New Cornish Gin Selection Box #2

Following on from the success of our Cornish Gin Selection Box launch last year, we have now released the second boxed set in the range. Containing even more juniper goodness, the box features five different Cornish distilleries who were all champing at the bit to get involved. This time around we have a line up of Curio Rock Samphire, Westward Farm Scilly Gin, St. Ives Gin, Stafford's Cornish Gin and Jynevra Gorsedh Organic. Quite an eclectic collection for any gin lover to try. The Cornish Gin Selection Box #2 contains a 10cl bottle of each of the aforementioned gins. Each bottle is replete with its own miniaturised label designed here at Drink Finder. In fact, everything is done at our store in Cornwall. This ranges from the label designs, bottling of the gin by hand and the assembly of the final product. It's a bespoke team effort that is in keeping with the craft nature of the gins included in the set. If you missed the first pack that we made available just before Christmas, it also contains five different Cornish gins. These are Tarquin's Dry, Caspyn, Elemental, Trevethan and Wrecking Coast. This box set was so popular that we couldn't resist making another one and there are plans for at least one more in the pipeline. Exciting stuff I'm sure you'll agree. Andrew Rowe, Drink Finder's Managing Director, had the following to say on why we decided to release our Cornish Gin Selection range; "Drink Finder is a Cornish company and we were both delighted and a little surprised to have seen so many Cornish gins being bought to market. We are proud of our Cornish heritage and are glad that our small corner of the world is contributing so much to this hugely popular sector. With so many wonderful local gins available, it was a tall order for our customers to easily try them all. We wanted to rectify that and the Cornish Gin Selection range was the obvious answer. They make great gifts and are ideal for gin connoisseurs to affordably try the many varied Cornish gins on offer. We wanted to keep the production of these packs in house. This reflects the attitude of many Cornish distilleries towards quality craft products."" Fine words indeed and something the whole team at Drinkfinder is behind wholeheartedly. We are looking forward to making the third entry in this exciting range. Hopefully you'll enjoy drinking these gins as much as we enjoyed bringing them to you.

Where To Buy Cornish Gin Selection Boxes

Both of the Selection Boxes are available to purchase directly from the Drink Finder website. You can find Selection Box #1 here and Selection Box #2 here.