Few White Dog 40% 75cl

Few White Dog is a white whiskey meaning that it's the spirit that would normally be interred in barrels to age but bottled straight away. It can be drunk straight up over ice or used in a variety of cocktails. This one is from FEW distillery based in Evanston, Illinois.  Ironically, Evanston was subjected to over 100 years of Prohibition as many of the key Temperance campaigners hailed from there. Imagine not being able to buy a drink for that amount of time!

Its mash bill is comprised mainly of corn but also contins some wheat and, to a lesser degree again, malt. Considering it's unaged spirit, it has a full body and provides surprising flavours including cherries, vanilla and a hint of herbs and spices. The finish is long and clean with more vanilla notes. 

Strength 40%
Whisky Type White Dog
Whisky Country America
Whisky Distilleries Few

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