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  • Van Brunt Whiskey Fresh From Brooklyn New York

    Van Brunt Stillhouse is an urban farm distillery (first time writing that!) located in the famous borough of Brooklyn in the heart of New York City. That's right, someone is making bourbon in the American North! Dedicated to making the finest spirits using grains sourced directly from the farmers who grow them, they pride themselves in using time-honored, traditional distilling methods with a few modern innovations thrown in for good measure. All of the produced spirits are distilled, barrelled...

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  • Bumbu Rum - A True Caribbean Legend

    New to our ever expanding range of rums is Bumbu, an exquisite all-natural craft rum made with native Caribbean ingredients and aged for up to 15 years to create an effortlessly smooth and balanced rum with complexity and depth. The heritage of the production of Bumbu rum dates back to the 16th and 17th centuries, when sailors and merchants of the West Indies added Caribbean fruits and spices to their rum to enhance its flavour. This drink was dubbed with the moniker of 'Bumbu'. Inspired by this...

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  • Iordanov Is The Ultimate Lifestyle Vodka

    Iordanov is a boutique vodka that eschews the need for quick, instant gratification to focus on creating the highest quality spirit possible. This premium vodka is produced in one of Germany’s oldest distilleries, dated at over 150 years old, in the picturesque town of Koblenz. Iordanov vodka is manufactured from 100% fine wheat and the demineralised crystal-clear water from the Vogelsberg highlands. The vodka is then distilled five times to achieve a rich, gentle and aromatic flavour. After...

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  • New Limited Edition Tarquins Tonquin Gin Is Perfect For Christmas

    We are pleased to announce that Southwestern Distillery have released a new and very unique limited edition gin that will run for ten batches from now until Christmas. Tarquins Tonquin Limited Edition Gin is a real boundary pusher and demonstrates the distillery's admirable urge to experiment and deliver spirits that exceed all expectations. Tarquin has used his ever popular base dry gin and added Tonka beans and clementines to the mix. Tonka beans, otherwise very handily known as Tonquin or...

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  • Jura One For The Road And Jura Tastival 2016 - Two Limited Edition Whiskies For You To Enjoy

    Exciting news for whisky drinkers and collectors alike as two limited edition Jura whiskeys land on our doorstep this month. The first is the very rare Jura One For The Road, a splendid malt marking the retirement of Willie Cochrane, Distillery Manager and much loved whisky personality. The second treat for you is Jura Tastival 2016, the annual distillery release marking the Tastival festival held on Jura earlier in the year.   Jura One For The Road 22 Years Old Pinot Noir Finish - 47%...

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  • Jameson Black Barrel Is The Perfect Balance Between Price And Quality

    Jameson Black Barrel Select Reserve is the pinnacle of great price to quality ratio, an Irish whiskey of excellent quality while still being affordable enough to be drunk on a regular basis. Your entry level Jameson is aged somewhere between 5 and 7 years but the Black Barrel is aged for an average of 12; this means that the youngest whiskey present in the blend is at least 12 years old, with some components being considerably older. Smooth and mellow like traditional Jameson, but with a richer,...

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  • Tiny Micro Distillery Poetic License Creates Outstanding Gin

    The owner of tiny micro distillery Poetic License, Mark Hird, has forged a successful career in the leisure industry for over twenty years, having worked up from a trained chef to becoming the owner of twelve venues, one being his flagship The Roker Hotel in Sunderland. His passion for local produce and good booze led him to open a micro brewery called Sonet 43. With this up and running, Mark was inspired to visit several distilleries in South Africa after the the gin and cocktail resurgence was...

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  • Caspyn Cornish Gin Washes Ashore From West Penwith

    From the depths of West Penwith comes Caspyn Cornish Gin, striding forth into the now burgeoning market of Cornish spirits with its head held high and no less than two distinct varieties, Caspyn Cornish Dry Gin and Caspyn Midsummer Dry Gin, already available. Caspyn Cornish gin is the creation of the nature friendly Pocket Full of Stones Distillery based in Penzance. They are very nice people who are very passionate about the drink they distill and the environment in which it's done; they...

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  • Extinct Bird Marks The Arrival Of An Equally Elusive Rum

    Doorly's is just one of a whole host of rums produced at the excellent Foursquare Distillery in Barbados. The brand is no stranger here in the UK with Doorly's XO, a very fine sipping rum, being available on these shores for quite some time. Doorly's has a distinctive packaging featuring brightly coloured Macaws with the commonly found Yellow and Scarlet varieties adorning bottles of 3 and 5 year old rum respectively. The Doorly's XO, a blend of rums aged between 6 and 12 years old, sports the...

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  • Mr. Black Is A Serious Coffee Liqueur Made By People Who Like A Good Drink!

    Australian's have always been known for their love of a good drink and, as of late, have also become renowned for having one of the most innovative coffee scenes in the world. Mr Black Cold Pressed Coffee Liqueur has been created to combine these two aspects into one very polished product that stands head and shoulders above other coffee liqueurs. The idea came about when, in 2012, two men from Sydney saw the success craft gin was having and decided to start a coffee liqueur company in order to...

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