Springbank Releases 2011

Springbank has just released their Longrow 18 years old which is in limited supplies (1 bottle per customer)

Colour: Golden Hay. Nose: This whisky has an incredibly sweet nose with some savory notes peeking through. Marshmallows in abundance – the vanilla variety, with icing sugar and foam bananas adding to the sweetness. Upon further nosing the fruit makes an appearance, brambles, mandarines and over ripe damson fruits. Some savory notes pushing through such as linseed oil – do we smell cricket bats? Palate: This dram coats your palate in a waxy fashion with its continuing sweet flavours as described on the nose. But there is also the familiar, well balanced trace of smoke which makes this a brilliantly complex wee dram that will make you feel right at home no matter where you are.

Finish: The creaminess of this whisky means it doesn’t go away – you feel the warmth of this Longrow all the way down to your boots, creamy, sweet with a gentle smoke finish.

Hazelburn 8 years old Sauternes wood

Also they have released a cask finish from their Hazelburn Distiller, Hazelburn 8 years old Sauternes wood bottled at 55.9% vo, which has a lovely mahogany colour. This is a limited bottle of 9180 bottles worldwide.

Distillery Tasting notes
Colour: Reddish Auburn

Nose: Warm and embracing: homemade Seville orange marmalade on a buttered, toasted cinnamon and raisin bagel. Orange liqueur, burnt demerara sugar, treacle, honey, figs and dates emerge from the sidelines as the aromas develop.

Palate: Buttery, creamy and rich with orange fondant cream and ginger bread biscuits. Hints of honey and chili glazed brazil nuts, sweet and warm.

Finish: The longer this whisky spends in the glass the better it gets. It has a thick and creamy finish that pleasantly lingers on for a long while, leaving you feeling very content

Kilkerran Work in Progress 2 and 3

Kilkerran Work in Progress 2 and 3 – we have just taken stock of the new whisky made at the Glengyle distillery. The 2010 bottling Grey label, and the 2011 bottling Green label.
We still have a few bottles of the first Kilkerran (white label), so if you are thinking of collecting these you can get all three at once, as these are worth a punt for the future.

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