That Is Not Dan Aykroyd - Crystal Head Vodka

Crystal Head Vodka is an iconic premium vodka created by Ghostbuster’s star Dan Aykroyd and painter John Alexander. Founded in 2008, this quadruple distilled masterpiece is triple filtered through diamond crystals. It is so good that it picked up two Gold Medals at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. If you are wondering why that is a big deal, the San Francisco comp is akin to the Oscars of the spirit world!

Any of you who know this product will be aware that it comes in a super distinctive bottle shaped like a skull, a brilliant piece of marketing if I do say so! But have you ever wondered who's skull is it? No .... well neither had I to be honest with you!

Luckily (really?) a Mr. Nigel Cockerton has put his Masters degree in Forensic and Medical Art to good use and created the skull bottle's 'real life face' and let me tell you now that this does not look like Dan Aykroyd! Mr. Cockerton used advanced facial reconstruction techniques normally used for historical or forensic purposes and sculpted the facial muscles and skin using clay. He then submitted a fascinating but macabre step by step process to the guys at Crystal Head Vodka.

At present we don't know what Mr. Aykroyd thinks about this impromptu reverse autopsy (kind of, isn't it?) but I think that he would be missing a trick if he didn't release a 'special edition' utilising this man's work!

You can buy a bottle of Crystal Head Vodka here, minus the excess facial tissue of course!