Spanish Imagic Gin Changes Colour When Mixed With Tonic

"Spain is at the very forefront of the gin movement and gin drinking is a very serious business there with gin bars offering a whole multitude of serves unseen anywhere else. It should be no surprise then that a gin that changes colour from a golden hue to vibrant pink when mixed with tonic or other citrus drinks comes from this gin mad country. Imagic Gin is a truly unique gin that stands out in a very crowded market. Bottled at 40% ABV this gin is a golden colour, similar to a cask aged gin, that turns an intense pink when combined with tonic water or any citrus based carbonated soft drink like lemon soda. The colour changing feature is reportedly the product of two years of research and works based on the pH alternation of the gin when it is blended with a mixer. Clever stuff I think you'll agree! The gin itself is distilled from corn and has notes of juniper, black cardamom, lime, and peppermint. I tasted a herbal quality that bordered slightly on the medicinal with hints of orange. Due to the complex alchemy involved in making this gin, its creators are keeping tight lipped on the way it's distilled, meaning that know one knows exactly what botanicals are used. Imagic is distilled in copper stills using a traditional artisan distillation process by Manuel Acha Distillery, the oldest company in the Basque Country as well as one of the oldest family businesses in Europe. These guys have a long and distinguished history in the production of high-quality liquor and are located in the centre of Amurrio. they combine artisan manufacturing systems with traditional methods and cutting edge technology.  Take a look at the video below to see Imagic's colour changing in action. You can buy Imagic Premium Gin by following this link.