Brockmans Premium Gin 40% 70cl

The flavour notes that make Brockmans Gin so unique are derived from an intriguing mix of flavours. You have Bulgarian coriander which imparts an aromatic, almost gingery orange flavour. This is complimented beautifully with the softer, more rounded harmonies of blueberries and blackberries. This inspired combination, together with the dry, bitter sweet peel of Valencia oranges, prolong the deeper tones to give Brockmans its intensely smooth, beautiful taste.

Brockmans stands out from the many other types of gin due to its unique recipe of botanicals and the patient steeping distillation process. To make Brockmans, exquisite botanicals are sourced from all over the world. These include some typical ingredients such as angelica from Saxony, Bulgarian coriander and juniper berries from Tuscany. The more traditional notes of the gin are combined with a refreshing influence of citrus and aromatic wild berries. These naturally grown aromatic botanicals are steeped in pure grain spirit for many hours to release their oils and aromas. Thereafter, Brockmans is distilled in a 100 year old traditional copper still where only the heart of the gin distillation is used.

Strength 40%
Spirit Type Gin

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