Vegan Alcoholic Drinks Guide - What Can Vegans Drink

Vegan diets are extremely popular these days, whether due to ethical or health reasons, but, naturally, it requires some research to ensure that what you are consuming doesn’t contain animal products. But what vegan alcoholic drinks are available?

In today's society, there are many more options available to people who have specific dietary needs, as well as those who take an ethical stance towards the food and drink they consume. When it comes to the latter, vegan diets and the vegan movement in general have gone from strength to strength.

If you’re vegan, you’ll have to pay close attention to what you’re consuming and ensure that both the ingredients and the production processes are vegan friendly. Aside from the discipline needed to avoid popular go-to foods such as meat and dairy, you will also need to take the time to seek out vegan-options for all food and drink — which includes alcohol if you’re partial to a tipple or two.

Is It Difficult to Find Vegan Alcoholic Drinks?
It’s actually very easy to find vegan alcoholic drinks, but it’s essential to do some research since wine and beer can be processed using animal products like egg whites or gelatin. The problem is that these ingredients are almost never listed on the label, as alcohol is often exempt from the labelling requirements of regular food products. You can check the vegan status of many popular beers and wines by using Barnivor, which is an ideal resource that maintains an up-to-date and comprehensive vegan booze list.

If your drink of choice is one of the many spirits, you will be happy to hear that pretty much every brand of hard liquor — including whiskeyvodkarum and gin — is vegan. All distilled spirits are vegan apart from cream-based liqueurs and spirits that mention honey on the label. Unfortunately, that means Jack Daniels Honey and Jim Beam Honey Bourbon are out.

Below are some of the most popular vegan beer, vegan wine and vegan spirits out there.

Here is a list of popular vegan beers:
Korev Lager from St Austell Brewery
Padstow IPA, May Day, Pale Ale & Pilot (bottled only)
Skinners (bottled only)

Here is a list of popular vegan wines:
Camel Valley
Chateau Musar

Villa Wolf (2015+)

What are Popular Vegan Spirits?
Whiskey & rum are ever popular but watch out for some rums as they can contain honey, but in these cases, it is usually evident in the product name.

Here is a list of popular vegan spirits:
Irish Whiskey
Scotch Whisky
Tennessee Whiskey

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