Wild Rock Cupids Arrow Pinot Noir 75cl

Wild Rock Cupids Arrow Pinot Noir 75cl

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Key Info

Type Red
Country New Zealand
Grape Pinot Noir
Style Red - Light and fruity

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One can go through a lifetime searching for that perfect wine. Pinot Noir is the grape variety that provokes the most passion and feeling. Once struck it is impossible to ignore. You may only find love once in your lifetime - it's gonna be with a Pinot.

Pinot Noir

It is often said that the Pinot Noir grape is one of the most difficult to get right. This variety requires light crops in stony soils. It doesn't like excess rainfall or too much heat. Fussy is another name for it.


Our first foray into Central Otago was timely. The 2006 vintage was one of the best the region has enjoyed for years. Our winemakers are seriously excited about the wine produced from such awesome fruit.


The world's most southerly wine region is making a name for itself as a hot spot for Pinot Noir. That's why we went there of course! The climate and soils are perfect to produce wow Pinot that will knock the rest of the Pinot Noir gang for six.

Taste it!

Dense ruby red in colour this Pino


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