A Tradition Dating Back to Roman Times

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Abrazo de Toro is a project created by Axial, that we sell at present in the U.S.A. Their is enormous potential for the wines of Cariñena. The grape variety Garnacha has its origin in the region of Aragón, with a long tradition in the culture of wine elaboration that goes back to the Roman times.Founded in 1942 is managed by a good, young team. Covinca S. Coop. is supplied by 700 associated grape growers which own 3.000 hectares of vineyards.

Covinca S. Coop. disposes of 9.000 square meters to make wines with state of the art equipment such as stainless steel tanks with temperature control, pneumatic presses, and horizontal destalkers, a high tech bottle line with a capacity of 5.000 bottles per hour under the strictest hygienic conditions and a 1000 m2 warehouse for the finished goods.

D.O. Cariñena it is located at 46 km from Zaragoza in North Central Spain. The main grape varieties in the D.O. Cariñena are Garnacha (as it’s its birthplace) and Cariñena for red and rosé wines and Macabeo for white wines.

At the present time Covinca S. Coop. has new plantations of Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.


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