White Peak Distillery Visit

Jon recently left Cornwall and headed to Derbyshire on a trip, so we thought while he's in the area why not get him to call in on Max and the team at White Peak Distillery for a tour and tasting.

White Peak Distillery are an award-winning distillery producing fine whisky, gin and cask aged rum. They are located at the former Johnson & Nephew wire works site by a river and surrounded by an ancient woodland making it an outstanding location with a rich history.

Visiting the old industrial site on a damp day certainly gives atmosphere.

Their Wire Works Whisky is made using local brewer's yeast and is combined with an uncommonly long fermentation which produces a distinctive new make spirit full of character before it goes into cask. Wire Works Whisky is a lightly peated offering at around 8ppm and aged in STR & Bourbon casks. The result is a complex and well balanced dram with fruit forward notes, bonfire toffee and sweet vanilla that lead to a long warming finish.

White Peak Distillery Whiskies - Wire Works

Wire Works Small Batch Single Malt Whisky 70cl

The core bottling is lightly-peated single malt whisky from a small batch vatting of American and French oak casks, the spirit has been aged in predominantly STR casks (re-conditioned casks that have been shaved, toasted and re-charred) with a significant element of ex-bourbon. The use of these casks compliment the house style of fruit forward new make.

Wire Works Single Malt Whisky Virgin Oak Finish 70cl

Lightly peated single malt from Derbyshire, matured initially in first fill ex bourbon barrels and then finished for approx. 8 months in virgin oak barrels.

Wire Works Alter Ego Single Malt Whisky 70cl

Alter Ego reveals an exciting alternative flavour profile to the house style lead Small Batch Single Malt Whisky which is a lightly peated. This spirit has been distilled with alternative cut points to previous Wire Works whisky releases, bringing richer fruit forward flavour and a different take to its background light peat.

White Peak Distillery Gins

White Peak Distillery Shining Cliff Original Gin 70cl

Crafted from thirteen botanicals including rose hip, bilberry & local mayflower. The spirit is delicately infused using vapour distillation to create a smooth, perfectly balanced Derbyshire Dry Gin.

White Peak Distillery Shining Cliff Bakewell Pud Gin 70cl

Inspired by the nearby Peak District town of Bakewell, the home of the original Bakewell Pudding. A robust, classic-style gin, with subtle berry sweetness (no added sugar, contains nuts).

White Peak Distillery Shining Cliff Citrus Gin 70cl

Crafted from ten botanicals, including citrus peel, lemon thyme, lime tree leaves and lemon verbena.

White Peak Distillery Shining Cliff Spiced Gin 50cl

Featuring the most juniper, this is their driest gin with distinctive, well balanced spiced earth flavours, ending with a warm cardamom finish.

White Peak Distillery Rum

White Peak Distillery Cask Aged Rum 50cl

White Peak Distillery have taken their knowledge of whisky-making and fermentation to create an authentic, small-batch cask aged rum. This is an Agricole style rum with funky notes.