Ambar Tequila - Taste The Pride Of Mexican Heritage

Tequila is often given a bad press by those not in the know as a cheap tasting spirit that has to be consumed as a shot along with the ubiquitous salt and lemon. This is certainly one side of tequila that can be fun but ultimately leads to a massive headache the next day! Unfortunately, this detracts from the skill and time it takes to create a high quality sipping tequila, the pedigree and traditions of which are as fine as any scotch malt. These high quality premium tequilas are thankfully finally starting to get the exposure that they deserve and, slowly but surely, peoples' opinions on tequila are changing from that of the hedonistic party shot to that of a well rounded spirit that can be appreciated in a much more refined manner. Casa Ambar is a Mexican family owned company devoted to producing premium and ultra-premium tequilas in the old style from quality Highland agave. Tequila Ambar is the ultra-premium flagship brand of Casa Ambar Group and is recommended as a sipping tequila all the way from the entry level Blanco through to the Extra Anejo variant. Tequila Ambar is made from 100% agave, which means it is not a low quality “mixto” (mixed) tequila which are only made with 51% agave sugar with the other 49% being comprised of cheaper sugar sourced from elsewhere. Tequila Ambar is made exclusively with Tequilana Webber agave plants that are a minimum of 7 years old, thus providing a product of greater quality and richer tasting notes. Casa Ambar eschew the modern and, some may say heartless, way of making tequila, instead relying on the ancient and traditional methods that have been passed down from generation to generation of tequila makers. This dedication to creating hand crafted tequila means that every bottle retains the full flavour and aroma of the smoky agave plants. Casa Ambar say that; "The knowledge and spirit of the Mexican people that have come together to take a unique fine spirits to the world, invite you to the amazing journey of fine tequila drinking." Tequila Ambar is an Ultra-Premium quality tequila offered on its four categories, Blanco (silver), Reposado (Aged, Añejo (ExtraAged) and Extra Añejo (Ultra Aged). It was developed in collaboration with two reputed master distillers from the tequila industry in Mexico: Master Distiller Leopoldo Solís, and was conceived to stay true to the traditional methods of tequila production. Tequila Ambar comes in four varieties, all of which are bottled and 38% ABV:

Tequila Ambar Blanco

Ambar Blanco tequila is a pure, un-aged spirit that's exactly as it comes from two distillations and a very slow gravity filtration process. Since this is not aged in casks, the Blanco tequila is always characterized by its transparency and silver tones in the tasting glass, as well as being an ideal product to taste the scents and flavours of agave tequilana webber. Appearance: Luminous, impeccably transparent, with silver reflections under the light, displaying great body. Aroma: Scents of cooked agave, sweet and herbal notes, with light sweet notes and olive. Taste: Confirms the scents perceived in the smell phase, along with agave notes and proving sweeter in the palate and fruitier in the finish.

Tequila Ambar Reposado

Characterized by a fuller body and a soft golden hue, Ambar Reposado is aged in American white oak casks for 6 to 7 months. During this time the casks start to imprint the distinctive texture and aroma that make Ambar Reposado a delight for those who enjoy the softer flavour of barrelled tequila. Appearance: Crystalline, luminous yellow colour and golden tones seen under the light. Aroma: Delicate tones of raw and cooked agave, spice and mild herbal scents. Notes of vanilla, caramel and nuts are also perceived. Taste: Confirms its scents perceived, with increased perception of the vanilla and fruity notes.

Tequila Ambar Anejo

The resultant of 18 months of aging in casks, Ambar Anejo reflects the maturity of tequila aging at its finest. Having acquired a darker gold-wood tone, a thick body, and deep maple and wood flavours among others, this is the definitive tequila to be tasted on its own, and appreciate the distinctive notes acquired during the aging process. Appearance: Great brilliance, of darker yellow/orange colour, with gold and copper tones under the light, of thick body Aroma: Intense scents of preserved fruits such as cherry and pear, sweet tones of cooked agave, and as result of its aging in casks displaying notes of caramel, maple and vanilla Taste: Confirms its scents while tasting. The flavours acquired during the aging process are more widely perceived.

Tequila Ambar Extra Anejo

The crown jewel of the collection, Ambar Extra Anejo is kept in casks for three and a half to four years. A genuine pleasure for those who enjoy fine spirits, definitely recommend if you want to appreciate the finest aged tequila on its own terms. Simply exceptional. Appearance: Deeper cooper and red tones are noticeable on the tasting glass, with copper tones under the light, of great body and thicker tears. Aroma: Sweet notes of cooked agave with a greater dominance of oak scents, as well as deeper maple, vanilla and toffee notes as result of its longer aging in casks. Taste: Silky and smooth tasting, with an enjoyable body in the palate. Its scents of maple and toffee among others and increased oak flavour is clearly perceived.