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Zeere Oude 3 years old Genever Zuidam 38% 50cl



Zuidam Old Genever 3 year old Single Barrel only the best casks are selected after the genever has been aged for a minimum of 36 months. The Genever is distilled from the finest selection of Malted Barley, Rye and Corn. The mash of these grains is distilled three times in a pot still after a week of fermentation. This gives this Old Genever a rich base for the botanicals. The botanicals that are used in this Genever are Juniper, Liquorice root and Aniseed among several others. The Zuidam Old Genever 3 year old Single barrel is bottled from one selected cask and it is not blended with other casks. Because new or very young casks are used this results in a very special genever with rich vanilla and toffee notes and in a really smooth mouth feel.

Tasting notes

:Nose: hints of juniper with rich vanilla, toffee and oak

Flavour: rich notes of oak, toffee and fudge
Zeere Oude 3 years old Genever Zuidam 38% 50cl

Customer Reviews

A Dutch masterpiece

Genever is Dutch gin. Oude (old) Genever is made using the old, timeless techniques. Zeer Oude (very old) Genever is, like old whiskies, matured in wooden casks and is one of my special favourites.

Zuidam's Zeer Oude Genever is gentle and subtle. The young wood of its cask lends a smooth and assured character, with the juniper and other flavours blending in underneath. Beautifully balanced and always a treat.

Guy Inchbald, Upton on Severn

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