Balkan 176 Vodka 88% 70cl

Balkan 176 Vodka is a super strength vodka hailing from the Balkan mountains in Serbia. At 88% ABV it's easily the strongest vodka available to buy on the UK market today. Just be thankful that they diluted it ever so slightly using de-ionised water from the distillation strength of 94% ABV.

Balkan is a triple distilled vodka made entirely from the finest grain and the thirteen health warnings on the bottle insist that this isn't to be drunk neat and we are in total agreement. Despite its crazily high strength, the quality and smoothness of this vodka is outstanding, a real testament to the distillation skills of the people for whom vodka is a huge part of their culture. This is for serious vodka fans who really appreciate the genuine article.


Strength 88%
Spirit Type Vodka
Spirit Style Plain Vodka

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