Arran Single Malt Millennium Cask Limited Edition

The Isle of Arran Distillers have released a special charity whisky produced on 31st December 1999. The Millennium Casks Edition, which captures a landmark moment in time (can you remember what you were doing?), is made from a mix of 35 bourbon barrels and 10 Sherry Hogsheads. This has been on sale since 28th October 2013 and with just 7,800 bottles available worldwide you better be quick if you want one now!

A donation from every bottle sold will go to the Arran Trust, a conservation charity which funds projects that look after the beautiful landscapes and environment of Arran.  One such project is the footpaths on the island which lead to Loch na Davie – the water source for Arran Single Malt.

Nose: The nose is vibrant and zesty with an edge of spice

Palate: Candied citrus captures your tongue immediately taking you back to the hallmarks of Arran with orchard fruits and baked apples. A sprinkling of vanilla and cinnamon adds a layer of sweet spice and oak to the initial fruity character. A splash of water opens it up beautifully, exposing the layers of creaminess in this unique dram.

Finish: Clean and fresh with a hint of spice, this classic Arran lingers delicately. Notes of mandarins and grapefruit mingle beautifully with the last twist of toasted oak promising another perfectly balanced sip.

Water: As suggested a drop of water works well with this dram, it brings out more vanilla and toffee notes, and reduces the spices so that on the palate so that it’s a touch lighter, yet is still full bodied and fruity.

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