Pop The Top Off A Feisty Redhead - Red Bonny Rum Will Have You Swinging From The Mainsails

Sailing, fighting, plundering and drinking lots of rum; that was the perilous but liberating life of a pirate during the glorious age of sail. Whilst the vast majority of these infamous scoundrels were men, there were a few women who had the steely mettle required to live this dangerous and often violent lifestyle. Anne Bonny was one of these fearless females, a red headed Irish beauty whose temperament was as fiery as her hair. It seems only fitting that the Diamond Distillery in Guyana has created Red Bonny Dark Rum, a beverage that pays homage to the fearsome pirate queen right down to the leather and lace inspired bottle. Diamond Distillery opened in 1670 and many pirates would have consumed the rum produced there, maybe even Anne Bonny herself! Born in 1702 as the illegitimate child of lawyer William Cormac and his servant woman Mary Brennan, she migrated with her family to North Carolina in 1705 where her father became very wealthy as a successful merchant. Anne eloped with pirate James Booney in 1715 against the wishes of her father, thus beginning a life of adventure and infamy. Anne Bonny was a truly free spirit who refused to be bound by social constraints and craved the excitement of piracy and the irresistible lure of adventure on the high seas. She stalked the Caribbean alongside the other great pirates of the period, hiding out in Cuba and Jamaica where she fought, caroused and plundered as an equal alongside her male peers. Time and again, just as her luck seemed to about run out, she would manage evade capture. Some said this was the influence of her influential father. Maybe just as plausible is her purported ability to sweet talk her way out of perilous situations; one can imagine she would have more luck using her feminine wiles than a heavily bearded old sea dog! Her luck eventually ran out in 1720 when the vessel she was on was attacked under the cover of darkness by authorities and the entire crew subdued and imprisoned. Jack “Calico Jack” Rackhan, the ship's captain and Bonny's lover, was sentenced to be hanged whilst Bonny avoided execution by claiming she was pregnant. This was the final close call for Bonny who retired from piracy and moved to South Carolina where she purchased a tavern and regaled the punters with tales of high adventure. She died of natural causes at the grand age of 82 which was more than likely a considerably great deal older than most individuals who took to piracy!

Red Bonny Dark Rum

This Demerara rum is a blend various rums created at the distillery and then aged for a minimum of three years in ex-bourbon barrels; this imparts characteristic mellow notes that help to round out this delicious rum. The liquid itself is a deep mahogany with a clear and vibrant red hue with full molasses aromas reminiscent of rich fruit cake with coffee notes. A heavy bittersweet flavour with bountiful thick molasses and lavish hot spice. A little woody liquorice aftertaste, with hints of clove and dark fruit. This rum has a bright character and an attitude fit for a daring pirate princess! You can plunder this treasure from our website by following this link for Red Bonny Dark Rum. Save Save Save