Brockmans Premium Gin 40% 70cl

Brockmans Gin stands apart from many other gins due to the fact that the freshly grown botanicals are steeped in the grain base spirit for a long time before distillation in a traditional copper pot still that's over one hundred years old. This means that the natural oils will release from the botanicals and provide a deeper, fuller flavour in the final gin. The unique taste of Brockman's comes from a combination of fresh citrus flavours married with blueberries and blackberries.

When these flavours are tasted alongside the more traditional gin botanicals like juniper and coriander you get a beautifully smooth taste that is unique among the many gins available to imbibe today. Brockmans gin can be drunk quite happily just over ice but also works well with a good quality tonic and even ginger ale.

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Strength 40%
Spirit Type Gin

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