter industrial alcohol for their produc...
  • Oreg Colour Changing Cornish Dry Gin
    Oreg is a Colour Changing Cornish Dry Gin. It was inspired by the cycle of the seasons and contains elderflower and lavender which evoke the scorching summers and then the pine and orange bring your mind to the frosty winters.Orris root, pepper and sea-buckthorn keep the extremity ...
  • Westward Farm Scilly Gin 40% 35cl
    This gin contains botanicals from far flung locales such as Java and Africa but also ones grown on Westward Farm; however, they are remaining tight lipped about exactly what botanicals these are! These mystery botanicals are vapour infused with pure grain spirit in ...
  • Westward Farm Rose Geranium Cornish Gin 40% 35cl
    So we have another Cornish gin gracing our shelves (and website) with its presence. How many is that now? It's certainly getting harder to keep count as a new one seems to appear every few months! This one, or should I say three to be exact, are very different though as they hail from...
  • Westward Farm Wild Wingletang Cornish Gin 40% 35cl
    Surely up for an award for the funniest named gin of all time, Wingletang Gin is named after the gorse that is found on the Wingletang Downs on St. Agnes. Westward Farm's aim here is to capture the essence of the gorse, it's aroma on a sunny day strolling over the Downs. This means they purpor...
  • Lantic Cornish Gin 42% 70cl
    Lantic Gin is a hand distilled artisan gin and distilled with passion and care using traditional methods and copper pot still. The name comes from the picturesque Lantic Bay in Cornwall which is close to the distillery. Inspired by coastal meanderings and the vibrant botanicals fo...
  • Blue Angel Rock Gin 70cl
    Rock Gin from Cornwall have produced this deep rich blue coloured gin that remains a rich blue once tonic has been added. Blue Angel Rock Gin was developed in honour of their dog, Blue as it was when walking him every day at Rock Beach that they came up with the name. This Blue An...
  • Cornish Gold Rock Gin 70cl
    Gold Rock Gin from Cornwall has a very unique extra peppery flavour, ideal in a dry martini. Yellow / Gold gin was for a long time the favoured variety of gin in a dry martini and maybe should be called 'writers gin' for it was enjoyed in the cocktail by Kinsley Amis and David Embury. If a mar...
  • Monterey Helford Gin 43% 70cl
    This Cornish gin is made only a few miles from us here at Drink Finder. Under the shade of the Monterey Pines on the banks of the Helford River here in Cornwall. These majestic trees are native to the coast of California and particularly in Monterey County but have become familiar across the C...
  • Marmalade Old Tom Gin, Pocketful of Stones 70cl
    A new creation from the guys at Pocketful of stones distillery in Penzance. Taking a very traditional style of Gin 'Old Tom' which has been slightly sweetened and giving it a new twist with Seville Orange marmalade. It produces a gin with forward citrus notes of orange peel, a lovely mix of bo...
  • Dandelion & Burdock Gin, Pocketful of Stones 70cl
    A second new bottling from the Guys at Pocketful of Stones, a nostalgic blast from the past 'Dandelion & Burdock Gin'. Heady sweet floral notes combine with earthy spiciness on the nose. A slight sweetness intially followed by a botanical mix, earthy notes and some bitterness. Lear...
  • Scilly Spirit Island Gin 44% 70cl
    Scilly Spirit is being produced in Old Town on St Mary's, Isles of Scilly - 28 Miles South West of Cornwall. Island Gin is already picking up some fantastic awards! They have just been made one of only 14 Masters from 320 international entrants, scooping the prestigious Masters Award in the Gl...
  • Pentire Adrift Cornish Non Alcoholic Spirit 70cl
    Pentire Adrift is the first Cornish made alcohol free spirit. A botanical non zero alcohol spirit, made from unique plants that are native to the Cornish coastline. made with some key ingredients that include rock samphire, sage, sea fennel, citrus, sea salt and a Pentire herbal blend!
  • Tarquins The Cornish Crocus, Saffron, Rose & Almond 70cl
    This Limited Edition from Tarquin's brings you the very best of Cornish grown and hand picked Saffron and is with the additions of rose and almond. This vibrant limited edition from Tarquin's is lovingly infused with this local Cornish Saffron, proudly and uniquely grown on the beautiful Rosel...
  • Land of Saints Cornish Gin 40% 70cl
    The Land of Saints Cornish Gin is a full house; good gin, good profile, good looking bottle and all profits (50pence per bottle minimum and then all surplus profit) go to a good cause! This Cornish gin is 100% organic and approved & certified by The Soil Association. Produced ...
  • Atlantic Distillery Bowchaser Organic Navy Strength Cornish Gin 57% 70cl
    Bowchaser is the Navy Strength gin from Atlantic Distillery. It is a robust juniper led Navy Strength Dry Gin. Marrying the floral notes of hand picked Cornish Gorse with the sunshine tang of sub-tropical citrus. Made with their own Cornish spring water. Best served with a dry tonic an...
  • Atlantic Distillery Ring Of Fire Chilli Gin 43% 70cl
    Ring of Fire is named after the variety of chilli Atlantic Distillery grow them selves and put into each and every bottle of this small batch hand made gin. All hand picked and grown on site to be then distilled in a traditional copper pot still in a distillery powered by the wind and Cornish ...
  • Atlantic Distillery Earl Grey Organic Cornish Gin 43% 70cl
    Distilled in small batches by Atlantic Distillery this gin has been made with earl grey tea leaves during distillation. This unique gin is both very dry and refreshing. Handcrafted, organic approved by the Soil Association, from seed to still. Enjoy with an Indian Tonic Water and ...
  • Rosemullion Harvest Gin 70cl
    Harvest Gin from Rosemullion won Gold at SIPA in 2019. It is a lovely autumnal gin , Harvest Gin gives you a nice profile of apples and plums. In fact the apples and plums that go into this gin are gathered from the orchard where the distillery is located. There are hints of autumnal...
  • Ansom Damson Gin Pocketful of Stones 70cl
    Ansom Damson Gin, it is what it states on the label - it is damn 'Ansom! The seasonal damson gin from Pocketful of Stones is made using locally sourced and hand picked damsons from around Cornwall. made with star anise, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and orange this is sure to set of nostalgic season...
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Who could have imagined a few years ago, before the gin renaissance swept the country, that it would be possible to have a category comprised of gins made solely in Cornwall. This eclectic and high-quality selection of juniper goodness has new gins added regularly, a testament to just how popular this spirit is. With no fewer than eleven distilleries making gin from a vast range of botanicals in Cornwall, it’s amazing they can all fit in such a small county! Here’s a quick guide to some of the distilleries making Cornish gin.

Southwestern Distillery is run by head distiller Tarquin Leadbetter, the man who produced the first Cornish gin in over a century at his family run distillery located between Newquay and Wadebridge. If you haven’t already guessed by his name, he makes the highly acclaimed Tarquin’s Cornish Gin, including the Tarquin’s Seadog Navy Strength which has won Best Gin at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2017. For those not in the know, this competition is the drinks industry’s equivalent of an Oscar so that’s high praise indeed! He’s also added the excellent Tarquin’s Brilliant British Blackberry Gin to his core expressions listed above as well as releasing numerous highly popular limited edition runs of gin over the last few years.

Trevethan Distillery make Trevethan Cornish Gin and are only just eligible to be in this category as they are based just outside of Saltash so are only a stone through from the Tamar River that separates Cornwall and Devon. The gin is based on an old recipe from the 1920’s when the current owner’s grandfather, Norman Trevethan, used to make gin and other spirits using locally foraged ingredients as was the norm in small communities of that era. It is one of our most popular gins and is a bold, traditional offering. They have recently released two new expressions, Trevethan Honey Oak and Trevethan Chauffeur’s Reserve.

The Curio Spirits Company is run by husband and wife team Rubina and William Tyler-Street in an idyllic location on the Lizard Peninsula. Their initial offering, Curio Rock Samphire Gin, encapsulates the essence of the Cornish coast by using Rock Samphire as a botanical. This only grows in coastal regions and the gin is reminiscent of a stroll along one of Cornwall’s many coastal footpaths. They have also released Curio Fly Navy in collaboration with Navy Wings, an organisation that strives to keep old naval aircraft in the air. Very appropriate considering RNAS Culdrose is on their door step!

The Cornish Gin Distillery make Elemental Cornish Gin and are located just outside Newquay in St. Columb. The distillery is run by Jon and Jilly with the help of their two oldest children. Using pure Cornish spring water to cut the gin, the production is a real labour of love with 12 botanicals used to distil this traditional gin. The name Elemental was chosen to reflect the ancient alchemical process that occurs distillation. 

The Wrecking Coast Distillery is based in Tintagel, legendary home to none other than King Arthur and his knights. The distillery takes its name from the moniker attached to that particular stretch of coastline. They use the most Cornish ingredient possible in the distillation of their bold, smooth gin; clotted cream! Production started from a desire to make a gin that they would enjoy and would be proud to share with friends and that dream has taken them a long way.

Pocketful of Stones Distillery are dedicated to both the natural environment and to using fresh, local ingredients in the production of their Caspyn gin. You can certainly taste the difference this makes, especially in their Cucumber gin which is the freshest we’ve tasted. They donate a portion of every sale to the Cornwall Wildlife Trust, not bad considering the idea for the distillery was born in a pub cellar in London.

Colwith Farm Distillery make Staffords Gin and they are a fully operational potato farm based near Fowey. Run by father and son team Mike and Chris, their family have been farming that land for five generations. They started growing potatoes during World War 2 to help feed the nation and have never looked back. It’s these very potatoes that are used to create the base spirit for distillation. They also make Aval Dor Vokda and the new Fowey River Apple Cider Gin in collaboration Haye Farm which is Cornwall’s oldest cider farm.

Westward Farm is located on St. Agnes on the Isles of Scilly and has been run by the same family for centuries. Currently at the helm of this venture is Aiden and Grace Hicks, a couple that are now making four gins; Westward Farm Scilly Gin, Westward Farm Rose Geranium Gin, Westward Farm Wild Wingletang Gin and Westward Farm Rose Geranium Gin. They started off making beauty products but soon found themselves using their knowledge of extracting essential oils to distil gin, a process that is very similar funnily enough. These are truly small batch gins that have proved to be very popular.

Saint Ives Liquor Company is run by the Thompson brothers, three siblings from Zennor who hatched a plan around the family dining table to create Cornwall’s first cold compound gin. That nucleus has grown into St. Ives Gin, a fresh and vibrant offering that offers something different in a very competitive market. These are the new kids on the block and we think they’re going to go far.