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Irish Mist Liqueur 35% 70cl



Imagine the glorious taste of aged Irish whiskey blended with honey, herbs and other spirits to an ancient recipe dating back more than 1000 years. Sophisticated, sweet, aromatic, warming - a wonderfully complex flavour that is uniquely Irish Mist whiskey liqueur.

Now admire the golden liqueur in its sleekly shaped bottle, with a gracefully swirling motif and celtic design label, perfectly representing the art and form of contemporary Ireland today.

That's Irish Mist - a smart, versatile drink for today yet with years of quality and history behind it. Enjoy it on its own, with ice, mixed into a memorable cocktail, or as the vital ingredient in an Ultimate Irish Coffee.

Irish Mist is an exquisite blend of Irish heritage and international sophistication.
Irish Mist Liqueur 35% 70cl

Customer Reviews

1st class product

I have had many bottes of this excellent liquer whisky.

Philip Tattersall, Royston

Excellent product. Excellent service

Philip Tattersall, Royston
Excellent product, excellent service

A great whiskey liqueur that is a must have in my opinion.

Philip Tattersall, Royston


Graham Turburville, COLCHESTER
Excellent product. Excellent service

Excellent product. Excellent service

Philip Tattersall, Royston
A really smooth taste

Positively gorgeous liqueur!

Elaine Allen, ST. AUSTELL

A really good product and fast service

David Bynorth, NEW ROMNEY

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