Born in a Finnish sauna - The unlikely idea for Kyrö, a Finnish all-rye distillery, was conceived in a sauna, fueled by a sip (or two) of whisky between five friends.Kyrö embodies the spirit of naked ambition in everything they distil be it whisky, gin or liqueur.

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Like all great Finnish ideas, it all started in a sauna. Three friends were chatting away, slowly making their way through a bottle of American rye whisky. As it started to disappear they asked themselves, ‘Why is nobody making this stuff here!?’ They had no background in the spirits industry whatsoever, all they knew was that Finland makes a lot of rye…a lot of rye!

They woke the next morning and, unlike most ideas you have when you’re drunk, decided that there might be something in it. Two other friends got involved shortly after and the rest is history as they say.

100% Whole Grain Rye

Only 100% whole grain rye is used, which is easy to grow but difficult to use when distilling spirits due to its temperament. The rye comes from an area 60 kilometres around the distillery and the water is pumped up from the Kyrö river, flowing directly next to the distillery.

A Smokey Sauna

A smoky, spicy malted rye whisky, inspired by the oldest type of Finnish sauna – the smoke sauna. The malted rye used has been smoked in a 100-year-old riihi barn using alder wood, then the whisky was matured in a combination of French oak, virgin American oak and ex-bourbon casks. Aromas of vanilla, caramel, sweet smoke and peppery spice fill the nose, complemented by notes of buttered rye bread, honey, soft smoke and oak spice throughout the palate.

Sweet & Spicy

Finnish single malt rye whisky made exclusively with malted wholegrain rye and matured in virgin American white oak or ex-Bourbon barrels. Aromas of rich malt, green rye and beeswax mingle with caramel, apricot vanilla and raspberry on the nose. The palate offers notes of honey, sweet rye bread, black pepper, wild berries, vanilla and oak spice that lingers in the finish.

Finnish Summer In A Glass

Cool as the Finnish summer night but with the heat of rye and the midnight sun, it is a gin unlike any other. Kyrö Gin is named after the village the gin is made in, using hand foraged botanicals including birch leaves, seabuckthorn, cranberries, and meadowsweet, which combine to give the scents and flavours of an early morning, misty Finnish meadow.

Awarded Best Gin for Gin & Tonic - IWSC and the World's best compound Gin - 2023

Deliciously Pink

This is everything a pink gin should be: tasty, elegant, and refreshing. The gin itself is created from foraged fruits such as strawberries, lingonberries, and rhubarb. The sweetness of the berries in this smooth gin is complemented by tart rhubarb and spicy aromas from the spirit itself. This is a really refreshing gin that works well in the summer and would also make an excellent warming winter cocktail.

Creamy Rye Based Liqueur

A delicious blend of milk and cream with rye whisky that's velvety smooth and creamy without being too sweet. Only natural ingredients are used, and its both lactose and gluten free! Enjoy over ice, with cold brew coffee and in cocktails like a Flat White Martini.